Monday, May 28, 2012

5 years!

Neil and I have been married for 5 years!  Sometimes I can't believe it's only been 5 years because we have been together since 2003.  Other times if feels like these 5 years of marriage have flown by!  We have doubled the number of people in our family in 5 short years. We've traveled to a few places and had fun doing it.  I am so proud to have Neil as my partner in life.  Here are a few highlights of the past 5:

I am looking forward to 75 more years!  I love you, Neil! You are the best husband and the best daddy to our boys I could ask for.

Now, on to the 5 year anniversary festivities:

My mom is so good about offering to keep the kids for us to enjoy a date night...especially on our anniversary.  But, this year she had to work.  We were not too bummed because that meant we got to take the boys with us to eat.  It was pretty romantic because I had a dentist appointment, ran by the house to get the boys then headed to Outback. And by romantic I mean not romantic at all.  We even had to pick up food all over the place and force feed puffs to Henry to keep him happy.

Happy 5 years, Mommy and Daddy!

I don't know how they all ended up on the other side of the booth.

For our dessert, I had a replica of our wedding cake topper made.  We totally forgot to eat the top to our cake on our 1 year anniversary so I thought we could have a replica for our 5th.  I actually just through the top of the cake away about 4 months ago! ick!

I called a little bit too late so she had to make the middle tier.  It was all good.
Replica 5 year anniversary cake

Our actual cake

We all enjoyed a little bite.  Neil fed me a bite and I fed him one...Bennett thought it was hilarious.  Neil was just ready to go to bed.

mmmmmm!  Mom and Dad never let me have cake right before bed!
We had plenty of cake leftover so I took it to my 8th hour Housing class.  They loved it!


  1. Happy 5 years! I love your celebration at Outback with kiddos and the boys versus boys table sitting:). Praying for your 75 more!


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