Saturday, December 31, 2016

NYE 2017

New Years Eve was fun this year.  Amy and I helped a friend by putting our one of her yard card signs for a party because she was out of town.  We were invited to the McGuires for a party and the Raines for fireworks.  We made a delicious New Year's Day meal and went to watch the fireworks at Provenance.  Things are looking good for 2017!

Card my Yard Helpers

Sister had fun at the party!  Tons of kids!

Roman candles at the Raines's

Our girl was not into fireworks.  I loved the extra snuggles! 

She was taking pictures of the fireworks. :)


We tested out Neil's new Saints/Lewis/LaTech firepit!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Girl Time

The boys stayed in Ruston so Sarah Kathryn and I had some major girl time!  We had so much fun!  We met Pops for lunch one day, spent time doing each other's make-up, and met friends at Sci-port.  What a fun time for my girl and me.

Purse and baby doll. a little mommy!

She loved Sci-Port.  This is the dog washing station.

Milking a cow.

Picking veggies from the garden

Ella Cate, Beau, and Sarah Kathryn

Cleaning up

At the doctor. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

CHRISTMAS in Ruston!

Christmas in Ruston was so much fun!  We headed over there after we opened our Santa, ate breakfast, and enjoyed each other.  We like to arrive there by lunch.  Everyone was waiting on us and lunch was ready as soon as we got there.  A champagne toast was in order as we celebrated!

Champagne toast!
 Next up was PRESENTS!
We love that Nana and Granddad give the kids a couple toys, but then give them experiences like Sci-port memberships and summer camp tuition!  What a great way to your grandkids!  

Aunt Becky gave each kid a blanket.  Sister got Peppa!

Bennett received Jurassic World.

Sister got this fun unicorn from Aunt B.  So cute!

Andrew always has the sweetest sentiments written on his gifts.

Rebecca and Daniel gave Bennett a drone.  Andrew got said drone up in a tree 10 minutes after it was opened.  He ordered a new drone for Bennett and that one was stuck in a tree about 10 minutes after it was opened.  Maybe drones aren't our thing.

This girl was thrilled about her new American Girl Bitty Baby!  I might have been more excited.

Lava Dinosaur!

Andrew asked for sock of the month club.  We got him 12 pairs with a different month written on each one!


Rebecca gave SK some fake makeup and it was by far her favorite gift!  She did everyone's makeup!

Nana getting her lip gloss.

Bitty Baby!

How sweet!

Our family!!!

SK and Uncle A

 We went to Aunt Roxanne's for dinner and saw the Roberts side of the family.  What fun!

Richard, Andrew, Roxanne, Fred, Janine/Henry, Kyle, Ashley, Dylan, Neil, Cody/Willow, Crystal, Susan, and Mark.
Front row: me, Elliot, Bennett, Mamaw, SK, Anna, Cole, Tammy, and Rob

Matching pjs with your babydoll=YES!
This girl and this outfit.  I can't handle the cuteness.

Day after Christmas Sundown time!

Christmas Morning!

 We had a fun Christmas morning!  The Reeds are the sweetest and make homemade cinnamon rolls every year.  We cook them on Christmas morning and they were gobbled up!  Neil said we should ask for 2 pans next year.  I told him that we aren't in the business of asking for extra gifts! :)

Sarah Kathryn received a Peppa Pig house, an Innotab, and a couple other toys.  The boys got a WiiU and games and controllers for that.  It was a fun Christmas!  They always receive books and they never go over too well.

Sister LOVES Peppa Pig! This was from Henry.


This year I let each child pick out gifts for their brother and sister.  This was a great tradition to start,  They all loved what their siblings gave them!  Bennett had been asking for Qixels and loved when Henry gave them to him.  SK picked out Home Alone (or "the boy one") for Bennett!  He loved it!

Henry has been loving seeing nutcrackers everywhere and got one in his stocking!  He was delighted!  He said "A NUTCRACKER!!!??"

Bennett loved Splatoon from Mom and Dad, but it was cracked within a couple weeks by a little sister.

Henry got MarioKart and each boy got this steering wheel Wii controller thing.

The cinnamon rolls were kid and parent approved!

Uncle Frank came over for Christmas morning!!  

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