Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring Bash and Artbreak

Our end of year celebration at St. Paul's has lots of fun rotations including washing a firetruck, eating sno-cones, and a fun picnic at the end!

Sarah Kathryn LOVES Camilla!  She hugs her way too hard that is practically chokes her.  We really have to work on that.

Sarah Kathryn and Frances sitting on my Sigma Kappa t-shirt quilt!  

Nana and Granddad came to town on Sunday to see the boys' art at Artbreak!  What a fun celebration of student art.  This was our first time to have art at Artbreak so we brought the whole family to see it on display!

Friends sent me this from Artbreak since I had to miss his field trip
Thank you friends!

Henry was excited to see his art.  He did the same pose as he was in his picture.

Bennett and Nana with his "hornet."

Henry wouldn't get in this pic.

Sister made a hat and this pool noodle art!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Beignets and Brew

We've been planning Beignets and Brew for months.  Amy and Daniel are adopting a baby and we've had this Louisiana themed event in the works for a long time.  We planned it at Red River Brewing and I got to be in charge of the decorations!  The fellas fried up the beignets all afternoon while the ladies got everything decorated and ready.

Amy and Daniel have to raise a lot of money to be able to adopt so if you feel led to buy a shirt to help this cause go to the link HERE. It is a wonderful way to help them grow their family!! Can't wait to see them as parents because they will be the best!

Image may contain: outdoor
Merideth and Jerae did the cutest sign out front!

I did each table in a different Louisiana theme.  I was able to borrow stuff from so many people to make these tables a reality. They turned out so darn cute!  Catherine took all the pictures!
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Crawfish boil table

Image may contain: table
Mardi Gras table
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
LSU Table

Image may contain: table and food
Just the Louisiana table including tabasco, oysters, shotgun shells, magnolias, and moss!

Image may contain: 2 people, including Amy Horne Williams, people smiling
Tech table

Family pic in our shirts.  I couldn't find Bennett's shirt anywhere.  

These 3 cuties in their purple Bless this Bayou shirts!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sarah Kathryn is 4!

How on earth is our sweetest girl already 4 years old?  I mean wow!  Time has just flown by!

This girl loves to celebrate!  She loves to celebrate any person's birthday...not just her own.  She is so full of life and personality.  She loves animals so much.  Any animal.  She wants to hug every dog she sees.  

This girl loves spaghetti, candy, fruit snacks, fruit, and milk. She is a good little eater!

She is a good sister and friend!  She LOVES getting together with friends for play dates. In fact, she makes plans with friends at church and school to go over to people's houses! :)

She loves to sing, dance, and perform.  She loves a microphone and a stage.  She loves church school, too!

We went to the donut store for birthday breakfast since the boys were out of town.

YAY for 4!

We went to brunch after church at La Madeleine!

We had to wait for the boys to get home to open presents!  Love this wrapping paper!

The boys got home to help with the presents!

Wow!  An Ariel mermaid that swims!

She received some glitter light up boots, too!
 Our girl got to celebrate her birthday the day after her actual birthday at school.  Pre-school birthdays are VERY important!
She got to carry the flag and got a big hug from Camilla

Mom and Dad got to go to chapel to celebrate our best girl!

This girl is 4!

I am 4!

Loving chapel:)

She wanted purple donuts and she pick out the shell plates and the napkins.  She can't read, but the napkins say "Let's SHELL-abrate!"

Sweet little friends!

She wanted me to make a pink and purple cake!

Bennett covering Henry's mouth! :)

Now everyone is in on it!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

2018 Father/Son Canoe Trip

Neil and Richard took the boys on their 4th canoe trip on the same weekend as the Fairfield Auction AND Sarah Kathryn's birthday!  But, the canoe trip is a "HAVE TO." They have to do this.  It is such a memorable trip with their dad, granddad, brother, and friends.  They still join in with the Ruston crew who has been going for 23 years.  But, Neil has grown this group from just Bennett and him to over 40 people from Shreveport.  Way to go, Neil!

These are some cute boys!
Henry and Michael on their hike.

Bennett canoeing

Finally a group pic and Poor Bennett had smashed his finger!  

I BEG for pictures.  I mean BEEEEGGGGGG!  This is what I got and I was happy to get it.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

PTA All Day

I have so enjoyed my tenure as PTA president at the boys' school this year.  It is a lot of work, but it so rewarding!  Most all of us on PTA want the best for our kids and school so working together is how we get it done for the kids!  

Here we are accepting a PTA membership award at the District PTA Meeting.

All of our awards with our big winner, Mrs. Middleton!
We were able to sponsor a lunch at Atkins Elementary because they don't have a PTA.

We had our first ever Adult Auction night and these 4 ladies knocked it out of the park!  This event was the same day as the Father/Son canoe trip so I went solo!

so many auction items!

Our fabulous families donated the desserts

Look at all these items!

We also had a Disney raffle where we made $12,500 in profit! And that's after paying for the $4,500 trip! I had a such great year as PTA president I am going to do it for one more year! But, that is it!!

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