Sunday, May 24, 2015

Aunt Carolyn's 60th!

We've been planning to head over to Houston for Aunt Carolyn's surprise 60th for a few months now.  It all worked just as planned!  Uncle Mike drove in from Alabama on Friday night and she was shocked.  Carrie planned a lunch on Saturday for all of us.  We arrived there first and then Aunt Carolyn got there and was soooo surprised!  

Uncle Mike meeting SK for the first time

Carrie and Ethan

Can you tell she was shocked to see us??

Yay for sisters!

So emotional!

Mom, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Carolyn

After lunch we headed to Carrie's house for playing, nap for SK, and fishing.  Carrie has a couple ponds in her neighborhood so they went fishing.  Me and SK had to stay home because the second I tried to go she woke up and started screaming!

Ethan's playroom is so much fun!

Courtney made pink lemonade cupcakes and decorated the kitchen so cute! I loved the little pink lemonade plates.  Little did Aunt C know...we were surprising her yet again with a party that evening.  We were all tired, but other family members drove in from Austin so Carrie couldn't cancel! :)

Sweet cousins

Courtney, Aunt Carolyn, Mom, Henry, Bennett, and Cal

We stayed in The Woodlands which turned out to be so convenient!  It was 1 mile from Cheesecake Factory which is where my aunt always eats for her birthday! 

My babies on the luggage cart

Ethan and Sarah Kathryn looking so cute in the high chairs

Happy 6oth Aunt C!  Cheers to 60 more years!

Our whole crew!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

K-3 Splash Day

Henry had his end of year party the day before school let out.  He was so excited to have a party. It seems that Bennett gets to do everything and he doesn't, but he is getting bigger and gets to have the fun, too!  He wants to be 6 like Bennett so badly so that he can do all he gets to do.  Don't grow up too fast, Henry!

We (the K-3 room-moms) have been planning this party for what seems like 6 months!  We had a water slide, a mom brought a slip n slide, a pool, and a sprinkler.  We even had 1 mom treat the water with bleach.  Nice.  One mom had the sno-cone truck come for their snack. Oh, to be 3!

Henry tried to work the slip n slide... we need to practice.

He had so much fun splashing around.

Dottie and Henry

Big boy!

Emily and I made these cute buckets for end of year gifts.  

This was our Mommy/Henry picture.  He was cold.

Henry loves Dawson!

Big Muscles

Henry, Brynleigh, and Dottie

Pizza party and cookie cake!  What a great way to end K-3!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Once upon a time in Kindergarten

Bennett had his Kindergarten program called "Once Upon a Time in Kindergarten."  At the auction back in March, I bought the front row so all 6 of us would have front row seats! :)  It was a really great idea for me to buy it up until the day of the program when the school had NO electricity!  Nana and Granddad stayed in Shreveport to be able to attend and we all had it on our calendars to be there.  Well, they had to reschedule the program for the next day so just a couple of us could attend.  I wasn't missing it that's for sure!  We let Henry attend, since we had the room.  

The first performance day Mrs. Fajardo presented each child with a graduation picture and certificate.  She also showed the sweet DVD of pictures from the year that was oh, so sweet and sentimental. I think all the moms and grandmothers had tears in their eyes!

The 6 of us with our Kindergarten graduate!

 The 2 days before the program a few moms decorated the stage.  It is so secret that we aren't meant to be set designers.  The kids sang songs from Toy Story, Frozen, Song of the South, Lego Movie, etc.  They were able to dress up like any Disney character, Lego, pretty much anything.  The stage was supposed to be a box of toys spilling over on the front, a beanstalk, Frozen castle, and a bunch of other stuff.  Lots of moms worked on their own area at home so when it was all put together I don't think our vision worked.  Oh well, we tried!
They sang "Frozen's Let it Go."  They changed the words to sing "Let it go... I don't care what people say, school never bothered me anyway!" 

Round 2 crew

No shoes were allowed on's our boy!  There were about 25 Emmet's!

 I made his hand out of coozies

all 4 kindergarten classes

My boy!!!  He is so cute!!!

You got to choose if you wanted to me a speaker, dancer, or just in the choir.  Bennett, along with his other friends chose to be dangers.  They marched in a circle singing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to school we go!"

Easton and Bennett after the program

Bennett, Jack, and Easton

Me and the sweetest boys

The kids marched off the stage singing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to 1st grade we go...." waaaaahhhh!  I can't believe we have a 1st grader!  We are so proud of how much Bennett has learned and grown this year!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I always feel extra special on Mother's Day.  Neil, the kids, my family, and Neil's family always make sure I have a good day.  Mother's Day 2015 was no different.  I've decided that Sarah Kathryn and I will try to match on Mother's Day every year.  I really hope we can do this!  It is so much fun to match my girl...hope she wants to match until she is 25!  I have a feeling she will think it's dumb by about 9.  I will try!

We had lunch at Trace, came home and cleaned up the yard, and Neil cooked a delicious dinner.  Low key=just what I needed.  

Our Family
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Happy Mother's Day, Nana!

I've been wanting one of these handwritten fill-in sheets about myself forever. Bennett brought this little gem home to me.  I
am good at "Seegeen" according to Bennett. Yesssssssss!  (Singing)

Henry's teacher made a delicious breakfast for all the mom's for a Mother's Day breakfast.  She had everything decorated so cute and she even gave me a gift certificate to Akin's!  So sweet of her!  She really goes above and beyond!  I loved spending the morning with my sweet Henry.

Here's the placemat I got to use for breakfast at Henry's school.  He drew our family and answered a few questions about me.
My mother's name: Lindsey
She is so..."beautiful"
Her favorite thing to do with me is... "play with me"
The very best things about her is... "she makes dinner"
This is what she does everyday to make me feel special... "she helps my dad out"

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Crawfish Boil 2015

Along with the Dicharry's, Raines', and Hanna's, we hosted a crawfish boil at our house.  It was a great party and SO MUCH FUN!  The Raines' always host Christmas party, the Hanna's always host a Halloween party, the Dicharry's will host anything at their home and so will we...what I am trying to say is...when these 4 families get together to's gonna be good!  If it sounds like bragging...I am! :)  I love these people!  

Dad was so nice to book a band for the event.  We certainly wouldn't have had a band, but he likes to do it and we like for him to!  Thanks, Dad!

The Back Beat Boogie Band

Nikki decorated...she is so good at that!

Amy and me

This sweet thing was all over the place!

Erinn and Trey

Erin and Amelie

Erin and her mom, Kathleen

These bugs were delish!  I made myself sit down and eat 2 trays!

The sweet Scott's

Henry loved my "crawfishin"

These mischievous and so darn cute.

The hand-washing station was pure genius!  Matt built this and brought it for us to use.  

Bennett and Drew

Me and my biggest boy

The kids had so much fun in the back yard

Our Sunday School crew

Aunt B and SK

Gammy and SK and Henry

Andre and Amelie dancing to the band
Carolyn and Dad
All the hosts, hostesses, and kids minus SK

 The only thing that went wrong was the 16 foot blow up slide.  There were about 10 kids in it when I noticed that it started deflating.  It was so scary.  Erin and I were the first responders and we tried to pull the thing back over.  It was so heavy!  I looked up and about 40 adults were sprinting across the yard to help.  It was like something out of a movie! The kids were fine, but we were all a little shaken up.  Needless to say, the slide was deflated the rest of the party.

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