Sunday, May 30, 2010

AC Steere

Today was such a nice day. We went to Sunday School and church. Bennett fell asleep on the way home. He was worn out. He ended up taking a 3 1/2 hour nap! Neil and I ended up falling asleep, too. It was so nice. I don't remember the last time I took a nap. After we were all up from our naps we headed to AC Steere Park. They have a really fun splash park. Bennett was a little nervous to go play in the water at first. He needed to warm up on the slides first.

Look at that water!

Once he finally went to the water...we couldn't drag him away.

I think we will have to go to the splash park a lot this Summer.

A little girl came went up to Bennett and said "Hey Bennett." We thought she heard us calling his name, but she recognized him from daycare. Her sister is in his class.
Lynsie and John came over for a visit after our big day at the park. So glad y'all came to play.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Saturday

We went out to Neil's Aunt Catherine and Uncle Green's house for Memorial Day Saturday. Neil's entire family minus the Thiers were in town. It was fun to see everyone. I, of course took a thousand pictures.

Bennett went to spend the night in Ruston of Friday night. They got out to the lake earlier than us so I was really excited to see Bennett. I put him right in the pool with me! He was pretty clingy to me in the water. I hope he starts loving the water. We start swim lessons on Wednesday.

I thought this picture turned out so awesome with the water in the back. This is sweet Cameron Temple.

Here's Aunt Becky looking so excited.

Here's Uncle Jack and his nephew, Hunter.

Here are Bennett, William, Elizabeth, Hannah, Cameron, and Connor. These kids can put away some goldfish!

Here's Green being macho.

Billy and Missy Lewis

Andrew, Bennett, Gigi, and Elizabeth

Nana and Bennett

Gigi and Bennett

Billy and Gigi (they have the same birthday!)

Bennett was loving playing EVERYWHERE all over the place.

Jack, David, and Hunter
Emily, Kelley (due with #2 in July), and Hannah

Family photo. I love a good family photo.

Here's Virginia with baby Clara Yates. Clara is her newest niece.

Here is Virginia's baby Mary Claire. She is only 3 months old. Sweet little thing.

Here's the Yates family.

Cameron, Isabella, and Bennett were having a great time playing.

Happy Birthday Mom/Gammy!

My mom turned 54 on May 29th! What a great birthday she had! Since I was off early on Friday, I picked up my boy and headed to visit my mom at work. She had already received a bouquet of flowers and balloons. How sweet. Of course, she needed a picture with the most adorable boy.

We played around her office for a little bit. This included Bennett running up and down the halls to her. Gammy loves her boy!

We didn't get to see Gammy on her actual birthday because she was having a day of beauty at Spa Concepts. I must take after my mom because we love to be pampered!

On Memorial Day Monday, we met her at Strawn's for some birthday breakfast. I made a German Chocolate Cake. It didn't look too appetizing, but it tasted good. Here is my mom reading the cards I gave her. I was cleaning out some old cards last week and found birthday cards that she had given me on my 19th and 22nd birthdays. I gave them back to her for her birthday. If you are reading this and your birthday is coming up...I am probably giving you a card you gave me long ago pretty soon!

She was a little confused because it said "Daughter Birthday" on it.

Mom, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I love you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

School's Out!

Friday had to be one of the best days ever. I had the best feeling all day long just knowing that it was the end of school. It was fabulous. I did have a lot of highlights and lowlights from this school year. Here are a few:

-Feeling like I actually taught some kids some stuff
-Having students come up to me at the end of school giving me hugs and telling me they will miss me
-Having students that I didn't teach anymore come and visit me
-Receiving a homemade picture from Kiara that said "Let Love Fly...I love you Mrs. Lewis and I will miss you. Remember that teachers have the best jobs you inspire and change lives."
-Having Nisha giving me all 4 poses of her senior pictures

-Being yelled at every day by 17 year old freshman
-Being threatened to be hit by a student
-Tons of paperwork and more paperwork
-Classroom management
-Taking a class each quarter while teaching and taking care of a 1 year old

I guess I really did have more highlights than lowlights. It was just a really tough year learning a totally new job with absolutely no training. I think that teaching is the only job where they stick someone in a classroom with no training and tells them to teach other people. It has been a challenging year. Everyone has told me that the 2nd year is a lot easier. We shall see.

After my last day, I went and got Bennett and we headed out to the bowling alley. Neil was having a little work event out there and they all wanted to see Bennett.

Here are Uncle Checkers and Bennett

Bennett was a little mad that he could not lift the bowling ball. He thinks that he can do anything.

Go Neil!

Yay! I love bowling.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I got a call from the day care yesterday and today telling me that Bennett was scratched by another kid. I guess he is just getting attacked. What can I say? He is a lover not a fighter. We went for a walk yesterday and then did a little playing in the yard. He loves to be outside! He threw the biggest fit when we had to go inside because we were getting eaten up by mosquitoes!

Poor little scratched face. My sweet boy.

Oh and 3 Little Monkey's clothing line is going wholesale. They had a huge sale and a friend went and bought everything in Bennett's size for me. We got about 10 outfits for $50! Oh yea! I just love a deal. This is one of the outfits:

Of course Bennett wanted to play in the only place in our yard without grass. We just can't get it to grow there. He loves dirt and sticks.

Anytime we go out in the yard he finds a stick. He can always spot them.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Messy Eater

I these pictures speak for themselves.

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