Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Soccer End of Season Party

Our first soccer season came to an end with a season of all losses.   The only thing we could think to do was have a party!  We celebrated our coach and had fun doing it!

The Smith fam hosted the party with a cookout, slip n' slide, and a baby pool.  I was so glad to not have to cook!

Henry loved the baby pool.  I am going to have to get him one.

He is wearing a snow-white band-aid because he cut his finger on Neil's beer can

I love him!

Love their matching bathing suits from Nana!!

Gooooo Team!

You can see Bennett and Shep wrestling.  We just let them go at it.  Not sure if it was poor parenting or not.

and more...I like how all the other kids are just watching this spectacle.

But they really like each other...they took a break for cupcakes.

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