Sunday, September 22, 2019

Magical Unicorns T-ball

Sister said she really wanted to play t-ball!  We have several little sisters all around the same age who have been going out to Little League for years to watch their brothers and now it was their turn!  

Whew!  The Magical Unicorns were tough!  They were fierce!  And they won every game!  I think it'll be our last year to play as SK didn't really feel like it was her thing.  

As always, we were the best dressed team.  Pink jerseys, unicorn socks, and awesome custom unicorn hats.  First step: look good.

Here's our girl up to bat!

SK and Adley Kate

Look at that swing!

So cute!

Unicorn themed snacks for after the game: yes, please!

Lucy and SK

The hottest coach around: Neil!  He owned it!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Henry and year round swim

Henry "decided" to do year round swim.  By decided, I mean he hates swim the least and he needs exercise.  Henry would be content to play video games all day, but his whole demeanor changes once he finishes!  

This is his first meet with his Christus crew! 

Hudson and Henry

We love cheering you on, Henry!

Bennett's last grandparents day!

Bennett's last grandparents day was super fun!  All 4 grandparents came to celebrate with him!  Nana and Granddad even brought lunch to Henry and Sarah Kathryn.  What a special day!


Sunday, September 15, 2019

FUMC Women's Retreat

The weekend we've been planning for a year is finally here!  Our FUMC Women's Retreat!   This retreat was just what I needed to feel recharged and refreshed.  The theme was "rest" and boy did we get some rest in!  

I was honored to be on the planning team with some amazing people.  We had 2 missionaries fly in from Costa Rica and Romania to speak and pray and they really brought the word!  It was just so uplifting to be in their presence.

I got to arrive early to help "set the stage" and do a mic and music check.  A microphone is my love language.

Ashley (one of the most amazing godly people ever, Stefania (from Romania), me, and Sweet Yolanda from Costa Rica)

We put these on each lady's pillow before they arrived

We had lots of small group time and it was just so good to be together.

Look how sweet!  ladies able to relax and rest while looking at the lake

The breakfast at Pine Cove was out of this world!  I had to send this pic to my breakfast buddies because they know I'm an oatmeal junkie!

When Ashley and I started talking about the retreat-we both started praying that 20 ladies would want to join us.  We didn't tell each other this number until later and we ended up with 72 ladies!  We filled up the whole camp and we were just praying for 20!  God just worked it all out for us!

So happy to have my besties there!

Retreat team!

Girls from my Sunday school class: Emily, Crystal, Kay, Christy, Stacie, Brigette, me, Ashley, and Emily

Me with the fabulous Yolanda!

This is the song that was sort of the theme song for the weekend.  When I got in the car to leave-this was on!  Coincidence? I think not!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dad is 70!

We went on our annual dinner for Dad's birthday with his BFF Dwight.  (As I type this, Dwight passed away a couple weeks ago in March 2020-he will be missed.)

Neil and Bennett had baseball so the 3 of us went to celebrate at Bella Fresca!
We got Dad a custom made Smathers and Branson belt and he loves it!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Dad 's oFISHal 70th birthday party!

We had a super fun 70th birthday party for Dad.  We hosted it at his house because his house has away better party lay out and it just worked.  Dad loves to fish and loves fried fish so that was our theme!

His cake was a "favorite things" cake and had all of his favorites!  fishing, AA, root beer, travel, chick o' stick, reading, horses, ice cream, tea, golf, and dogs!  Such a fun cake!

Kids table of all things fishing bait and adorable cookies

Kroger made the flower arrangements and they were perfect!

Since dad has been in the paper business for 40 years we had custom notepads and fish pens for the favors.

Cousin Sue Sue and Dad

The best!  I couldn't have pulled off this party without them!

Pops and his favorite people

My best girl!

So glad Nana and Granddad came!

The best guests/helpers ever!

Cousin Abbie and Dad

I love taking pics of  people mid bite!  We love Jerry Hodge!

My brother was in charge of table decor

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Dad's 70th!  We had a great time!

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