Saturday, September 29, 2018

Soccer Rockers are Rockin'!

Sister loved being on her 4 year old soccer team with her sweet little friends!  Too bad she was more interested in posing and dancing on the field than actually kicking the ball!

Best brother!

Get it girl!

Camilla wouldn't even put on her shoes and they wouldn't go on the field unless they were holding hands!

Adeline, Camilla, and SK

Friday, September 28, 2018

Henry's Grandparents Day

Henry had grandparents day and all 4 of his grandparents were there!  They made it extra special for him!

Henry was part of the cub scout posting of the colors and is so darn cute in his uniform.

Granddad, Gammy, Nana, and Pops took him to the bookfair, went to the photo booth, and even heard his little poem in his classroom!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Henry's Johnny Appleseed Week

Henry got to make applesauce, an apple tooth fairy pillow, try all kinds of apple stuff, and even be in class when the new teacher of the year was announced....Henry's teacher!

About 6 moms arrived at the school early to peel apples so all the kids could chop them up to make homemade applesauce

The next day he got to make an apple shaped tooth fairy pillow!  He got to stuff it and sew it up!

He he he. He thought it was funny to pretend to sleep on it!  These 1st graders are hilarious.

When we found out that Mrs. Amato was teacher of the year!  There were lots of parents there to celebrate!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fun at Fairfield!

We've been super busy at Fairfield lately and it's all been lots of fun with a tad bit of work sprinkled in there.  We had a 2 week chocolate fundraiser where we made $25,000...about 10K more than we've ever made before!

We had a fun spirit night at Red River brewing for all the Fairfield adults!  It was a great turn-out with fun door prizes!  And we made over $400 for the school! #forthekids

We had international talk like a pirate day!  Our theme for the year is pirates and we really celebrated with Dad's reading to the classes, dress-up, and fun pirate themed snacks!

cute little pirates!

Dads and Granddads could pick out a pirate themed book as they walked in 

Aren't the cookies adorable?

We had a cookie cake in the lounge for the teachers

Sweet 4th grade bulldogs!

Granddad read to Henry's class!  I think they were both excited!

Henry's little pirate class

Bennett's pirate class

Henry and Caden at lunch

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Tech Home Game

We couldn't wait to get to the first Tech home game of the season, but first we had to stop to see baby Lillian!  

Angel Baby

SK and Caroline with a few of the Regal Blues!

How bout them dawgs!

ANYTIME they come on the jumbotron to get people dancing or whatever-Henry takes his shirt off and whips it around his head!  I think it is so funny and so does he!

Bennett got in on the action, too!

Sister doing Caroline's hair!

SK thinks Caroline is about the coolest girl in town!

I love that Caroline is sooooo sweet to her!

The new bulldog project around Ruston is so much fun. They have 10 decorated bulldogs around the town and we were able to find 2!


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Soccer Rockers!

Our little girl is all up in the extra-curricular activities!  She got to try out soccer with her ballet friends and a couple other girls.  It is the cutest team ever!

After seeing this picture, Aunt Becky said "does she need some sportier clothes?" ha!  We didn't have any!

She maaaaaaay be athletic??? :)

Elise, Camilla, SK, and Margaret with Coach Ben.

Sam, Margaret, Elise, Mary Mack, Frances, Ben, SK, Camilla, and Leeda!

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