Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Henry's Kindergarten picture

Our little Kindergarten graduate!  They said that we should wear a white shirt under, but of course I forgot so he wore navy.  Oops.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Henry got glasses!

Henry's teacher said he wasn't doing his work to the best of his ability.  She suggested we get his vision checked.  The Dr. said he needed glasses so we got them!  He looks so cute in them!

2 days later:

This is what happens when you leave your glasses on the floor of the garage!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colorful Colorado

Jill and Kenneth invited us up to their mountain home that is literally right next to the ski lift.  Like I've never seen something so fancy!   Thank you Jill and Kenneth for the invitation!

We were excited to snow ski for the first time.  I have never been and neither have the boys.  Neil had been snowboarding 2 time before and the last time he went was 18 years before.  

The 16 hour drive really wasn't bad at all since we left Sarah Kathryn at home.  So glad we did that!  It was such a an enjoyable trip for the 4 of us!

We arrived when it was dark so we didn't know the beautiful views we would see right from their porch the next morning.

This picture was taken from their porch the next morning.  It's so pretty and untouched!

Ready to go!

The loved sledding down the little hill.

Henry and Kate

I mean how gorgeous is this?

Bennett getting ready for his snowboarding school

I watched no less than 30 people BUST it getting off this left.  The 2 times I did it, my ski teacher told me just what to do so I didn't even fall!  I was so proud!

Henry LOVED the snow so much.

Loving a selfie

Snow tubing was so cool! and cold.

Mountain Man

Mountain Man again

Totally shredding!

Me and B!!

We went for a family hot chocolate one afternoon after ski school.

The kids ad so much fun for playing right off the porch.

Henry wanted to build a snowman the whole time. 

He picked out his sweet lego neck wrap!

This is the road out of the condo area!

This is SOOOOO MUCH FUN!  Can't wait to go back to Purgatory in June!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Bennett's Grandparents Day

Bennett had a great time showing off his classroom to his grandparents!  They went to the book fair and played a little grandparent game in class.

Cadillac Ranch

We were invited on the trip of a lifetime to Colorado by Jill and Kenneth the day before we were to leave!  We said YES and got everything we needed in one day, packed, and loaded up the car.  Thank God for good friends!  Thankful for Leighann who had EVERYTHING we needed to take 4 of us snow skiing.  Thanks to Catherine for loaning me your pants and gear, too!

Our first stop was Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX.  I hadn't been there since High school!  So excited to take the boys.  A man had a new can of spray paint that he let us use after he was finished.  We will have to be sure to bring our own next time.

Henry is hidden in there

It was so windy and FREEZING!

Bennett and Henry's names look good on there!

I had to brand my business name on there, too.  The Festive Favor!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day was a little bit different this year.  Since Carolyn's funeral was 2 days before, Neil was out of town for work, Uncle Frank was in town, we did things a little bit differently.

I still made our regular Valentine's breakfast of heart pancakes, sprinkles, and pink yogurt.

oh yeah!

All 3 cuties ready for school.  The boys got to wear "valentine's" shirts and jeans.  I found a video game heart and a baseball heart for the boys and they were pumped!
It was Valentine's Date with Dad at school and since Neil was out of town me, Mom, and FMJ went!  My brother LOVED being at the school!  He even helped with the after school club.

We went to dinner at Frank's for a Valentine's Day date with Pops!  We had fun!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Uncle Frank came to town!

Uncle Frank came to town for reasons that weren't happy.  He came to town because our sweet Carolyn passed away unexpectedly.  It was so sad and we miss her so much!

Thankfully, my brother, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Mike were able to come to town to support Dad.   
Lunch with Dad!

The kids loved having him in town!

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