Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unexpected Day Off

We had a nice surprise on Friday with a day off due to weather. I couldn't believe it! I was already showered and putting on my make-up when I saw the good news on Channel 3. At first, I saw that Bennett's daycare was closed and wondered what we would do...then I had 3 messages that Caddo Schools were CLOSED! Music to my ears.

We ended up having a great day. Here is our day in pictures...

Bennett started the morning by looking out the window at the rain. He does this all the time. He loves to look outside.

After breakfast, we got ready and went to Akin's to see all of their Fall goodies. They always have the best stuff. I think it has to be one of my favorite stores.

Bennett, the scarecrow.

After Akin's, I went to a funeral for a man's wife I used to work with. It was really tragic and she was too young. I was glad I was able to pay my respects.

We got to meet up with "Bennett's self-proclaimed godparents" at Fairfield Grocery. They are the best!

I think Bennett was excited to see Beck. We actually had to take this picture like 5 times and tickle Bennett to get him to smile.

We were happy to make our way to Ruston for Aunt Rebecca's 26th birthday celebration. We had great food and great fun.

Bennett got to feed the dogs too. He loved this! He would feed himself and then feed the dogs.

Sweet boy!

Rebecca's friend painted this sweet little painting for her.

Happy Birthday Aunt Becky!

Uncle Checkers was really excited to stop by and see Bennett before he went to his Phi Mu Fall party.

Andrew was going to his party as the "Sham-Wow" guy. I spiked his hair for him while he fed Bennett.

P.S. Bennett has that dinosaur pj set at our house and at Nana's. He wasn't wearing the same set for 2 days!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Fun

We had a great time at the Gymboree Pumpkin Patch Party and Shine on Line. The Gymboree Party might have been intended for older kids, but we had fun anyway.

Bennett was doing the "spider crawl!"

I thought this picture was adorable!

These are the pictures from Shine on Line. Shine on Line is really fun. I try to go every year. It is in Betty Virginia Park and people from all over town carve and paint pumpkins and line them up at the park. There were probably 1,000 people there looking at the pumpkins!

Here is my favorite! I love the hamburger and fries pumpkin.

Bennett was non too happy about half way through the pumpkin shine. He had to stop and have a bottle.

Here are some pumpkins made to look like an elephant!

Here are Bennett's favorite pumpkins. These are from Ms. Horne's 3rd grade class. They are doing a Louisiana unit and each painted one to look like a Louisiana symbol. So cute!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday Funday

Whew! Sunday was such a busy day for us! Bennett got to stay with Nana and Grand-Machine on Saturday night. I know he had a wonderful time with his grandparents. I was so excited because they were bringing him back to Carolyn's baby shower and I was thrilled to see him. First, we had a Baby Shower for Carolyn, a 1 year old birthday party for Caroline, and the FUMC Fall Festival! We were wiped out when we got home. Here is our day in pictures:

Carolyn got some really cute things for her sweet miracle baby girl due in December.
I love this little gown.

Carolyn's niece loved being able to play with Bennett. She was so sweet to him. She would bring him his paci or his sippy cup. She even put this crown on his head!

Since the shower was in Lakewood, we stopped by my old manager's house for a quick visit. Bennett had fun crawling all over their house! Here are Don & Bennett.

Diane did not want me to take her picture. I had to for the blog though! We were so glad to be able to see them!

Next stop, Caroline's 1st birthday party! We were 45 minutes late but I guess no one noticed. There were like 45 kids there with their parents. They had a house full. She even had Heckles the clown! Bennett didn't really know what to think of Heckles! Mommy didn't either.

Caroline was really digging in to her cake! She looked adorable in her little poodle costume.

Last stop, FUMC Fall Fest. Here are Ginny and Elizabeth. Ginny and her husband, Drew are in our Sunday School class. We were excited to see them.
The Fall Fest was pretty cool. I think it was more for older kids though. They had ponies for the kids to ride, fall crafts, lots of blow-ups for them to play in, and tons of sweets! I think we will be able to enjoy it more next year. All in all it was a fun day with my baby boy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Parties!

Neil and I were so excited to get invited to 2 adult-only Halloween costume parties on Saturday night. We were the ever-so original Doctor/Nurse combination. I guess that's what happens when you get your costumes the night before the party.

Nikki and Jay had the BEST decorations EVER! Nikki can decorate for any holiday/season. She goes all out and makes everything fun.

Here is Beau, the pimp.

Here are the Hanna siblings. I think this would be a cute Christmas card for their parents! (ha!)

We slipped away from the Hanna's party and made our way to the Hickam's Boo and Brew. Erinn was Kate of Jon and Kate plus 8 and Julie Hickam was a cute little witch. Erinn's wig was hilarious so I had to get a picture of it! They also had a lot of cute decorations and fun costumes at their house.

We got back to the Hanna's for some more photo opportunities. This is me, Margaret (Little Red in the Hood!) and Sarah (a hunter).

Nikki and her mom painted this awesome party pic sheet. This is Neil and me in the "Hanna Shining" photo sheet.
Here are all of the boys in their costumes. Here are: Dr. Neil, Chris the Mexican, Matt (Burt Reynolds), Clay (the deer for his wife, Sarah (hunter) to shoot), Beau, and James Hanna.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Boy Carseat

Bennett is getting to be such a BIG boy! We moved him up to the next car seat but are still facing it backwards. He had a lot of fun trying it out this morning. We are so thankful to Nana and Grand-Machine for getting us this car seat for Neil's car and to Pops for getting one for my car! Bennett loves his new carseats!

He was so excited that Neil was getting it all together that he spit up all over it! I guess he knew it was his Big Boy Car seat!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Pictures Sneak Peek!

We went to Norton Art Gallery on Sunday to have a Christmas card photo taken. Julie Hickam does this really cool photo party where participants only have to pay $15 for a 15 minute session, a free 4x6, and 10% off anything you purchase. A bunch of us went on Sunday to partake in this great deal. Here is the photo that Julie put on Facebook. I think Bennett's face is ADORABLE! I tried to go for the brown and white winter look.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Supper Club

October Supper Club was a great laid-back time. The Montgomery's hosted a little Halloween get-together. All of the kids were supposed to wear their Halloween costumes. It was really cute to see all of them in their Halloween attire.

Here is a group shot of all the sweet babies. Some people didn't break out the costumes, some did. Here are Jake, Bennett, Shep, Mason, Mira, Caroline, and Maddie is crawling away.

Here are Bennett, Shep, Mason, Maddie, Mira, and Caroline. The best part about taking the picture is watching all the parents trying to line up the kids and trying to get their kids attention! After about 30 seconds they are all crying and done with pictures!

Shep was the star of the show. He was showing us all of his "Spidey" moves. His mommy said that she was hoping for 1 more year of a cute costume, but he was adamant on being Spiderman. It was hilarious to see him in his costume!!

I think Bennett loved his costume. He was upset here because I told him "No" because he kept taking Maddie's bow out of her hair.

He really did like it. He left his hat on while he played. He is the cutest scarecrow I have ever seen!
We had a fun time at the Montgomery's. I think next month, we are going to host with the Buteaus.
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