Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had one action-packed weekend! It all started on Saturday when Mom and I went to some garage sales! It was so much fun trying to race around and find deals. We found some really fun stuff. I bought 4 fake pumpkins for $4! They were marked at $4 a piece and asked if I could get them all for $4 and she said yes! We got this little sailboat smocked outfit for $1 and this brand new Praise Baby DVD for $1. The little outfit was $5 and since it had a stain I got it for $1. That stain was nothing a little OxyClean couldn't handle! Looks like new!

Next, we went to Jack Thomas's 2nd birthday party at Gymboree! It was a blast! I think Bennett's 2nd birthday party will be here too. It was great for kids of all ages. His cake was precious!

We love the Budziszewski's! Happy Birthday Jack Thomas!!

After the party, we came home and I put the finishing touches on my Caramel Cookie Cups. They look better than they taste. I was going to post the recipe on my recipe blog, but they weren't the best! I added some home made cream cheese frosting and heath bar chips to make them more appealing. We took these over to Derek's house for our Sunday School get-together. We had fun playing All in the Family and eating. It was great to be with our Sunday School friends in a social setting. I was going to take pictures, but forgot to get out my camera!

Sunday, we went to Sunday School and then the contemporary service. I really enjoyed the service. I loved the music and the sermon. Derek preached the sermon at the contemporary service today. After church, Mom came over and we all had turkey sandwiches while Bennett slept. While he was napping, we went to Michael's to sign up for cake decorating class! We are so excited! We start class on July 6th. We are going to be some fondant and gum paste making pros before we know it!

Today around 3 we went to EastRidge with the Montgomery's. They were so sweet to invite us and the Buteaus. It was fun lounging around in the pool and hanging out with our babies. (Erinn took the picture so that's why she isn't in it!...I wish you were in it!)

I think Bennett had a long weekend. This is what he looked like after our busy day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live-Master Bedrooms

Here is our master bedroom. We got the bed last year after we "grew out" of our queen sized bed. Emme made the pillows in here too. The picture above our bed is from when we went to St. Maarten. Neil and I took a lot of pictures of the sunset and it is a progression of that. We are really proud of our photographic talents!
Sidenote...we each have a fan on our bed side tables. I have to have a fan blowing on my face no matter where I am or it is tough for him to sleep!

This is in front of our bed and our TV is in here. I didn't open it because it is sort of boring! That door on the left is to our bathroom.
This is my dresser in between our two closets. We had to move it in here when we got rid of the guestroom furniture. I see that I need to move it more in the middle. It is crooked! I got this vinyl decal of our monogram from an etsy seller. Let's just say that Neil doesn't love it as much as I do!
Here is Neil's dresser from the side. I couldn't take it from the other way because our bed would take up the whole photo!

Can't wait to see all of the other master bedrooms at Kelly's Korner!

Local Celebrity

If you aren't into a mom bragging...Don't read this!!!

Anyway, Bennett was published in the newspaper for the first time. I think it was mainly due to the fact that I sent his pictures in to the "SouthEast Voices" lady. Anyway, I was so darn excited when Erinn called to tell me that Bennett and the Supper Club babies were in it! Here are the pictures that I submitted:

Yesterday on my way to Ruston, Barnes portraits called me to let me know that Bennett won 3rd place in the "Most Photogenic Baby" contest for the Ruston Peach Festival. Let me just say that I called 10 people in about 3 seconds to tell them! I am so excited and proud!

Here are the other contestants:
And here is 3rd place! I think he should have won 1st, but I think I am a little partial! haha!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Since we didn't get home until 2 pm on Father's Day, I was a little unprepared. Luckily, my mom had roast sitting on top of our stove that she had cooking all day! I made broccoli, rice and cornbread to go with the roast. Dad came over and we had a nice relaxing Father's Day dinner.

We even had something I like to call "Father's Day Sundaes!" This is just a brownie with ice cream and a little sign that says "Happy Father's Day" sticking out of it!

You may not know this, but Bennett sits on his bumbo on the table while we eat. He loves to sit and watch us. We even grab his hand when we pray before our meals. He is the best baby in the world.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Annual Couples Trip

This is our 5th year to take this trip. We usually go to the beach, but I didn't want to be too far from my sweet baby and one of our couples is having their first baby in 3 short weeks! This year we opted for Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR. This the first picture we took on one of our pit stops on the way to Hot Springs. I don't think the guy who took the picture was a professional photographer. Little did we know that this picture was the first of our problems!

Here is the picture of the guys after they had been trying to put the boat in the water and change a flat tire on the car. The girls just stayed back at the house and talked while we waited to take our evening cruise. After 2 hours, they finally called to tell us what was happening! I just thought they got lost on the lake while they were looking for the house! Ha! They called Onstar and came back all greasy and sweaty. We had hotdogs and played a round of Pop 5. I can't remember, but I think the girls won!

So, the next morning the boat starts! We were so excited. This is one of the only pictures I took on the lake on Friday. After we had a wonderful time floating around in the lake, we got back in the boat to go have some lunch. I think the boat had other plans. The ignition went through the dashboard. This is Neil underneath trying to fix it.

Here's me and Marge at Does. We were waiting on what to do next! The boys ended up taking a cab to the house to get our cars to come back for us.

After we got back to the house, we lounged around in the lake. The house was on this cute little canal on Lake Hamilton. Here is a picture of Jared, Jay, Katie, and me. Katie always looks so cute!

On Friday night, we cooked dinner and celebrated Nikki's 31st birthday! Marge made the cutest cake for Nikki. It is a picture of their dog, Humphrey.

After dinner, we played putt-putt. The girls drew a guy's name out of a jar to decide your partner. Here are the 3rd place team. I was with Jay (Also 3rd place), Katie was with Chris (2nd) and Margaret and Jared were the winning team! The picture of me and my teammate is not too flattering of me so I had to leave it out!
Here are all the golfers. We took one like this on our very first trip. We missed the Raines so much!!

Here is a picture of me and Neil in the Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf stocks.

Here is day 2 on the lake. We ended up renting a really nice party barge on Lake Ouachita since our boat was out of commission. It turned out to be awesome! The Bevilles had to leave early, but we think they would have loved this!

This is Neil and me jumping off. It was so much fun!
We got really excited to jump off the top and take pictures. I took about 15 pictures of all of us!

After this picture, I was going to go put my camera back on the boat. The lens was getting a little foggy here. Well, right after I decided to put it up...It fell in the water! Nooooo!

I was able to take this picture when we got home. I missed this boy so much. I really wanted to come home yesterday! I made it through though and got to see him today! Sweetest boy in the world!

All in all we had a wonderful time. We always have a great time with this group. Can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Bennett is so sweet! He loves to give kisses!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

6 months...

6 months old comes with a lot of new things! Yesterday we went to our first Gymboree Level 2 class. I think this is where I will get the "Worst Mother of the Year" award. I was so excited that Bennett got to sit on the fun new things and see everything. Well, I was taking lots of pictures and he fell face forward twice! And if that wasn't enough...I put him on the little mini slide and he fell and bumped his head on that too! I don't know if Level 2 is cut out for the photographer in me! I had to make myself put the camera down and just hold on to him!

He stared at this really big Gymbo for a while. He was fascinated by him.

Mommy and Bennett in the red tube.

Look how fun all the things are! Pretty soon he will be crawling through this! Right after this picture, he fell face forward. I just had to pass the camera off to someone else!
This is called "Baby Soccer." Each parent holds the baby and the babies "kick" the balls to each other. This is a total workout for Mommy!

After Gymboree, we went to Mid-City and had Bennett's 6 month shots. Boo. It just gets worse and worse each time. I can't stand it! He was so happy and excited...poor thing..he had no idea what was coming. I do have one favorite thing about Mid-City...the dum dum suckers!! Our fav is mango.

Bennett checked out perfectly! I just knew he was going to weigh 20 pounds...our boy loves to eat! Here are his stats:

Height: 25 inches (10th percentile)
Weight: 16.15 lbs (48th percentile)
Head: 17 (25th percentile)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live-Bathrooms

This week on the home tour is bathrooms...or my least favorite rooms in our house. We just have bad tile jobs and old plumbing. But least we have a place to shower!

Here is our hall bathroom. I made the cornice board over the window. You can do wonders with a staple gun! The fabric is the same at the shower curtain. Emme made the shower curtain. She is the best seamstress around!

Welcome to our only room with wallpaper. It came with the house. This is where I put on my make-up and do my hair everyday. I keep all of my jewelry in the middle drawer.
This is the vanity. I really do like this. It came with the house. I think it gives the bathroom an updated look especiall with that 50's tile!

Here is the master bathroom. I thought I had another picture of it, but I guess I didn't take one. It has a stall shower. Neil is the only person that uses this shower. I like to have a bathtub!
Thanks for stopping by our bathrooms! Head on over to Kelly's Korner to check out the other bathrooms!
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