Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Random

I hosted a girls game night at my house Mardi Gras themed. It is so much fun because we exchange gifts for no reason! :) The theme this month was bring a gift that is purple, green, or gold.

We met the family at the Crawfish Hole for one of winter dates for crawfish in Minden.

This girl.  This outfit. I can't handle the cuteness.

Neil took Sk for a date and I took the boys for a date.  They chose to eat at KROGER!  Needless to say, the food wasn't eaten.

We got a new tractor at the camp!  We took a day and went out to take it for a spin.  We took mom and met Nana and Granddad.

Good Lookin' Lewises!

Bennett finally lost his 2 front teeth!

Dr. Seuss week!  This was crazy hat day.

Dr. Seuss week: Crazy Hair day!

Dr. Seuss Week breakfast with Pops

Andre's 40th birthday celebration!  I love how Erin does a party...over the top!

She had a face painter and Beau got the Red River logo on his head!  Neil wouldn't do it.


We had so much fun at the celeDREation!

Loved my facepaint!

Her favorite breakfast: pringles and slim jim.  I am all about healthy.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Krewe of Highland

Krewe of Highland is by far our favorite parade! It is during the day, family friendly, and they have the most unique throws around!  Thankfully, Amy invited us over to her brother's house which is right near the parade route!  How nice and convenient!  A few of the throws we caught were moon-pies, beef jerky, Irish Spring Soap (the boys love using it), giant pixie sticks, hula hoop, and we missed out on the famous hotdogs!

Daniel and Amy

The kids LOVE Daniel!

We saw Kyzer cruising around on his bike.

Amy's parents...She gave me one of those sweet hats!


Sister caught a hula hoop

Family pic where we all look like we are loving this parade

A wagon full of throws and kids.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Krewe of Centaur

We have so much fun at Float Loading!  Krewe of Centaur opens up their float den the night before their parade.  You get right up next to the floats, get special beads, AND don't have to worry about getting run over.  Our friends have a float so we get to get on the float and see it from the rider's perspective.

Henry and Beau with their matching boots!

Fun Family picture in front of the Centaur float

Gammy and her babies!

Cousin Cody with Neil and Sister!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's 2017

We had some fun for Valentine's Day this year.  We made and decorated heart shaped cookies, had treats set out for Valentine's Day morning, and event got a date in.  I'd been so busy with Festive Favors, I'm shocked I was able to extra things for my kids.  

Bennett had been asking for a heart shaped box of candy.  He was so excited!

Not awake yet.
Sweet little valentine.  I made some heart shaped muffins that we NOT delicious.

DADS club date with Dad at School

Love this! They came home with SO MUCH stuff!  One of them even came home with a festive favor I had made! :)

Mom offered to keep the kids while we went on a date.  We had no plans and weren't expecting it, but when Mom says she wants to keep the kids you speed out of the driveway faster than the speed of light.  We drove around and then settled on Frank's, our favorite.  We split a salad, appetizer and dessert.  This is our 14th Valentine's Day together!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Henry is 5 1/2!

Everyone gets to celebrate their birthday at St. Paul's!  Henry's birthday is August 11th and they aren't in school at that time.  Last year his teacher celebrated it in April and poor Henry was confused all the way until August just wishing and hoping he was 5.  This year I decided to stop that confusion by celebrating his half birthday.  Neil thought that this was surely the weirdest thing he had ever heard!  I did it to stop the confusion and it worked!  He knows he is 5 1/2 and not 6!  Yay!

Henry got to be the leader and carry the flag!

I got him donuts for his birthday treat that spelled out HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY HENRY.  These came all the way from Ruston and were such a special treat.  The Boyds brought them to Shreveport for me.  So sweet of them!  Getting all of us and the donuts to the school made me leave the house without the plates and napkins! UGH!  Thanks to Mrs. Gae for coming through for me!

Ready for birthday chapel

One of my friends came by and snapped this one for us!


Henry got to choose the prayer we said before the birthday snack.

SK LOVES a birthday celebration and she felt so big getting to sit next to Henry at his big boy table.

Ms. Rogers gave Henry his 5 1/2 birthday hugs!

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