Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

The Smith family hosted all of us at their house for dinner and a Halloween hayride.  We had a ton of fun!  Halloween is a lot different when you have 2 kids.  I didn't feel like I got to talk to anyone the entire night because I was either holding Henry or wrangling Bennett or both.  Thanks so much to Erin for walking Henry around for a little bit!

Mason and Bennett...they love each other!

our attempt at a group photo.  That is Evie in the red can only see her tutu! Oh and Bennett isn't sitting.  Imagine that!

The youngest ones there.  Henry the fish and Evie the ladybug

Me and sweet fish

Lily the goddess, Henry the fish, Bennett the fisherman, Caroline the Supergirl, Georgia the Barbie Charm School, Maddie as tinkerbell, and Ansley as Sleeping Beauty

Our Family of 4 on Henry's first Halloween

Pure Chaos

Yay! Candy!

Uncle Andrew was so nice to drive our hayride for us.  If you enlarge this photo, you will see that Bennett was trick or treating with Georgia's spider bag.  Bennett has the same one and G couldn't find hers so she used Brown's. We got back to the Smiths' after our hayride and Bennett had about 5 pieces of candy in HIS bag.   I just kept thinking that he just dropped his candy, ate it, or just didn't get very much.  I didn't see this until today.  He had hers the whole time.  I feel so bad now because G was looking everywhere for hers!!  I guess it was so chaotic that we never noticed!

Maddie and Bennett got on a roll and were running to the houses and IN the houses.  Bennett  would just walk right in when they opened the door.  I think we will need to practice how to trick or treat next year.

My Henry with his Ghost bag.  Henry thanks Pops for his bag!

This cute ghost hand came home with Bennett on Halloween.  Love it!

Learning Center Fall Fest

We had a great time at the Learning Center Halloween Party.  When we are planning a party or event at the Learning Center, we have to come up with what we want to do before we do anything.  The reason for this is because we have to get everything donated so, if we want it...we have to ask!  I am always overwhelmed by the generosity of my family and friends.  People I know donated EVERY SINGLE THING we had for the party.  We had 40 real pumpkins donated, drinks, $115, plastic pumpkins for candy, tons of candy, paper goods, books, and the list goes on.  It is great to see the giving hearts of others.  Mrs. White even sent a few Z-club girls from CSHS to help.  They were awesome!

I am a mentor for a girl that goes to Plain Dealing.  She is doing her senior project on teen pregnancy and was able to be excused from school to help with the party. She did a great job getting involved.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Methodist Madness!

We had our church fall fest on Sunday.  It was a huge event in our Festival Plaza put on by 8 area Methodist churches.  It was a lot of fun!  They had games, tent or treat, and bands from all of the churches playing great worship music.

Me with H and B

Thanks for our cute shirts, Aunt Becky!

Ring toss is serious

tent or treating

He did a great job making his spider necklace.  He only wanted orange eyes for it.

Bennett was really good at "bobbing" for donuts!

Family photo!  I love having a family of 4!!!!!

Pumpkin Carving with Grandad

Since carving a pumpkin is on our fall bucket list, I knew we had to do it.  I know how much Richard LOVES to carve pumpkins so I enlisted his help.  The Lewis family always carves ears and eyebrows on their pumpkins and I wanted Bennett to participate in the tradition.  I think Grandad had more fun than Bennett.  Bennett was SO PROUD of the finished pumpkin.  When people come over, he takes them outside to see his pumpkin.  This was Sunday morning after a LONG night, so be glad you cannot see me in the pictures.

scooping out the guts

I love this picture.  They all look like they are having so much fun!

So proud!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tech Homecoming

When Nana bought Bennett a Tech jacket for Tech Homecoming we knew we had to go.  We all put on our Tech wear and headed out.  I will say I like that people wear Tech clothes to the game now.  I never owned a Tech shirt the entire time I was in college.  The only t-shirts I wore were Sigma Kappa or KA shirts.  I'm glad I have branched out.

We went to Sundown for lunch with the family before the game.
Bennett and Nana

Uncle Checkers and Bennett

Sweet Henry ready for his first Tech game.  Thanks to Ashleigh for his Tech onesie!  Since it was a little chilly, I put some blue and white striped pjs on under it.  It turned out to be cute!

Neil and Hunter

Family photo at the game!!
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