Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween...It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!  I know I am singing this at the wrong time of year, but for me...I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  It is one of my favorites!!  Costumes, candy, happy kids... check! 

We had to make a lot of stops this year and we swore we weren't leaving our house next year unless we could walk.  I think we had about 12 invitations this year because Halloween was on a Friday and everyone was celebrating.  Sounds like a good reason to me.  

I think I took the best pictures of my 3 babies in the history of me having 3 babies on Halloween.  They are all happy, looking at the camera, and the lighting is even good.  Oh, I love these 3.

Fireman, Strawberry, and Policeman...we were safe.  The boys chose their costumes...I couldn't have planned them better myself! :)

Eeeeeek!! Love.

The sweetest strawberry of all.

I was Medusa.

Our first stop was the neighbors behind us.  They invited us for hotdogs.  They said they've been getting together every Halloween for the past 20 years and now all their kids are grown.  They loved having the kids out there.

Our next stop was Jill and Kenneth's...Jill had so many fun games with PRIZES.  Kenneth is Neil's roommate in Tulsa.  I guess they just don't get enough of each other.

Apple Bobbing

Policeman brother to the rescue

Punch a pumpkin

Grand Prize Game

So cute!

Trick or Treating is tough work
Our next stop was the Baker's.  Sarah and Chris were Khaleesi and Drogo...loved it.  Their kids were baby dragons.

Dragon Dean and Khalessi

All the sweet kids...lots of BOYS!

I was so glad that Daphne let us borrow the other side to their stroller.  These girls were soooo good!

Lewis family photo.  Poor Sis wet through her diaper, tights, and costume.
Last stop: The Raines house for 10 minutes.  Henry crawled up in my lap around 7:45 and said "I want to take a nap in Drew and Jake's bed."  I knew it was time to head home!!

They couldn't go to bed without sorting their candy!  This used to be my favorite thing on Halloween!

Henry's Halloween Party 2014

It's like stepping back in time doing all of Henry's parties.  They do all the same things Bennett did.  It's just different kids and different parents.  It is a fun, sweet group that's for sure!

Neil and I were both able to go to Henry's party and he was so excited.  We had to divide up our time between both Bennett and Henry do we couldn't stay at the whole thing for both.  Hopefully this will be the last time this year that they have something on the same day. I HOPE!!

Such a good boy sitting with this class


Class picture with Mrs. Rose

Singing songs for us

He loved it!

He really knew all the words and got into the hand motions.  We were impressed!

They got to have a fun snack... Henry kept telling everyone "I brought that" and would point to the pumpkin cups.  

Little oranges made to look like pumpkins and witch hats

Mommy, Henry, and Daddy


Halloween Breakfast 2014

We got to have a very special Halloween breakfast.  I went through Krispy Kreme the night before to get Jack-O Lantern donuts, made banana ghosts, added some Boo Berry crunch and it was a cinch.  Thanks so Nana for the fun brains cups!!

The boys are actually dressed for school in these pictures and SK was still asleep.  Henry's teacher made a cute hand-print spider t-shirt for each kid and Bennett had a pajama party.  Halloween is my favorite!!

Bennett's Halloween Pajama party

We were all ecstatic that Neil got to enjoy our Halloween parties.  I cried when he said he was coming home. Being out of town is really a lot on us.  We dropped everyone off at their schools and headed to Bennett's.  He had to bring a pillow, stuffed animal, slippers, tennis shoes for recess, a flashlight, and our donation was star sprinkles. Thank goodness we went with him because he had tons to carry.

Sweet big boy!!  He was sitting on the rug listening to all of the instructions like the biggest boy.  We were so proud.

Sweet little class in their pjs

The first station was the snack...he got to make a night time scene with a graham cracker, star sprinkles, chocolate frosting, and a mini vanilla wafer for the moon.  They even drank yoo-hoo for their drink.

The even asked the parents to wear pajamas!  I didn't have any...I could not find pajamas...what is wrong with me!!?? I wore a t-shirt, yoga pants, and slippers.

Neil reading a bedtime story to the group.

The next station Bennett flew through...he got to play on an iPad if he finished.

Bennett and Owen (Room-mom kids)  :)

He wasn't ready for us to leave.  This station was to measure, weigh, and draw your stuffed animal.  He had 2 more stations that we missed because we had to make it to Henry's party.

The last 2 stations were drawing a night scene and adding nocturnal animals and a station where the kids wrote their names on 22 pillow cases for their classmates.  A few of us mom's stamped the pillow cases a few weeks ago to have them ready for the party.  Room-momming is a full time job!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Days

It's been hectic and it's been fun.  I love October!!!

I love seeing Bennett's creativity.  He is really thriving at his new school.  We are so proud!

Bats are scary and bite cows.  Note the bloody teeth marks on the cow. #genius

3 kids and a dog...and 1 Mama. 
 We had some family photos taken!!  Yippee!  Nicole always does such a good job!!!  And she is so reasonable!!
Our biggest boy!

Our little boy!

Our baby girl!

And here is our Christmas card photo...coming to a mailbox near you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

State Fair of LA 2014

Dad loves taking the kids to the fair every year.  The boys LOVED it and did not want to leave.  We had to have a talk about being thankful for getting to go to the fair because so many don't get to go when we got to the car.  I know some are thankful they don't have to go! :)

We started the 2 hour fair trip with food on a stick...a corn dog as long as Bennett's arm and a pizza on a stitch as big as Henry's head.  We took the pizza on a stick back after finding a hair baked in the dough.  Yummy....Protein.

Dad and Bennett shot the machine guns and were really excited with their results!

Sharp shooters!!

Thanks for taking us, Dad!  We can't wait to go next year.

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