Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve 2015

New Years Eve sure has changed over the years.  Today we were focused on doing fun stuff with our kids and just going out to dinner.  We picked up Sam and then headed to Altitude, then Sci-port for the balloon drop, then to Johnny's for lunch.  A fun-filled morning indeed!

I love the balloon drop!
SK did too!
our family plus a photo bomber!

We went and got a few fireworks to do with the kids and Gammy before we went to dinner.  This was the first year they all didn't freak out!  I am so glad because I have so many memories of doing firework "shows" with Jennifer for the neighborhood on Richard Ave.
2 different shoes

She is ALWAYS cheesin'

And I just can't get over her Beaufort Bonnet hat.  Initials knitted into it?  Yes, please!

Trying out my "night portrait" option on the camera

Gammy loves sparklers!

I loved this one!

Henry thought they were going to pop so he kept covering his ears.

It was exciting to have something to look forward to!  I was talking to Leslie the other day and she said NYE is always a big bust and I totally agree. Glad we made a plan!  Our original plan was to attend Toast at Sci-port which sounded totally fun, but we couldn't find a 4th couple for the table so we opted for the Steakhouse instead. We had lots of fun.  It seemed that everyone had the same idea.  We saw lots of people we knew!  It must have been the place to be!

Happy 2016 from the Lewises!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Morning 2015

My 3 babies in matching pajamas?  What else could better on Christmas morning? (well, besides that it is Jesus' birthday.)  They were so excited when they woke up. 

Bennett had a note that said "I put your gift in a special spot-go ask Mom and Dad Love, Santa Claus."  He originally thought Henry's bow and arrow set was his. 

Sarah Kathryn knew right away what was hers!  She walked right over to her pink cozy coupe and got in.  She even took her baby wit her!

Bennett loved his new rifle from his dad, grandfathers and Santa!  2 guns in 1 month.  We must be NRA fans.

You can see Henry's target behind Bennett.

They each got new boxes with new supplies in them. 

Stocking time!

Sarah Kathryn loved the little Sofia notepad with the clear marker.  I had these as a kid and LOVED them! She liked her new bows in her stocking, too.

Matching shirts for the big boys.  Couldn't find Henry's size anywhere!

New undies for the boys in their stockings!!

Catherine was so sweet to drop off homemade cinnamon rolls so we had those for Christmas morning breakfast.  We ate the whole pan because they were so delicious!  After breakfast, we loaded up and headed to Ruston for Christmas round 3!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

We got to Ruston around 11:30 to see Granddad, Nana, Aunt B, and Daniel.  We were thankful that they waited for us.  We immediately started opening gifts!

Nana got SK some ballet flats!  Presh!
Granddad loved the wrapping paper with the kids faces all over it.

so did Nana!

Henry LOVES his new cowboy boots.

Bennett is a champion present unwrapper.  The boys each got camo duffle bags to take to the camp.

Forever cheesin'.  She is holding the vegetables that came in her grocery cart.

She loved passing out the gifts

Guess what Neil got????  a chain saw!!!  When you live in the country, you need a chainsaw.

Bennett was so helpful with SK and her gifts.  Andrew sent her a baby with a bathtub

How cute is this little grocery cart from Aunt Becky?  She even put it together herself!  She said she couldn't find groceries anywhere so she found a cheap cart and dumped the groceries in this cart!  How creative and dedicated!

I loved receiving 6 spoons to my flatware.  After almost 9 years of marriage I have no clue where 6 of my spoons have gone.  Thanks to Nana for her diligence in finding these discontinued things!

fun and chaos!

They went and tried out Bennett's new gun while I went to the movie with Rebecca and Daniel.  I got home and Henry said "Mommy, look at my eye!"  He really did shoot his sys out!  Neil said "it was an icicle!"  No.  The hammer on the gun went back and pooped Henry.  Poor baby!  He is our accident prone child.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve.  After opening our shoes we really just baked and relaxed around the house.  Last year I was bored and really felt like we should have gone to church.  This year we did and I was so glad!  As I was sitting in the service I just kept thinking how I wished my whole family was there and wished they weren't missing out!  Next year!!!

The first ones at church!  Ready for the 3pm service.

After the service and fabulous candle lighting while singing Silent Night, we headed home to have dinner with my side of the family.  Mom, Dad, Carolyn, and Michael all came over for food, presents, and cookie decorating. 

Sarah Kathryn was the star of the show this year!  She would turn around and smile to the camera every time it was on!  She loved the little house that Gammy gave her.  We put it together a couple days later and she has had the best time with it.
Henry had been asking for a train set.  We thought that was weird since he has a few already.  Gammy never disappoints!

Bennett looooooved his new watch and Gatorade bottle that the football players use. 
Look at Carolyn's early Christmas present on her finger!  From DAD!

Uncle=excited  Henry=not excited

Neil loved his JP gift card from Dad.

Uncle Frank loved his pug Santa socks...Pops got some too!

Sissy and Mommy got matching Lilly!

Gammy and her babies

Gammy and all her babies!

Our new favorite Christmas tradition is decorating cookies for Santa.  I started this a few years ago just for a fun activity and it has really become our favorite thing.  Most everyone gets into it and tries to outdo their cookies from last year.

working hard

Some fancy cookies for Santa...tie dye (FMJ), pizza cookie (Gammy), "Santa Rocks Still" (Bennett)

plaid (Carolyn), Santa made from 3 cookies (Neil), smiley face (Dad)

We tossed out reindeer food and then hit the hay to get ready for Santa!  What magical evening!
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