Thursday, December 28, 2017

Independence Bowl and Shreveport Aquarium

Uncle Mike and Aunt Carolyn came to town to visit and see about Dad after Carolyn was diagnosed with lung cancer.  We were so glad they came to visit!  She was so sick and Dad really needed the support.

Dad got tickets to the Independence Bowl for Uncle Mike, Bennett, and him.  It was FREEZING!  I warned them before they went that Bennett would NOT want to leave.  I am talking he likes to stay at games until they are over no matter the score.  They stayed until the bitter end even when the score was up over 30 points!

Dad and Bennett at the Indy Bowl

Dad, B,and Uncle Mike

People kept clearing out but Bennett was there still watching!

They came back home after the game to warm up and Uncle Mike helped me with some Festive Favors!

Uncle Mike trying some Red River Brewing


Siblings plus Henry

While we were still out on break we picked up Henry's friend John Hunter and went to the Shreveport Aquarium.  So glad we have an aquarium now!  We used to just go to PetSmart to look at their fish and call it a day.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas in Ruston

After we finished our family Christmas at home we loaded up the car and headed to Ruston.  They were all waiting on us to eat lunch so we sat down and ate.  The kids were itching to open their gifts, but had to wait a little bit longer.

We had so much fun watching Richard pass out the gifts, opening our stockings, and seeing who Santa's favorite was going to was Daniel!  That means you get a $5 bill in your stocking with all the $2 bills!

Bennett got a new baseball glove!

Sister straight up loved her Tech cheerleader outfit and new pompoms

LOVES them


New toothbrush!

Santa's Favorite!

For their new home

Just what Andrew wanted...a new vacuum

Nana got new pjs!

What'd you get Granddad?

Briefcase for Andrew

Henry loved his little bank

Nana's Favorites

Both Neil and Andrew received a sous vide.  They had a sous vide off using some really nice steaks.  It took around 3 hours to cook them.


Neil got me this pretty Shreveport/Bossier ornament

After we had the 3 hours steaks, we headed to Candy Cane lane!  It was so cool!

Great memories were made!!!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas at Home

Santa came!  The kids were up bright and early in their cute pajamas ready to see their loot.  

Bennett and SK both got new bicycles.

He recovered quickly from his illness the night before.  Sweet thing wanted me to lie in bed with him for hours.  He is on the top bunk.  That's hard.

New toothbrush!

New Mario watch!

Stockings are so much fun!

Henry was PUMPED about his Batman robot

Too bad Santa brought this one without all the parts so Mom had to find a place that would exchange it.

Saints football cards!

New play make up!

This girl loves a cash register!

This is a look of excitement!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Gift and Shoe Night

The Elf came to visit us this year at home and at Pops' house.  

At Pops: His shoe, Carolyn's, Neil, Mine, Bennett, Henry, and SK.  As Always, Dad's shoe had a $100 bill in it.  Weird.

Since Christmas Eve was on a Sunday we went to Dad's before church.  He and Carolyn had a yummy breakfast even though she didn't feel good.

Wish I would have taken a picture of Carolyn this day.  I would have if I had known it was going to be her last Christmas.  We miss her so much.
The elf had all kinds of things in our shoes at home!

We got home from church and just laid low until it was time to go to my mom's for Christmas eve dinner, cookie decorating, and presents!!  Dad and Carolyn were going to host, but she wasn't feeling up to it so we moved it to mom's.  Carolyn ended up staying home to rest.

I whipped up a few batches of cookies for our most fun tradition!  Decorating cookies for Santa!

I did about 8 loads of laundry on Christmas eve, too!



Also mine

Neil's pirate Santa! ha! Maybe this is MY favorite holiday tradition.
We were not lacking in decorating supplies this year.

She loves it!
Bennett really takes his time.

The kids decorated a lot of the packages this year with stickers.

She is PUMPED!

Shalimar for mom

This girl!

Sweet Henry opened up 3 gifts that were all clothes.  He tried so hard to be thankful on that 3rd gift, but he just couldn't hold back the tears.  He ran over to me crying until we found something better!  

probably clothes.

yay!  a toy!!!

Saints Fidget Spinner

Passing out gifts

This is the face of pure joy.  He loves the picture of the kids I think.

SK got that play clothes outfit from Mom because she said "she has no play clothes!"

Christmas fun!

We got home, got bathed, and got our reindeer food out on the lawn!

How precious are these pjs from Aunt Becky?
They love each other!
Hey guys, turn around and look at the Christmas tree!

What a great Christmas Eve!  Just missed my brother who couldn't make it in this year for Christmas.  The kids went to bed, but Bennett woke up at 10pm throwing up.  He thought it was from eating too much chocolate.  Ick.  Santa had to come to the house LATE!

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