Friday, April 11, 2014

Special Days with Bennett

During my 2 weeks of maternity leave I've been able to do some much needed things with my boys.  One of those is that I've gotten to go to Bennett's school for some special time.  This week he had "Wild West Week."  He got to dress like a cowboy and "real" cowboy came and told the kids about how cowboys used to live.  He even brought artifacts from the Pioneer Heritage Center.  The kids loved it and I was so glad I was able to join the fun!
He did not want to leave my lap or be 1 inch away from me.  I loved it!
Bennett said the sun was getting in his eyes so he kept his hands on his face during the talk.

Bennett by the cowboy saddle, canteen, and saddlebag.

His cute little class with the cowboy. In this picture they were all taking their hats off saying "yeehaw!"

Trail Mix for snack was a lot of fun

Sam and Bennett.  I hope the stay friends next year even though we won't be at kindergarten together.

Me and my big boy!

Maddie and Bennett

Love this artwork..."Brilliant Bennett...wanted for building masterpieces!"  Sweet!
Mrs. Elgin told me to come back one day and have lunch with Bennett.  I made some funfetti cookies, stopped by Newk's, and headed to his school.   Mrs. Elgin said he was so excited all morning because he knew I was coming.  :)  He was such a sweetie the whole time.  He was delighted to pass out the cookies to each friend, Mrs. Elgin, Ms. Rosemary, and Mrs. Caraway.
my swollen face and Bennett

He said "silly faces" and then did this sweet smile!  Love my big boy!

Hopefully I will get to do something at Henry's school.  Too bad they don't really like things out of the ordinary or fun snacks.  Maybe I can break in! :)

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