Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Visitors and More

We were thrilled that our friends wanted to come by to meet our sweet girl.  I was shocked to receive monogrammed items on the day of her birth from my friends!  I guess people know that SK and I love personalized anything!

We were thankful that Rebecca took off 2 days of work to help out with the boys.  She came over and stayed at the hospital with us while I labored, went shopping at La Bambolina and Ladies in Waiting, took the boys to school, kept them overnight, AND took them to Ruston after Bennett's school pictures.  Wow, we couldn't have done it without you, Becky!  Thank you!

I don't know if it was because I didn't know the gender of this baby or what, but I was pretty unprepared with my hospital packing.  I brought lots of clothes for baby, but not much for myself.  Mom got me some new pajamas to wear in the hospital that are so comfy and cute, but they were ruined the first night!  So, Neil had to give me his pajamas to put on after I took a bath!  Again, Becky came through and brought me some clothes!
Becky brought Henry to the hospital  and he brought 2 flowers for baby girl.

Henry said "no, this is MY daddy!"

Dr. Crittell came by to check out our girl and she said she looked great.  SK was "big for gestational age" so she had to have her blood sugar checked a few times.  Dr. Crittell is so sweet!  Neil happened to be at Target picking up Bennett's prescription while Dr. Crittell was seeing SK.  Well, the RX was all messed up so she called the pharmacy right away while at the hospital with us to get it all worked out.  So sweet!

Since the nursery wasn't very accommodating, we decided to go ahead and go home the next day from the hospital.  I am SO GLAD we went home!  It was good to be at my clean house, with our own beds, and our own house stuff.  Since Nana and Granddad had the boys, it was a great way to get to spend some one-on-one time with our baby girl at home.  We loved having these 2 special days.

A couple weeks before I had Sarah Kathryn, I went to La Bambolina to pick out a few items for boy or girl.  I just fell in love with this white lacy dress and bonnet.  Rebecca went and picked it up so baby girl would have something to wear home.
She loved it I think! :)

Neil, the flowers Hunter Energy sent, SK, and my hugeness

Jenny let me borrow her safety pin and I just had 2 bows made for it.  We needed the pink one!

me with the best nurse ever, Angela

I was so glad that the girl next door to us had a boy!  They didn't have anything for their door and were excited about having our bow.  She said she was going to hang it in her nursery!
the beautiful flowers Dad sent

Carol came by for a visit and even brought a gorgeous pink Feltman dress for our sweet girl

Look at all this pink!  I just can't get over it!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Family meets Sarah Kathryn!

Since we didn't know the gender of our baby I wanted to come up with a way for us to tell everyone.  I decided to make little shirts for the boys to announce what we had.  I made blue shirts that said "my baby sister is here" and pink shirts that said "my baby brother is here!"  I wanted the family to see the blue shirts and think "it must be a boy!"  The boys came to the room to meet their sister and it was so sweet!  They were a little worried about me because I was still hooked to to everything, but they were super excited to meet their sister.

Everyone was super thrilled at the news of a little girl.  Oh, I am so thankful for our families!
They were ready to go tell everyone!!
This is the video of the big reveal!

No one told me that my face looked like I had just been to a KISS concert... I had mascara running down my face like crazy!

Bennett was so excited!

Gammy and Bennett get to see SK!

This is one proud Gammy!

Nana with Bennett and Sarah Kathryn (Kathryn is Janine's first name and we named her after her)
Andrew and Baby Sarah Kathryn

Granddad (along with his poor black eyes) and SK

Yay!  Aunt Becky and Henry meet her.

Carolyn came by after she finished her case to meet our girl.

Pops left the hospital after we revealed she was a girl and came back later to meet her.

Fun day with Family

Sunday was a fun day with Nana, Granddad, and Andrew.  The boys were super excited that they brought Miso over too!

We had a pretty low key afternoon and just enjoyed each other's company. Thanks to Nana for taking the pictures! 

Bennett got a "Trouble-like" Skylanders game for his big brother present and we've all played about 15 rounds each. The boys all played an intense hour long game where Bennett won!

All the playing made Granddad tired. Sweet shirt, Granddad! They went to a white-trash party and that's the shirt he wore.

Andrew and sweet SK

Since a storm was supposed to hit us, we had tons of great wind.  The boys hve been wanting to fly their kites so we loaded up and went to the park. The boys were excited because they got to ride in the back of Neil's truck. 
Baby girl just chilled in the sun

Sarah Kathryn's first Dr. appt.

We went for Sarah Kathryn's first dr. Appt 3 days after she was born. 

7lb 15oz (95th percentile)
21.5 inches (75th percentile) 
Head: (75th percentile)

Our sweet girl was a total trooper. Since she looked a little yellow we had to have her bilirubin level checked. It was a 13.4 so we had to come back the next day to be pricked as well. Since babies don't have that great of circulation it took forever for them to get enough blood.

I knew the boys would get a kick out of her getting a sticker from the Dr. I chose Ariel! They loved it.

Here is sister tanning in the window to help with the jaundice. 

Sarah Kathryn's phone Dump

Here are a bunch of iPhone pictures from recent days of our baby girl!

I had this little gown and hat made for "just in case" we had a girl. I'm so glad I did!! I had lots of boy gowns but this was it for a girl.  I think she looked soooo adorable in it.
Trying out a headband that Rebecca got her. People hate these things on babies including Neil and Gammy. I think she looks precious!
Amy gave her this sweet, personalized gown on her birthday! Love!

My 2 "push prizes"

Thank you, Neil!

My favorite newborn reflex!! I could just let her hold my finger all day!

These brothers are in love with their sister!
We continued our Lewis family tradition of taking the baby for their first outing. Taco Bell is where we took Bennett, Henry, and now Sarah Kathryn! Weird, but fun to look back on!
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