Sunday, July 31, 2011

Delicious Dinner

Neil has been wanting to try out his new smoker so he went to the grocery store this morning and bought everything he could find that could be smoked!  He was really excited.  Everything turned out to be delicious!

Richard and Janine (AKA: Granddad and Nana) came over for dinner.  They made some fabulous bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp.

How cute are these boys?  Love them!  Notice the flowers on the table...I wrote "pink roses" on the grocery list for Neil just because I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house.  He came home with these.  Some of the petals were falling off and one didn't even make it to the vase.  I asked Neil "did you get these on sale?"  He said "hahaha, I even took the clearance tag off so your wouldn't know!"  He said that he thinks flowers are a waste of money...I say they are really a waste if you buy dead ones!  

Chef BoyarNeil.

Casey made an awesome layered salad.  Matthew did a great job tossing it!

We were glad that Tim, Hunter, and Neil came over, too!

These boys love each other.  Bennett gets so excited when Mason comes over.  He tackles him with hugs constantly.

I made these awesome ice cream cookie sandwiches.   They were sooo good and simple to make.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bull Buteau Foundation Shoot-Out

We attended the Bull Buteau Foundation Shoot-Out on Saturday.  Neil got a team together to shoot skeet.  This shoot-out had an amazing turn-out!  When I walked up, there were about 100 trucks, shotguns, sweaty men, loud country music, and kind of Saturday!  The shoot-out raises money for the Louisiana Methodist Children's home.  Last year they donated $25,000 for the vocational programs.  Richard is chairman of the board of the home so he said a few words.  I was so impressed with Richard's speech...he is great with speaking.  I would have been stumbling the entire time!  Like Richard said, what a great way to honor someones memory by helping some of Louisiana's most troubled kids.  We hope to be a part of this great event for years to come!

Way to go Richard!

Leslie, me, Richard, Erin, and Erinn

Neil's team...Russell, Neil, Dad, Richard, and Hunter

I was worried about my dad being in that heat and having enough strength to actually shoot the gun.  He said he really enjoyed himself and would do it again next year! yay!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Play Time

I decided to have a few friends over to play today.  I wanted Bennett to have friends over before the baby arrives so that he could have some fun.  I know it will probably be a while before we will be entertaining.  Dad was so sweet and picked up Chick-fil-a for everyone.  It was like a nice lunch delivery service.  Thanks so much, Dad!

Ansley, Bennett, and Mason eating Caroline's left over "bee-day" pretzels!

It was hard getting everyone together for a picture!

I was so glad that Caroline and Emily came over.  This one is for you Sister!

Bennett got to hold Evie.  I think she was OUT in this picture!

everyone looks a little unsure in this picture.

Sweet big brother!
So glad everyone came over.  It is always nice to get out of the house and beat the heat.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ice Cream with Pops and Carolyn

We had fun tonight meeting Pops and Carolyn for dinner and ice cream. Dad got too cold so he had to go sit outside to finish his.  Bennett followed him.  I caught this cute picture of Bennett feeding Dad ice cream!  So cute!

I love Maggie Moo's Better Batter ice cream. YUM!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

37 Weeks (Full Term!)

Bennett took this picture of me at 37 weeks and 2 days.  My camera decides to erase pictures randomly so the one Neil took was gone!  

37 weeks along with Bennett

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 Weeks (Baby is technically considered full term now)

 Size of baby: from the I-pregnancy app... 6lb 5 oz

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained lots and tons and scads.

Maternity Clothes: All maternity. I pretty much wear the same few things over and over.

Gender: A beautiful boy! His name will be Henry William.

Movement: He is doing great with his movement.

Sleep: I sleep really well except for the bathroom breaks and tailbone/hip pain.  I am up usually 1 1/2-2 hours. I was up one day last week from 2am-5am.  I was having some cramping and then my mind just started racing about all I needed to do.  I got up around 4am to do some laundry and dishes.

What I miss: sleeping on my back and having energy

Cravings: fruit, water, lemonade, ice cream, and cold things

Symptoms: I am still having some pain in my tail-bone and hips and I am really tired.  I've had cramps and maybe contractions this week.  

Best Moment this week: Hearing the sweet heartbeat on Tuesday.  Getting everything out of the attic (bouncy seat, swing, and car seats.)  I washed the car seat covers and Neil put those on the seats.  We will have 2 car seats with Henry.  I got one at the garage sale I went to a while back for $5.  It is perfect and works with our bases!  We need 2 because a couple times I accidentally drove to school with the car seat in my car.  Thank goodness dad was able to get it from me those times.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Henry

We decided to keep all of the same nursery stuff for Henry that we had for Bennett.  I just couldn't spend more money on more boy nursery stuff.  I will change out the pictures of Bennett in the frames when Henry arrives.

I love the bedding!  Emme made all of it.  

This room is smaller than the one at our old house so the chair is just sort of  in the way.  I know I will not care about this when I am pretty much sleeping in it every night!

We are stocked up on diapers and clothes.  I don't think Henry will have to wear anything twice!  We had Bennett's leftovers, sweet gifts, and all the sweet deals I scored at that garage sale a few months back.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Funday

We had a really nice Sunday.  We went to was the first official worship service in the new space.  Worship was fantastic!  We got home just in time to change Bennett into his swimsuit and head to a 1pm "Bee"day party.  Caroline is going to be one!  Jennifer (her mommy) did an amazing job on the the party...all of the decorations and food were adorable.

Everything was black/white/yellow.  Bee cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzels and marshmallows, cupcakes, cookies...everything you could imagine!

Bennett loved the bumblebee cake pop.

The candy bar was so cute, too!

This was the only picture I could get of Caroline and Bennett... 2 "busy bees!"

Yum!  JUMBO Marshmallow!

Cute birthday girl with her mommy and daddy

Jennifer made cute antennas for everyone to wear...I love that!  

The favor was honey soap and a bottle of useful!
After much needed naps, we headed to the Raines neighbors for an afternoon swim.  It was a really relaxing time until Beau and Neil decided to act like 10 year olds and have a water gun fight.  I feel weightless in a pool so we pretty much jump at the chance to swim anytime we can these days.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Total Awesomeness

Janine gave me these wonderful new slippers for the hospital! I can't get them off my feet!

Thanks so much Janine!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Week O' Fun

We have had a really fun week.  On Monday we went to the library for their movie madness.  I wish I would've know about this at the beginning of the summer.  They show a fun movie and serve popcorn and lemonade   Bennett was such a good boy for most of the movie.  As long as I kept him eating and drinking...he was perfect!  We saw Madagascar and he loved the animals.  There were a lot of older kids in the movie that would laugh at certain parts of the movie and then Bennett would laugh after them.  It was so cute.

On Tuesday, we took Chick-Fil-A over to the Buford's for food and fun.  Max and Bennett have looked a lot alike since they were babies.  Both of our boys were bald up until about 9 months ago.  Love them!
Max and Bennett
Bennett loved playing the "duano" with Ann and Max.  I tried to tell him that it was an organ, but he wasn't interested.

On Wednesday, I was 36 weeks pregnant!  I cannot believe I am so far along.  Nana, Grandad, and Aunt Becky came over for a visit.  We ate lunch at Bistro to Go (my new favorite!)  They went on a tour of the school we are hoping to send Bennett to and loved it.  We hope he gets in because there is a waiting list.
Bennett playing on the iPad with Aunt Becky.

Mom wanted to take Bennett swimming so Neil, Rebecca, Beau, and I decided to go out for an adults only dinner to Zocolo.

Bennett loves Gam Gam

Rebecca and I shared deviled eggs.  She is the perfect deviled egg eating partner.  She likes the yellow and I like the white!  perfection!

Leigh took the boys to Monroe for the evening to give Beau a little break (what a sweet wife!) he met us for dinner.  

On Thursday, we headed to our new favorite library for PuppetWise!  We met some friends there for the fun.  The Smiths, Hollands, and Burfords all met there.  This library is such a gem...tons of programs.  I just love it!  They asked that all the kids stay behind their masking tape line and cones.  Guess who had the only kid that went over the line and tried to play with the cones?  ME!  Thankfully, Lindsay went and got him for me one of the times.  We were not allowed to take any pictures so we don't have any from the library.  :(

I woke up last night with round ligament pain from about 2-5am.  It was a pretty restless night especially for someone who sleeps as well as I do.  My mind started racing about all the things that need to get done before Henry arrives.

We got a fun surprise this afternoon, too!  Jennifer and Caroline E. brought over this sweet personalized outfit for Henry. I just love it and can't wait to see him in it!

I love Pati outfits!  They are the best!
We had our Sunday School girls night tonight.  Molly was so sweet to host.  I made this dip because it is the easiest, tastiest thing ever.  We revealed who our secret prayer partners were...I had Jennifer!  I left a couple of surprises for her over the past few weeks at her house.  I always feel so sneaky when I do things like that!  Heather had my name.  She was so sweet to write me a little card and give me a bag of my favorites.

We were so glad that Evie got to experience her first girls night!

Lindsay Smith gave me this fancy little outfit for Henry.  So  sweet!

I used the self-timer and it is really off center!  ha!  I like it though!
Me and Heather with my fun prize!

On Friday, Casey, Mason, and Evie came over to play.  I am so glad they came over!  It is just too hot to go anywhere!  Bennett and Mason wanted to sit right on top of Casey and Evie.  Bennett also wanted to give Evie her pacifier while she was asleep.  He is such a big helper!

Mason and Bennett have seen Casey and I take belly pictures for the past few months.  Bennett had my phone and wanted to take some pictures.  He asked me to go "stand on the wall."  Mason beat me to it!  So cute!

Mason's belly taken by Bennett!
After our fun play date we went to Biscotti's to meet Leslie for lunch.  We love getting to have lunch dates with friends!
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