Saturday, August 31, 2019

Fun with Daddy!

Daddy is the most fun!  He took the boys fishing in Arkansas with my dad.

They caught this 1 fish.

And Neil and Sarah Kathryn are participating in Adventure Guides with the Y.  It is such a cute Father/Daughter program!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Outfits and Playdates

Girl uniforms are sooooo much more fun than boy ones.  We have so many options for Sister!

a little game of "I have never" with the boys is a tad different than when I played in college.

Sweet JM and Henry

A sleepover with Camilla!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ladies Night

We were invited to a Chief Prator fundraising party and since Neil and the boys were out of town fising-we made it a girls night!  What a fun event!

After the event, my brother was playing at Bear's so we all went to watch!

Sarah bought some of his swag!

Sweetest Lillian turns 1!

We've been so excited to celebrate Lillian's 1st birthday! This year really flew and we loved watching her grow!  We also loved watching the cousins love on each other every chance they got!  Lillian is truly Bennett, Henry, and Sarah Kathryn's favorite person!

Since Lillian is basically allergic to everything she got to have a sno-cone party because she isn't allergic to ice!  And she happened to not be allergic to watermelon at the time so she got to have a little syrup on her cone!  So much fun!

Of course, Boodle had the party looking like something out of a magazine and it was perfection!

These favors!  She had custom cups made and I did the tags

Cookies! cupcakes!  Oh my!

She had the party catered by Uptown Downtown and it was all so good.

Sweetport did the snow cones

Beloved Aunt Lindsey and Beloved Uncle Neil and Uncle Andrew

Boodle made the fab balloon decor

Happy 1st birthday!

Well loved!!!!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Back to School Friday

Whew!  Back to school is so much fun and a little bit tiring!  

We were able to celebrate Henry's 8th birthday with his class and Nerf themed cookies!

Sister got to have her first class of Art and the teacher sent me this pic!

Bennett had a back to school swim party with all the 5th graders!  What a fun event!

Sarah Kathryn goes to school!

Sarah Kathryn has been wanting to be at Fairfield for as long as I can remember!  She has been my little sidekick at FEM for 5 years!  This will also be our only year to have all 3 kids at one school together.  What a dream.

Sister got to stay home for 4 days until she started on Friday.  It was fun to be together until school!  We had fun doing a couple projects (she loved!) and we even got her ears re-pierced!

So brave!

Arden and SK got their ears pierced together and the lady gave each of them their own lip gloss!

Her favorite: the library

Pops even gave her a set of pearl earrings for Kindergarten!

It's time!  The night before Kindergarten!

She wants to be a vet!

Our sweet baby bulldog!

Our fab principal and SK. 

Mrs. Fajardo (her teacher) 

Mrs. Fajardo taught all 3 of ours kindergarten!

So proud!

Her table: Lucy, SK, and Mumtahina

She got a little scared as we were leaving, but ended up having a great day!

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