Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Parties Galore!

My boys had school Halloween parties at school today.  I decided I would take off today to get their shots and just toss in some Halloween parties before the medical appointment.  If you are close to me you have heard me say this...  I also decided that I will never look back on Halloween 2012 and say "I wish I would have worked."  I am taking Erinn's motto..."Family First" and running with it. I know that I will never regret being with my boys on their special days.  I loved being there at their schools with them today.

Henry had 2 parties today.  They went "trick-or-treating" around the offices at 9 and then had a little party in the lunch room at 2.  The party consisted of chips, cookies, muffins, and juice in a regular big boy cup!  He ate every bit of his food.  I was shocked that he could drink out of a regular cup!!!  I mean he is only 14 months old!  No sippie cups or pacis at school for Henry.

 After Henry's party, it was time to head to Bennett's school.  His teacher made cute little spider hand-print t-shirts for each kid to wear to the party.  We had a piƱata and other fun goodies.  Maddie gave each child an orange tie-dyed t-shirt.  Luckily we know her mom so she made one for Henry too!
Pinata time...Me & big boy, Bennett, and then John and Bennett

Bennett's adorable class

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Delightful Denver

After school on Friday, we headed to Dallas to catch our flight to Denver.  It was a whirlwind of a day getting ready for a sub and getting out of town on the same day.

We went to see our good friends, the Montgomery's and to catch the Saints vs. Broncos game at Mile High Stadium.  One of the things Neil really wants to do is to go see every pro football stadium.  We can cross another off our list.  We have been to 3...only like 29 more to go!

Our flight was bright and early and we were up by 4 am!  I do not enjoy waking up that early, but I can usually fall asleep on the plane.  Neil can NEVER sleep on public transportation.  He gets annoyed that I can fall asleep before the plane even takes off.  

up and at 'em!

We arrived in Denver and it was absolutely beautiful!  Matthew picked us up from the airport and we headed to breakfast.  After breakfast and a quick change of clothes we headed to the train station to head to downtown Denver.

I had to get a picture with sweet Mason next to "Snowy."  I  miss seeing  his sweet self all the time!

Neil taking one of his "artsy" photos

Neil and Beau

Leigh, Casey, me, and Matthew

More to come about our Downtown Denver experience.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

School Carnival

Bennett had his school carnival last week.  This carnival was the biggest school carnival I have ever seen.  I think they must have raised a fortune.  Everything we did with the carnival was huge.  They had every inflatable imaginable, a little train for the kids, catering from Outback, and much, much more!  The gym was filled with carnival games, a clown, and a cake walk.  I could talk about this thing for days!  It was a totally family filled event.

I was able to get Bennett right at 3 so that he would have someone there.  Neil got Henry and met us later.  We were excited to have GGB walk around with us for a few minutes.  Bennett keeps asking if Georgia can be his wife??  He is a sweetie.
G and B digging in the corn for treasures

Bennett with the pumpkin contest entry: "Mrs. Rose's K-3 Kritters"

Bennett loved the stripes in his hair

Pops and Carolyn even stopped by for a few minutes

Bennett loved the sports games

Bennett with Neil and Trey.  They dad's did a great job working on the "rocky mountain" inflatable.  The fire marshal
came in and shut it down for an hour due to not having it checked out ahead of time.

I just realized that I do not have 1 picture of Henry from the event.  I think Erinn took one of him in the train with me so I will post that later.

 Can't wait for next year's carnival!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Costume Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak-peek of our little Spiderman and Baby Spider.  Bennett loves his costume and wants to wear it daily.  Henry tolerates his costume and even leaves the head piece on.  

Henry the Spider

Here is the best picture of the 2 of them!

"Ahhhhhhh!  Leave me alone!"

Bennett is shooting his webs!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

LA Tech vs. Texas A&M

The Tech/A&M game was held in Shreveport last weekend.  It was an 8 o'clock game so the boys and I just tailgated.  Tech did not pull off a win, but it was sure close.  There were tons of people there and it was a great family day.

Beau and Chris made a huge tailgate with jambalaya and gumbo that was delicious.  Beau doesn't do anything unless it is over the top so we had tents, TVs, and food galore.  The weather was so nice and the kids had a blast.  

Bennett really wanted me to kick the football so he could hold it

family shot

Amy and Henry

cute photo op

The babies that are SO BIG now. Jake, Lennon, and Henry (they've been friends since birth)

Georgia and Bennett on their "stage"

Leslie, me, and Lindsey in front of the Sigma Kappa letters!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Feeling like Fall

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All the Grandparents

I know I've typed it a million times, but our boys are so lucky.  They have all four grandparents within 1 hour of them.  I love when we have days where they see all of their grandparents in one day.  It makes it a special "rainbow" day! A "rainbow" day is when you just feel God's presence and you just know it is there.  Those are some great days.

We were so thankful that Nana was with us this weekend.  While Neil and I went to Sunday school on Sunday morning, they kept the boys.  Henry was napping and Bennett was playing so we thought they would have an easy time.  

We received texts during Sunday school that said "Scoop on the Poop Part Deaux!"  Whew.  We knew from that text that we avoided something huge!  When we got home we found out that Henry had destroyed his body, bed, and everything else with an exploded diaper!  Nana said that he had it from head to toe, in his hair, and all over his face.  She said that Rebecca and Richard were just staring at everything and gagging.  Nana cleaned up EVERYTHING alone!  Thank you so much, Nana!  She washed clothes, sterilized the bed, bathtub, and Henry.  We appreciate you so much!

(there are no pictures of the debacle!...Nana ran under the radar of the camera...she must have still been cleaning!)

Nana and Grandad came in and stayed with us for the Tech game.  Grandad and Nana wanted to make sure Bennett got to carve a pumpkin with them before Richard leaves on his 6 week sailing expedition.  So, after lunch and family pictures, we headed to the pumpkin patch.  Nana, Grandad, and Bennett picked out 3 great pumpkins.   

Bennett thought the guts in the pumpkin were "gross!"

It's fun to carve pumpkins with Grandad!
Gammy came over to eat and play

And Pops even stopped by for a quick visit!

I am so glad that we live so close to our relatives.  It is a mighty special thing to get to see all 4 of your grandparents in 1 day!

Monday, October 15, 2012


One of my favorite Shreveport events in the fall is the Red River Revel.  It is the largest outdoor arts festival in North Louisiana.  It is a great one.  Sometimes it just feels like "Revel weather." Native Shreveporters know what I am talking about!

We headed down to the Revel after I picked up the boys from school.  We did face painting, ate some delicious festival food, and even shopped for groceries.  The highlight was when Bennett got called up on stage to help a juggler!  He was ecstatic!

Bennett chose a skull and crossbones and a pumpkin.

Beautiful H just watched from the sidelines

So...Bennett's debut on the Revel stage was a hit. I had tears in my eyes from smiling and laughing so much.  I am just a proud mama!  He did a great job.  The guy called him up and Bennett said "I don't know how to juggle."  That was OK because he was going to have a ball spin on his finger while making a plate spin on a stick in his other hand!

Getting his finger ready for the ball

The plate is spinning on the stick just ready for the ball on the other hand

I didn't get a picture of both because they fell, but he did a great job!  He loved when the audience was screaming out "Go Bennett!"  They cheered for him and he jumped up and down..oh he was proud!  He received a balloon animal for helping.
Next, it was time for my favorite, grocery shopping!  They have a miniature Brookshire's set up for the kids to grocery shop. Cutest thing ever.
He only had 5 things on his list...but he bought a whole basket full...I wonder where he gets that?

Neil met us at the Revel after work and joined us for dinner.  It is amazing to me what people can cook up in a tent with a hot plate and a microwave.  I was glad we saw the Pipkin family as we were leaving because Nancy snapped this family photo of us!

Happy Revelers!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


My dad has been talking about the new dog he was going to get for about 8 months.  All along he has said that he wanted Bennett to name him.  Well, meet Skittles. 

Bennett originally wanted to name him Blue Skittle, but Skittles is what stuck.  We think it is just hilarious to hear my dad yell "Skittles" at his dog.  They are like 2 peas in a pod.  They are really loving each other.

After we went and picked out pumpkins, we headed to the park to watch Skittles swim.  My dad has been wanting to show the boys how Skittles can swim for a while now.

Dad in his waders with Skittles swimming

Bennett was super impressed!


Bill and Skittles Jones

Henry was such a trooper.  He sat in the car and ate teddy grahams and watched Skittles run around.
I know he has cookies in his mouth...but I love this beautiful face!

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