Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Henry's first swim meet

Henry and swim team is a nice match.  He tells Amy (his swim coach) that it's fun and he loves it.  He tells me that he doesn't want to go and it makes his legs hurt.  All I know is we aren't quitting!

His first meet was a success!  By success I mean he swam in 3 races and finished each one.  He was Disqualified on each race, but I am just so glad he swam!  He did the freestyle relay, 25M freestyle, and 25M backstroke.  All the kids in the relay did something to make us DQ, not sure what he did on his 25M free, but he swam freestyle on the backstroke.  

His ready stance is BOSS!  Bennett taught him that!


Good looking dive

He loves the writing on the back!

He got this sweet certificate for his effort!  Way to go, Henry!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Starting Summer 2018!

First day for the pool to be open and we were the only ones there!  Catherine came along with us.

SK had her little friend, Sam's birthday!

SK loved it!

Bennett had Riley over to play and we went to Chick Fil a and saw Graham!  Small town living. 
Ella got married!

I got to hang with Paul and Catherine at the wedding.

Ella had a whole kids room filled with legos, crayons, etc.

Henry and Shep

Family pic minus Bennett who was at baseball

She said "Daddy, I want to dance!"

Henry enjoying the donut wedding cake

This beauty queen after church one day!  Thanks for the dress, Aunt Becky!

2018 Little League Season

Bennett had a wonderful time at Little League this year.  This was his first full season of live arm and he learned so much.  Neil is a happy member of the Shreveport Little League board and they have really turned things around at SLL.  For starters, they planned a huge opening ceremonies night complete with fireworks!  

Neil, SK, and I all drove to Lafayette one evening to pick up all the fireworks donated by our sweet friends in Baton Rouge!  Thanks so much to the Shadoins!

Opening ceremonies had a ceremonial pitch, the National Anthem was sung, and we presented each team.  They each had a cool banner to carry!  So much fun!

Ryan tossing out the first pitch

We were the Pilots this year!  (LSUS Pilots)

Good looking Developing team.

Henry was excited to see his classmate, John Hunter.

This was Bennett's first time to play catcher and let me just say....he is GOOD!  I am always impressed, but dad gum he just knows what to do somehow!


The fireworks show was spectacular!  We had a little mishap about 2 hours before the show.  Someone called the Fire Marshal and let them know we were doing them.  Neil had to scramble to get a permit and a licensed person to light them 2 hours before showtime!

Our boys were so excited!

Bennett and Jude got the game balls from our double header.

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, baseball and outdoor
Look at this textbook swing!  He had a lesson with a retired professional baseball player that Pops bought at the Fairfield auction.  It helped so much! One of the dads on the team took this amazing picture!

We had an end of season tournament to determine the winner of the age group.  We had 5 teams in our age bracket and WE WON!  We were so excited because we were the obvious underdogs.  The boys really worked hard, listened to their coaches,(Kyle, Neil, and Gene) and developed into a great little team.  We were some proud baseball moms.

Bringing home that GOLD!

When your opponent is one of your BFFs.

The Pilots and the Southern Gents (Centenary) 

Several of these boys had never played baseball before

We had a little ice cream party at DQ after the big win!

Coach Kyle got dunked! haha!

Gavin's dad took this amazing picture of Bennett sliding into 2nd.  Poor John Rives had dirt all in his eyes!

Here comes our boy!

This was such a fun season!  We worked so hard at the concession stand, meeting people and delivery guys out there almost daily.   We are really hoping we can earn enough money to get some concrete walkways!  

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Last day of School 2018

Our boys had great Kindergarten and 3rd grade years of school!

I tired to check them out, but Henry WANTED TO STAY THE ENTIRE DAY! Sorry, Mrs. F. He loved Kindergarten so much!
What a difference a year makes and what a difference a bad haircut makes.  Tear on that May hair.

So BIG!  Bennett went through 4 pairs of tennis shoes this school year.  I thought that was worth noting.

Bennett got to have a Sonic lunch with his teacher on the last day for reading 10 LYRC books.  Way to go Bennett! He also got 10 bonus points on his reading grade for doing it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

End of Year awards

Bennett received all As in conduct all year!

Here he is with his teacher, Ms. Miller.

Henry received the Bulldog of the Month award

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