Thursday, March 30, 2017

Potty Training for the last time! :)

I decided to potty train Sarah Kathryn over Spring Break using the 3 day method I used for the boys.  I know it's not going to be a total non-accident ever type thing, but it is a great jump start. I am super impressed with my girl!  She had several accidents the first day all over the place.   Richard and Janine picked up the boys half way through the 1st day and it got so much easier once they went to Ruston. 

We stayed home for 3 solid days and it almost killed me.  It is so hard for me to stay home.  It was really nice because you really notice all the things that need to be done, painted, cleaned, fixed, etc.  I made a long list of honey-dos for Neil that he loved. :)

By the third day, Sarah Kathryn was having no #1 accidents.  Talk about impressive!  Go girl!  I gave her a M&M each time she went to the potty.  She calls them "potty treats."

So proud of her big girl panties!

Facetiming Nana!

I walked in the playroom and she had the table set up for her dolls!

Here she is filling up the tea pot in the kitchen.  I love her imagination!

Trying out my makeup
 We've had lots of #2 accidents out in public.  It is a harder concept I guess.  After 3 weeks, she finally went on the potty!  We are hoping that it sticks.

 In 3 weeks, she has only had 2 accidents in her bed at pull-ups!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sci-Port Fun

Nana and Granddad are such good gift-givers!  I love that they like to give experiences rather than toys.  In the past, they've given the kids summer camp and Sci-port!  The Sci-port membership is the gift that keeps on giving.  It is a membership for a year and it gets you in free to numerous other science and children's museums all over the country.  We LOVE it!

Sci-port just installed a new children's area and I can't even believe we have something so cool in Shreveport!  What a fun experience!

Milking the cow, but wait for it!  Bennett milked it so that it would squirt on Henry.


The Duck Pond area (named after a local park) is really for babies.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break Fun

I had these great big plans for Spring Break...we were going to "travel" around Shreveport since we weren't actually traveling anywhere.  We were going to go to "Mexico" by eating Taco Bell, getting a pinata, and watching Dora.  I had other days like this planned, but Neil said "why are you going to make it so hard on yourself??" I thought it would be fun, but plans changed due to potty training!

Neil is the president of the Methodist Men's group at church so he helped put on the golf tournament.  Bennett was thrilled to be with him all day.  He got to "help!"  Bennett got to shoot the AR-15 golf shooter, hit a golf ball by sitting on a recliner, and a few other gimmick holes.  They had a blast.

Drew and Bennett were the golf helpers

Curt gave each boy $5 for helping and Neil said they couldn't spend it fast enough!

Sister had to go for a little ride with Daddy when we picked up Bennett.

Henry got to play with Jake and they somehow tricked the babysitter into thinking they were supposed to have 2 Danimals at the same time. These boys!

We got to go to Roderick's birthday party!
Our only travel day was: Colorado.  Mountain G-Rock!
They LOVED it!

Henry would get up about this high and then come down. 

All of the different colors are different paths up the wall.

At one point, another little boy accidentally let the rope go and it flung all the way to the top.  Bennett climbed all the way up and brought it down for him. I was so impressed at his sweet spirit and athleticism! 

Bennett and Henry loved the chalk bags and climbing shoes!  

My little climbers

The nice people there helped Sis get up high!

Her rock climbing clothes were on point!

The best news: Rebecca and Daniel got engaged!!!!! We are thrilled!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Madness

March has been a whirlwind for sure.  With baseball practice in full swing we are going 90 to nothing in 10 different directions 24/7.  It is fun and we love it!  We've taken some time for adult fun, too.

The Dicharry's invited us to the 318 Restaurant Week tasting at King Hardware.  Blake (Erin's brother) prepared an amazing tasting menu.  It was a full 4 course meal!  Delish! 

A little something Henry crafted.  The boys are enthralled but this Swiss army knife.  I mean they think it is the coolest thing ever!  Henry basically made a bayonet. I don't know whether to be scared or proud of his creativity.

Our church is so fabulous! The nursery director organized a Mom's Night out!  She had free childcare and paid for part of a cooking class at Bella Nonna's!  What a great treat!

After 4 years, growing out of our car, and having no A/C for 3 months, we bit the bullet and got a new-to-me car.  Expedition.  It is what the young ones call "Murdered out."  It has black rims!  Not pictured because they are embarrassing!  They will be changed out next week when they come in.  We are so excited about it!  It has cargo space and enough room for the kids!

We stalked and I mean stalked the mailman!  We finally found her 2 streets over.  We were waiting to hear if Henry got into magnet school!  YEAH!  HE IS IN!  We are so proud of our smart boy! We will have Bulldog Brothers!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

McDonald's Field Trip

Henry has been waiting and waiting since August for this field trip...a walk to McDonald's!  His teacher does this in conjunction with her money unit. They get to bring money, walk to Mickey D's, order, and then pay all by themselves!  Talk about a big boy!  He was so worried that we were late and had been asking and asking when it was time.  

We left school around 10:30 and took the short walk to McD.  They were allowed to order ice cream, a drink, or french fries.  Every kid in the class ordered ice cream, but two.  How fun!

This is confusing!

Got it!

A bunch of boys loving this!

Sweet little class!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Nana is 62!

Nana's birthday is March 17th (St. Patrick's Day)!  We went to Ruston for dinner, dessert, and fun!  

SK at her St. Pat's party
 We even got to have delicious pink angel food cake again!  woohoo!

She even let the boys blow out her candles!

What a fun birthday!  Happy Birthday, Nana!

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