Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bennett's School Easter Activities

Bennett had his Easter program on Maundy Thursday.  It was so nice to be able to go and not feel like I had to head back to my class or rush through his special events.  Oh, I was so excited!  Neil was able to come and watch his 2 songs, but then had to head to work.  Bennett loved having us there.

He did a great job singing, but chose not to do the hand motions...oh well!  I'll take it!  I couldn't really get very many pictures because a little girl in front of him had a huge bow that blocked his head! :)

Thanks to Erinn for this pic!
I thought this was cute of Brown and Briggs!
 We returned to the classroom for Easter snack and gifts.  Some of the moms went and hid the Easter eggs while a few of us got the snack ready.

Bennett's sweet little class

The class with the teachers, Mrs. Rosemary and Mrs. Elgin

Each child got to take turns passing out their Easter gifts.  Mama was lazy this year and gave a Skittles tube...Bennett was thrilled though because I almost NEVER give candy.

Next, it was time for the hunt!  You were only allowed to pick up 12 eggs and they had to have your name on it.  If you saw an egg that did not have your had to leave it.  Bennett loved helping his friends.  He would say "Sam, here's one of yours!"  "Anne Elizabeth, I found one for you!"  You weren't supposed to help until the end but I thought it was sweet of him to assist.

Me with my big, sweet-hearted boy

Bennett and Conrad

Just the boys!

Boys love having a silly face photo!

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  1. Hate that you did not get a good pic of him at the Easter performance! At St. Pauls we get "warning" notes sent home before any event on stage kindly "suggesting" that little girls stick to headband or clips or very small bows:) Its sooooooo hard though. But now I see why!!


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