Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Fun

New Year's Eve has sure changed in the last few years.  I remember always trying to come up with some fun plan and tried to fun some sparkly outfit to wear just to be let down because we never really had a plan.  I think it is just fun to play with the kids and do some sparklers!

We started out  the morning with Kid City and Chick-fil-a.  You can't go wrong with those 2 places with my 2 boys.  Drew and Jake met us at KC and Sam met us at CFA.  Bennett and Henry love being around friends!

They wanted me to get up in the playscape at Kid City.  The thing is 3 stories tall and my belly just wasn't allowing it!  I couldn't go very high so I took the pics I did take from floor 1.

Yes, Henry is biting Bennett's shirt.  I don't get it either. 

Henry and Jake-Jake

We went and picked up some sparklers after "rest time" for some festive fun.

Thankfully Gammy came over to spend the night with us to ring in the new year.  She kept the boys for me so I could go to Amy and Daniel's dinner party at Cantina.

I thought I would enjoy a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri for my festive beverage.

Aren't they cute?

Amy and me

24 weeks! (6 months pregnant already!)

Bennett took this and Henry wanted in..love it.

How Far Along: 24 Weeks 

Size of baby: 1 1/3 pounds (Size of an ear of corn)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 6 pounds at last appointment

 Maternity Clothes: all maternity pants and a mix of regular and maternity tops

Gender: We aren't finding out!  We have our girl name and are still working on a boy name.  We decided on Sarah Kathryn for a girl name.  We think it sounds so pretty and classy.  Sarah means "princess" and Kathryn means "pure."  We want it as a double-name!

Movement: This baby is moving a lot.  I love it!

Sleep: I sleep OK, but am up a lot for bathroom breaks.

What I miss: pain-free living because my tailbone pain is just getting out of hand

Cravings: I have been loving cold fruit, salads, and tea.  Sweets always sound good.

Symptoms:    I went to the doctor yesterday and I still have placenta previa.  Praying for it to move!  The upside to placenta previa is that I get to have ultrasounds every time I go to the doctor! My next appointment is January 13th, so hoping to find out that it moved.

Best Moment this week: just being pregnant feels so special.  I am trying to enjoy it since it will be my last time!

24 weeks with Henry and Bennett

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

We had a nice, laid-back Christmas day. We just had a leisurely morning as we waited for the rest of the family to arrive.  The boys were so excited when Gammy, Nana, Granddad, and Aunt Becky arrived.  They came baring gifts so they loved that.

We exchanged gifts and then played with our new loot!

Bennett, Henry, and Nana

Bennett liked his "learning words" game!

Henry was super excited about the binoculars that Nana and Granddad gave him.

Sine Neil would never tell Rebecca what he wanted for Christmas, she threatened to get him a YOLO themed gift basket.  ha!

Sweet Santa gift!

Rebecca is Santa's favorite!

Rebecca gave Bennett nun chucks and throwing stars! REALLY??

Richard and his new camo coats

We had to get the Lewis girls to decorate the cookies too!

Bennett and I decorated the birthday cake for Jesus


Cool Granddad
We used to play White Elephant every year at my grandmother's house and it was such a fun memory.  We decided to bring it back this year.  We meant to play on Christmas Eve, but everyone was tired so we played after we ate.  Thankfully Sarah left her nice Ulta giftcard prize for us to play with!  It was a fun time and I think we need to continue it!
Bennett was thrilled with his GIANT gummy bear and Granddad got a George Foreman grill.

Bennett and Uncle Frank

Family Photo! yay!

The whole crew.

Mom and her kids

Santa Came!

Santa came to our house this year to see some very sweet boys.  Our Santa left stocking filled with goodies and a couple little things for the boys.  Our boys got plenty of stuff!  They just played all morning and Neil said "they are just as happy as they would be if they'd received a room full of toys!" That's right! 

Henry was excited about this train set and lego set.

And the school bus in his stocking.

Bennett loved the stocking stuffers.  He also had a pants change that morning because of a little bedtime accident.  We are trying to get him off the pull-up!

Our big boys!

Neil loved his personalized "realdealneil" Saints t-shirt.

And Bennett was THRILLED with his iPad mini.  He kept saying "my very own iPad" anytime he'd refer to it.

Both boys received these light up helmets

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

We really tried to have a low-key Christmas season and that's exactly what we had.  After we opened our shoes, we got ready and headed to see Frozen.  It was the cutest movie!  The boys have been wanting to see it so I was glad we made time for it. Yes, we brought our own popcorn and beverages into the movie.  Sue us.

Henry did walk around a little bit, but we were on the top row so he didn't bother anyone. They were excited to have both Mommy and Daddy with them.

We planned to go to church, but we needed to put Henry down for a nap and we had to start cooking.  Time just got away from us.  We didn't want to rush around so we didn't. 

Simple tablescape of silver and white.  Loved it.

You can't really tell, but half my lights went out on my tree. :(

Good shot, Neil!

Carolyn liked the NYC book we gave her.

Dad with Neil and the shirt he gave him,

Dad was really proud of this bell he gave Neil.

I liked my creative wrapping.

The little boys started singing "God, Our Father" before they eat without prompting.  How sweet!

Cool dudes in their Christmas tree glasses
Next, we had our annual cookie decorating for Santa!

Sarah and Dean (We missed Chris who was on call)

Everyone really gets into the decorating

Bennett and I were so proud of the Santa hat cookie he made.  I was impressed!

This boy LOVED the decorating. But, he needed a serious bath after.
pretty cookies!

The boys helping Gammy open some gifts.

Uncle Frank joined us for Christmas Eve!!

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