Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Weekend

We had a lot of fun events this weekend. We went out to eat at Taco Bell for a fun family dinner on Friday. Taco Bell was one of the first places we took Bennett so we thought we should continue the tradition.

We started out on Saturday with Mason's 2nd birthday. Neil was a total trooper and took Bennett by himself! Henry and I stayed home and cleaned and baked these cake batter bars from one of my new favorite blogs.

My little helper...

I had a Piggies and Paws party over here from 2-5. It is a neat idea where you bring your child and have their hand or foot printed and the artist makes it into something. We are getting a Christmas tree out of Bennett's hand and a baby Jesus out of Henry's foot. I think they will be so cute to put out every Christmas.

Evie, Jake, and Henry

Henry hated having his toes painted!

We had another fun birthday party on Sunday. I can't believe that Brown and Briggs are 1! Henry was excited to go to his very first birthday party. He slept through the whole thing!

Mason and Bennett loved their cake!

Erinn had the cutest idea to serve milk in little glasses. Bennett loved drinking it with the cute straw.

Happy birthday B and B! Cutest 1 year olds know!

Pops got home from Chicago today. He was excited to come over and see the boys. He went to a Cubs game and brought back a couple souvenirs. Thanks, Pops! We were excited to get to see Carolyn's pictures of her beautiful new grandbaby and their Chicago pics.

He got me the cutest necklace from Anthropologie. It happened to be the same necklace that I gave the hostesses of my luncheon for Henry. Love it!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 week check-up

We had Henry's 2 week check up today and he is looking great!  He weighs 7lb 2 1/2 oz.  Glad he gained 2 oz!  We have to go back when he is 1 month old.  We are really loving our new doctor...she is so sweet and I never feel like she is rushing to get on to the next patient.  Henry is still eating every 3 hours around the clock!

I spend a lot of my day just staring at him and covering him with kisses!  He is such a sweetie!

I can't get enough of these sweet toes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Official First Day of Pre-School 2!

We finally had Bennett's first day of pre-school 2 today.  We have had several 1/2 days and a couple times where we stayed with him.  Today was the big day!  He was so excited to go to his new school.  I think Bennett was the most excited about his lunch box, though.  He loves his lunch box.  They are not allowed to have backpacks at school.  They are trying to teach them to pack their own bags so they must have tote bags with no zippers.  We are glad that I finally went and picked up the bag so that he didn't have to have a grocery sack!

Yippee!  So excited about school!

Jessica found the cutest printables and I just had to copy.  I love these Teacher Tidbits that she found.  Since I am now a Pinterest junkie...I found this adorable first day gift as well.  Too bad the teachers got these on the 2nd day of school because I just couldn't get everything done for the first day!

I thought this was such a cute idea! I just got them 1 bottle because I don't even know if they like rootbeer!

I picked Bennett up from his first day and I used the 3 pm carpool line.  This is my first time to use a carpool like.  This thing was INTENSE!  The cars were lined up for a mile down the road.  I accidentally got in the wrong line to pick up my pre-schooler.  I tried to wave a lady to see where I needed to be and she looked at me and then looked away like I was nothing!  I was shocked!  Luckily a nice lady let me over.  Bennett was so excited about his first day that he did not nap.  His teacher thought he was overtired and couldn't fall asleep.  She said that his first day was "wonderful!"

While Bennett was at school, Henry and I had a nice, relaxing day at home.  We even got to take naps!  It was so nice to be home alone with my new baby!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Fun

I don't want to jinx us, but Henry slept like a little angel last night! He would eat and then sleep in his bed until the next feeding! He did it 3 times! What a big boy! I hope this continues.

Neil took Bennett to school today. This was his first time to be dropped off without us there. Neil said that he was ready to jump out of the car when they pulled up and had a smile from ear to ear. He said "I love you, Daddy" and went on his way. My baby is growing up!

Janine and I got ready and headed to pick up Bennett. We arrived at school and I went in to get Bennett and his things. I haven't picked up his monogrammed tote bag from Jeannie's yet because his lunch box isn't ready. Well, I went to the wall where all the cute monogrammed bags were hanging next to the grocery sack with Bennett's name written in sharpie! Ha!

After we got Bennett, we headed to the school board to add Henry to insurance and to turn in my paperwork for extended leave. I am hoping and praying that they give me this leave...if not, I'll have to go back to work in October and I think that will just devastate me.

Henry had his first lunch date today. We met Dad, Carolyn, and Neil for lunch. We are excited for Carolyn because she leaves today to go meet her new grandbaby!

I officially need some "transition"clothes.  I only have 1 thing that fits...a cotton skirt!

Bennett had a very random lunch of fries dipped in whipped cream to tomatoes to lettuce.

Henry slept like a sweet boy during the entire lunch!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

1 week check-up

First, I just have to say that blogging from my phone is such a great way to pass the time while I'm nursing. The blogpress app makes it so easy!!!

Mom went with me to both mine and Henry's 1 week check-ups while Janine stayed with Bennett. The moms have been such a big help even when they may not know what to do!

Henry checked out great today! He is 7lbs 1/2oz (30%), 20 inches long (60%), and 34 cm head circumference (50%).

He did not love being weighed at all!

We are just loving our new doctor. She really made us feel like we could just talk to her without being rushed. I really appreciate that in a doctor.

First Outing

We went on our first outing to Henry's newborn portraits.  We used Melissa Stephens and I cannot wait to see what the pictures are going to look like.  She is amazing!  I really regretted not using her services for Bennett so I knew I wanted her for Henry.  I am hoping that we got a good family picture.  She used some adorable hats on him that I am so excited about.  Bennett was a little rambunctious.  His favorite part was when Neil let him "fly" like Super Grover in this fan she had.

New School Love

We are just loving Bennett's new school. He is loving it so much. We went today for a little teaser of what is to come. Each of the kids go to school one morning this week for 2 hours with their parent. They get dropped off for 2 hours for the first time on Friday without parents and their whole class will be there. The whole carpool line will be something new for us. You just tell the person getting your kid out who their teacher is and they take them to their class! Sweet!

He did a lot in the 2 hours we were there. He played while I filled out paperwork. He went to the potty, too! All the other kids were doing it so he did too! Gotta love peer pressure. We went outside to play and then came in for snack and more playing. All in all it was a great sort of first day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are settling in as a family of 4 at home.  It is really nice to be home.  I would say it is nice to sleep in my own  bed, but I haven't really had a night of sleep in there.  I have been spending a lot of time in the recliner in Henry's room.  I am SOOOOO glad that we bought a recliner instead of a regular glider.  It is not that cute, but it is so functional for all-nighters!

We got home on Saturday morning around 10:30.  I decided not to get dressed and showered at the hospital because we live literally 2 minutes from the hospital and I wanted to use my own shower.  Nana and Bennett were here to greet us.

Bennett was so excited to see his brother.  He loves holding him.

Big kiss!

We were excited that Gigi came over to meet Henry. 

Lewis family photo
4 generations of Lewis'.  Gigi, Richard, Neil, Bennett, and Henry

My brother even came in from New Orleans to meet Henry.  I was so glad that he made the long trip just for 1 day to meet his nephew!

Someone thinks that the nap nanny is his...

Sweet baby boy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Henry's first bath at home

Henry's first bath was pretty non-eventful but I want to document.  I pretty much just gave him a sponge bath on the counter while Neil took a few pictures.  He did NOT love it at all.  He screamed the entire time.  I think he would have like the warm water, but with his circumcision and navel...he cannot sit in water.  There is nothing sweeter than a clean baby in fresh pjs.  Oh, how I love that snugly smell of a just bathed baby!

Hospital Visitors!

We were so blessed by having lots of hospital guests.  I love when people some to visit at the hospital because it makes me feel so special.  And plus, I love showing off my new baby and have everyone dote all over him...what can I say?  I am proud!

Dad was there right away.  He even came to the hospital at 7am to bring donuts to  all the nurses.

This is 1 proud aunt!  We love Aunt Rebecca.

Can you tell that Nana is proud?  She loves her grandboys!  We were thankful that Janine and Richard came over on Wednesday night to keep Bennett while we went to the hospital.  They sure had their hands full!  They got to the hospital right after our magic hour.

Uncle Andrew flew in from Ohio just for Henry's birth.  so sweet!

Richard send this picture to one of his friends and his friend said "Lindsey sure looks a lot like Rebecca!"  And another one of his friends said "I didn't know Rebecca and Andrew had a baby!"  ha!

proud grandmothers.  Henry had to stay under the heat lamp for a little while to get his temp up.

Carolyn was so sweet to stop by after work!
Bennett arrived to meet his baby brother.  He was such a sweetie.  Andrew and Rebecca went and picked him up from daycare.

He was so sweet to his brother.  He was very concerned saying "awww, his belly button hurts." 

My boys.

An attempt at a family of 4 photo.  Bennett loves rubbing Henry's foot.

Take 2

It's tough getting a picture with 2 little ones.  I sure wish my feet and legs had been covered!

Aunt Catherine stopped by.

Me and Bennett

Bennett told Andrew "Be gentle with the baby."  and "He might bite you."

I made these cute favors for our guests.  I love the sweet/salty combo.  They are pretzels with cookies and cream kisses melted with a blue m&m on top.  Easy peasy.

Everyone got to witness his first bath.  Nana even recorded it on her camera.  

Grandmothers with a squeaky clean baby!

Amy was so great and took all of these pictures you have seen here.  Merideth even came over from Ruston to meet Henry!

Proud parents with our sweet Henry

Happy Birthday, Henry!  His cake was so cute!

Dr. Crittell came by to check him out all 3 days.  Luckily she was on call this weekend.


Casey and Evie stopped by for a minute.

Leslie came by to hold our sweet baby.

Dr. Tynes is so great!  Thanks so much for taking such great care of us!

Jared and Jay stopped by...Jay just had his first baby 2 days before!

Leslie, us, and Erinn
Proud Pops!

Nana, Grandad, and Neil had to take Bennett to his open house on Friday.  Amy came and brought me some lunch while they were gone.  Thanks, Amy! He loves his new school.

I was so glad that Carol got to come by and see us.

Bennett loved holding his new brother.  He was trying to talk to him and of course Henry was not saying anything back.  He said "I don't know how you talk!"

All dressed up and ready to go home.  Aunt Rebecca gave him this outfit.

Embarrassing photo of me.  Here we are leaving the hospital on Saturday morning.  The nurse told me later that I didn't need to be picking up the carseat for 2 weeks.  oops!

Beautiful flowers that Carolyn sent.

Dad and Michael sent these beauties.

Flowers from Neil's office.

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