Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bennett's 3rd Grade Play

Bennett's 3rd grade play was ADORABLE!  They did a few songs from Broadway.  I love how his music teacher gives every kids a chance to shine!  If you don't want to sing, dance, or speak you can just be in the chorus.  It is really great!

Bennett was in the Grease part of the play so he wore a cute leather jacket that we borrowed from Melanie.  Easy costume for sure!

The whole 3rd grade

Bennett 's class

He used to HATE these programs.  I mean he wouldn't even do the hand motions or anything.  His teacher really gave him the confidence to own the stage!

He had to take the microphone and say "Uh Huh" as his "solo!"  Loved it!

Brayden and Bennett

Sweet brothers watching their 3rd grade siblings

We were so excited that Nana and Gammy came to watch the play!
Eli, Ellison, Kade, Layton, Logan, Brayden, Bennett, and Will

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pinewood Derby

Bennett won Pinewood Derby for the first time!  He and Neil worked on his car about 24 hours before it needed to race.  They weren't too hopeful, but he won 3rd place for the Bears!

That's Bennett's with the gray weight glued on top.

Bennett's is the door stop shaped one.

Watching their cars race

Sam, Kyzer, and Bennett

Bennett was really into it this year!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My 36th birthday

Since we had the snow of 2018, my birthday dinner was canceled.  I told the Ruston crew to please not come because the icy roads were just too dangerous.  We ended up being able to make it to Outback right down the street and it was fun!

Mom picked up a cake for me and we enjoyed a little family birthday celebration.

Birthday breakfast

Later on in the month we went out for "January Birthdays" since Leigh, Erin, and me all have January birthdays.  It's the best!  We went to Norton Art Gallery for a fun dinner and art pairing!  Blake cooked foods that went along with 5 different paintings.  Cool concept, but we were all still hungry after so we went to Pizza Rev.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sneaux Much Fun

About every 5 years we get a little bit of snow!  It's enough to shut down roads for a week, close schools for a couple days, and even close offices!  We love them because it is an unplanned day off so we can just be home as a family to enjoy the snow! 

This little bit of snow gave us something we've never done before...sledding! We didn't even own a sled, we just went to a hill with a plastic container and tried it!  It did NOT work!  Luckily, some girls were sledding with an actual sled and let us borrow theirs!  They went to the car to warm up for a little bit so my kids could have a turn.  How nice!  I ordered a sled on Amazon for us to use in five years when it snows again.  We always want to be prepared.

Our yard with snow is so pretty!

The oak tree in our backyard amazes me.

Snow football!

Louisiana snow angels really turn into a grass angel after about 2 passes over the snow.

The boys and me sledding

Neil took all 3 babies!

They loved it!


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