Saturday, May 31, 2014

T-ball party

Bennett totally loved t-ball.  We had a party at Acrosports to celebrate a "winning" season.  The trophies were the biggest hit with the boys.  Since all the siblings attended all the games, they attended the party too!  Poor Henry and Jake thought they were going to receive trophies when they passed them out.  

Leigh was so sweet to hold SK so I could get some action shots of the boys 
Henry loves to hang with the big kids 

The rope swing was a ton of fun.  Made this mama nervous.

Pizza and cookie cake to celebrate!

Bennett and Coach Bud

the cute little team minus a few

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day at the zoo

Since we all got to be together for Memorial Day, we decided to head to the zoo.  Neil needed to work a half day so he went to work from 6am-10am so that we'd have time to go.  We even stopped in Longview at my favorite, Taco Bueno for lunch! mmmmmmmmm.

Henry was up at 6 am so he fell asleep as we entered Longview.  He also selected rain boots to go with his outfit.  Love him so much!

We headed straight to the petting zoo and the bathrooms when we arrived.  We were so proud that Henry had NO accidents the whole time at the zoo.  What a big boy!  Bennett really loved the zoo map.  He carried it around the entire time and showed us where to go.  He did not want to waste too much time at each animal.  Once he saw the animal, he was ready to move along to the next one on the map.

All my people checking out the giraffes, elephants, and zebras

a family shot in front of the giraffe

Henry is standing in the elephant footprint

Henry really liked looking at the animals for a while.  One of these turtles peed and it looked like milk and Henry said "that turtle spilled some milk!" haahahahaha!  He loved asking questions and checking out all the animals. 

One of our favorite spots was the wild bird area.  You were able to buy a feed stick and feed the birds.  The boys LOVED this!  They each wanted their own bird, but would scare them away with their abrupt movements.  It was fun!
Here is Bennett with his map!

Some highlights:

  • The kids were on their best behavior at the zoo.  They were just perfect and we couldn't have asked for it to go more smmothly.  Also, Sarah Kathryn was so sweet!  She just rode along and ate her bottle when she was hungry!
  • We loved that any bird that flew by like a robin or sparrow the boys would be like "wow, a bird!" (like it was an animal living at the zoo)  Henry would be next to a cage of 10 wild animals and would stare at a housefly on the sign and talk about it! ha!
  • We loved being together!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Sports are OVER

Bennett finished his t-ball this week and Henry finished his soccer this weekend.  We've had a fun couple of sports-filled months.  The boys really love participating so we will be back again next season with more!  Here are some pictures of their last games.

Bennett has really thrived this season. He absolutely loves being on the field and on the team. He loves Coach Bud too!  Bud is so patient with each kid. I really don't know how he's done this the last 3 months. He is great with the kids.

Bennett always had a great cheering section. He's had grandparents, aunt, uncle, and friends come watch!

Henry has really done well with soccer shots.  He didn't really do it at first, but now he is really into it. He even sort of listens to the coach!  He likes dribbling the ball and is actually pretty good at controlling it. He loves to score goals and play with the cones. The playground at the park is sort of a distraction especially when Bennett is playing on it.  We really wanted to make sure soccer was all about Henry since Bennett has gotten to do so much. Bennett really cheers him on and it's so sweet to watch!  Thanks to Pops for coming to every soccer! Gammy got to attend a couple and so did Uncle Frank!

Bennett took lots of pictures at soccer. This was one he took! We have lots of the other dads, grass, birds, squirrels, and ants. My little photographer!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

7 years!

Neil and I have been married for SEVEN years! It's been a great 7 years. We've had ups and downs and lots of happiness. This past year with being pregnant and Neil being in Tulsa was probably the hardest so far but I really feel that it made us so much stronger.  We missed each other so much and are so glad to all be back together.

In seven years, we've had 3 sweet babies that have totally rocked our worlds for the better.  We come a long way from those fun nights at Rabb's in 2003. Can't believe we've been together for 11 years!  1/3 of our lives have been with each other and I just love that.

Our engagement picture...

This oldie makes us look sooooo young!

Here we are at our anniversary dinner. Mom kept the boys so we could go. I'm thankful for our parents who want us to have date nights and trips together. They make it easy to leave the kids because we know they are in good hands.  I'm not ready to leave my sweet baby girl just yet. I wanted to cover up my fat with a sticker but this is what I look like so might as well leave it.

We are entering a new chapter in our lives because we are trying to downsize homes and get more focused on family. I'm so excited about this new chapter. We can't get this precious years back with our kids and we are ready to savor every minute! 

Happy SEVEN years, Neil! Can't wait for 77 more!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sarah Kathryn is ONE month old!

Sarah Kathryn is ONE month old today!  This month has really flown by.  I still look at you everyday with overwhelming joy.  I just worried the entire pregnancy so having you here with us is wonderful!  
(Borrowed all this from Casey's blog)

Doctor appointment:  We went today!
Weight: 8 lbs 11 ounces   50th percentile
Height: 21.5 inches   75th percentile
Head: 14.5    60th percentile

Clothes: You wear size 1 fact you came home from the hospital in size 1 because you are such a big girl.  We had a pack of new born diapers open so we used them, but you are in a 1.  We go through about 20 diapers a day due to your constant pooping!  It is starting to taper off now that you are a month old.  You wear mostly 0-3 month or 3 month clothes. The newborn stuff fits, but is small on you.

Eating:  You eat 15 minutes on each side about 8 times a day.   We started giving you a 2 ounce bottle a few days ago after your last feeding because you just weren't satisfied.  It is helping you sleep.  I decided today that I will stop breast-feeding TODAY!  When you weren't back to your birth weight until today and you are pretty fussy even after was time to throw in the towel.  Hopefully, we will all be happier!

Sleeping:  Dr. Crittell said we could go 5 hours without you eating 1 time in a 24 hour period.  We do that for the last feeding.  Daddy stays up with you so I can go to bed for a couple hours. Usually you do really well and sleep the 5 hours in your bed, swaddled.  It is amazing because my body automatically wakes up at the exact time you are supposed to eat.  I usually wake you up to eat.  You eat again 3 hours later and you may or may not have been asleep in your bed.  During the last feeding of the night..around 4-5am...I usually hold you so that we can both sleep. During the day your naps are in the car, bouncy seat, my arms, etc.  
I love this precious little face!!!
Likes:  being held, the bouncy seat, car seat, riding in the car, riding in the stroller, the nap nanny, eating, the paci (sometimes), baths, your brothers
Dislikes: getting dressed, having the paci shoved in your mouth by a brother, and hiccups (you had them all the time when I was pregnant)
Bennett thought she needed a bow so he went and grabbed one and put it in her hair! :)
News this month:  You've met lots of people and been lots of places.  You even went out of state to Texas last week to surprise Daddy for lunch!  People dote all over you and I love it.  
I love these 3 so much!

Bennett's K-4 Picnic and Bus Ride

We had a nice K-4 year!  It was a huge change from K-3 in that Bennett wasn't babied as much and we weren't informed like last year.  They are preparing us for BIG kids school!  Bennett had some rough patches at the beginning of the year, but we seemed to get everything all worked out by the end of the year.  We are so proud of you, Bennett!  You mastered all of the things they wanted you to master and made some new friends.  You are such a big boy who is kind, helpful, loving, and caring.  

First Day----------------------Last Day (What a change!)

You had blast at your end of year city bus ride and K-4 picnic.  I was nursing SK in the car and you were worried that I wasn't coming.  I saw you standing at the edge of the playground looking for me and when I walked up with the stroller you were so excited and ran for us with big hugs!  

If I wasn't on maternity leave I would have been giving finals and would have missed it.  I am so happy about my new job that will allow me to be with you, Henry, and Sarah Kathryn and attend your special events!

All the K-4's

Silly pic: my kid is the one with his butt in the air.  I am proud.

saying the prayer before lunch

Bennett, Jake, and Conrad

The Mighty Monkey's

Conrad and Bennett with their popsicles

Our job was to bring the cookie cake.

boys and cookie cake

My big boy and me

Mrs. Elgin and Bennett

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