Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the Zone

After my doctor's appointment today, Mom and I took Bennett to In the Zone for a little Spring Break fun! I think he loved it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

20 weeks!!

The HALF-WAY MARK!!!! So glad to be here!

(This picture is deceiving, because I look a lot bigger than this in real life)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20 Weeks

Size of baby: 10 inches (from i-pregnancy app)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 5 pounds (and here comes the weight!)

Maternity Clothes: Mixture of regular and maternity. Maternity clothes are SO much more comfy!

Gender: A beautiful boy! Henry William Lewis

Movement: I felt him move a little last night. Dr. Tynes did not seem worried. She said they don't even have people start a kick count until 28 weeks.

Sleep: I sleep really well except for the bathroom breaks and tailbone pain

What I miss: nothing!

Cravings: I have been loving cold hits the spot! and Yellow cake with chocolate icing. I cannot resist the pieces of cake they sell at Target.

Symptoms: tail bone pain...when I do too much it really hurts to walk or sit. Lying on my side is the best way to relieve it.

Best Moment this week: going to the doctor 2 times this week! I got to hear Henry's heartbeat twice! It is a beautiful sound.

Update from the specialist: They wanted me to go to see Dr. Jones, the specialist when I was 20 weeks because of the echogenic focus. They did a VERY thorough ultrasound and measuring EVERY single thing on our baby. They were so nice and gave me lots of pictures. Dr. Jones met with us in his conference room and showed us all the pictures. He said that he didn't see anything for us to worry about. He doesn't even want to see me back at 32 weeks for another ultrasound! Praise God for this awesome news!!! Everything is measuring in the normal range.

Bennett always watches Neil take my picture and this time he wanted his taken! Such a cutie even with mittens on in 65 degree weather!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glamping Girls Weekend

We had the best time glamping this weekend. For those of you don't know what glamping is glamorous camping. It was a little more rough that we thought it was going to be, but it was still wonderful! It was so nice to get away and re-charge my batteries. It was fun to just hang out with the girls! Warning: picture overload (I am very detailed oriented!)

We drove to Alexandria, LA and stayed there because Neil's parents did not want us getting up at 2 am to drive there. They even got us a hotel room! Thanks!!

We arrived at the Martyn House on Saturday afternoon after Kristin picked us up from the Atlanta airport. We made the short drive to Ellijay, GA to begin our glamping weekend.

We arrived and Joann met us at the car. She was excited to take us to our tents. We saw Nightingale Nest first. One of my favorite pictures is this one of us walking through the woods with umbrellas on our way to a TENT!

Joann delivered all of our luggage while we sat and talked in Ridge Roost. She LOVED our glamping t-shirts. She even posted them on Facebook immediately! They say "Goin' Glamping" with a little camping scene on them.

Here is the arrow pointing to mine and Casey's tent.

The Martyn House

This was our nice view.

Our cute tent! This is Nightingale Nest, where Casey and I stayed for 2 nights.

Let's take a little tour of Nightingale Nest:

This is our bathroom. Yes, we had running water and a nice, hot shower.

We had a compost toilet in our bathroom. You basically just go to the bathroom and you don't flush. That is all I will say about it.

Our cute beds. The tents even came with cute windows. We did have a couple lizards in our windows that did make us scream a couple times, but they couldn't get in so that was a plus!

We had this really cute sitting area complete with Joann made tea-cups. She is a potter and has her own studio on the property. We had hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and chocolates in our tent!

Casey and I tried out the drink station right when we got settled.
After getting settled, Casey and I each had a massage. It was fabulous and just what I needed to relax. I guess I was really relaxed, because I went straight back to the tent and fell asleep after!
We had dinner and breakfast at the Martyn house on the side porch. We loved getting to see how Joann was going to have the table set. It is the little details that we all loved so much. The food was wonderful and so fresh. They use only locally grown food along with only grass-fed meat.

This is a Martyn house tradition. You draw a card and you have to tell what it was and something about it. I got "adventure!" I said I need to be more adventurous. Erinn drew transformation, Kristin drew 2 cards, Casey drew responsibility.

The tablescape...

Mmmmmm...grass fed pork!

And dessert:
After dinner we played a quick few games of Scattergories. It was so much fun! We are some total party animals. We played in Ridge Roost, so Casey and I had to walk to our tent in complete darkness. We got back to our tent right after the bottom fell out. We found out later that we were in our tents during the worst weather anyone has ever experienced while glamping. The hail/rain did wake me up a few times. The thing that woke me up most was Essie the cat. She is known as the stalked cat and apparently loved the people that did not want her sleeping near us! She has a bell around her neck and was so loud. She did finally sneak into our tent the first night and scared me to death. I don't know why she wanted in, because every time I heard her bell, I would say "No CAT! Go Away!" Casey ended up being really nice to her and shoved her out of the tent! Oh Essie!

We had a nice leisurely morning with a yummy breakfast of French toast. Joann had the table set so nicely with juice glasses and everything. She even made homemade smoothies!

Kristin and Erinn were dressed and ready at breakfast!

After we got ready, we made the short drive to Blue Ridge. They have a scenic train ride to another small town near by. We didn't do the ride, but we did take a couple pictures next to the train.

We did a little shopping around their main street and had lunch. We were staying in the apple capital of Georgia so we stopped by the Mercier Orchard. We each had a little apple pie and some apple cider.
We got back from Blue Ridge and had a little time for a nap and then it was time for dinner.

Here is the tablescape.

Rick made shrimp with some vegetables and pasta. Yum-o!

Dessert was so simple, but so tasty!

We had a really nice night so Rick made a bonfire for us. It was a lot of fun just sitting around the fire getting to chit chat.

Here we are with Essie. Cats are just not really my thing. Erinn and Kristin loved Essie! Essie even spent the night in the bed with Kristin!

Here we are with our Scattergories! We are some wild girls!

Here is a hand drawn map of The Martyn House property:

After we packed and showered, it was time for our last breakfast at The Martyn House.

The bacon was some of the best I have ever had. We called it "relaxed" bacon because these pigs were slaughtered humanely and alone where their friends would not see.

Rick is a photographer so he got his tri-pod out to take a group shot of us. Here we are! Joann, Erinn, Kristin, Casey, me, and Rick! We had so much fun!

It was time for us to depart, so Kristin dropped us off at the Marriott in Buckhead, GA. We were dropped off at the wrong Marriott at first! Erinn's dad got us a nice room at the Marriott on the Concierge level! We felt so cool going in there having snacks the whole day.

We headed to the mall for lunch and makeovers at Sephora! It was so much fun to feel so girly.

Here is my before and after of my makeover. It was a lot of fun!

After photos:

Casey's make-up looked so good! She took her before/after pics on her phone so I don't have them! All in all the trip was fabulous! Thanks Casey for all of the pictures!!

One of the best parts of the trip is that our husbands were so supportive of us getting away. Thank you, Neil!!!! Maybe this means we need to go more often!

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