Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Fun

Lunch with old FBCS friends.   One day we were picking up Henry and Bennett saw all his friends running out of the school and he said "Wait, all my friends still go here!?"  Poor baby.

This sweet girl in the bumbo!??  What?? Already?

Both boys had back to school dentist appoinments

We went to "Johnny Pizzas" after...they were playing with no quarters.

Bennett likes to say "Nice to meet you, Sister!"  He was explaining this joke to someone the other say and he said "It's so funny because I say 'nice to meet you' but we already know each other because she is my sister!"  ha!

We got mouthwash from the dentist and Bennett used the whole bottle in one day.  He would "prepare" the cap with mouth wash for Gammy, too.

Some sweet friends gave us this cuddly blanket as a house warming and the boys are loving it.

Thanks to Leslie for the fun play-doh set!!

My first day of work! I love a head set!

Blue day at Henry's school

Our sweet boy on "happy juice" before his MRI.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My people

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sarah Kathryn is 4 months old!

This beautiful girl just melts my heart!

Bennett hugging you and Henry kissing your toes

Doctor appointment:  Length:    Weight:   Head:

Clothes: You wear size 2 diapers and I have a feeling we will be in them a while.  You wear mostly 3-6 month clothes and some 6 month.  I am ready for a new season to start putting your fall stuff on you.  I love holiday wear!

Eating:  You eat a 4 ounce bottle every three hours.  The pediatrician gave us a new formula called Enfamil Reguline because it has built in stool softeners.  Life is so much better for you on this formula.  We don't even have to add rice cereal.  You aren't spitting up much at all anymore compared to last month.

Sleeping:  You still nap during the day just randomly.  You are certainly not on any type of a schedule yet.  You will nap on the play mat, in the car seat, or in the bouncy seat.   At night, your last bottle is between 8-9 pm and you usually sleep until about 4-5 am.  You had a rough couple of weeks where you woke every hour for the pacifier or to eat.  I was one tired mama!  We are still swaddling you, but it will be going away soon.

Likes:  being held, the bouncy seat, car seat, riding in the car, riding in the stroller, eating, the paci (sometimes), baths, your brothers, watching people, smiling, and laughing

Dislikes: having something go over your head (clothes),  being strapped in the carseat, being woken up by a loud noise (brother), being disturbed/interrupted while eating has to be your most hated can't stand having the bottle removed while you are eating.

News this month:  You rolled over on 8/22/14 from tummy to back.  The school told us you did it but I haven't seen it.  I keep putting you on your tummy to try to get your to roll.  

I just want to comment on how much your brothers love you.  Henry always comes up to you and kisses your toes or pats your head.  He is a little rough when he "pats," it's more like a poke in her soft spot!

Bennett comes up to you all the time and just compliments you constantly like:

"You are just the most beautiful sister!"
"Your toes are adorable!" (I guess he hears me compliment you so he makes up his own! :) "Who is the most beautiful girl?" "you are, sister!"
And one of my favorites: "you are beautiful just like your mommy!"  Melt my heart.

We love you to the moon and back, Sarah Kathryn!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Show Us your Singles-My SIL, Rebecca!

My SIL Rebecca, is fabulous!  She is beautiful inside and out and is ready to settle down and have a family.  She would love a MAN who is a Christian, responsible, respectful, love family, and has a good sense of humor.
Rebecca's 30th birthday...we went to Dallas to celebrate!

Here are a few things about her:
  • She is the BEST Aunt to my 3 babies.
  • She is super thoughtful, always making people feel special.
  • She is an excellent cook and it always willing to try new recipes.
  • She loves to have a good time!
  • She LOVES football and is currently in 2 fantasy football leagues...and she wins! :)
  • Rebecca is the "sacred space" chairwoman at her church. This means she designs the alter each week to go along with the lesson.
Here she is with my Sarah Kathryn at her baptism.
  • She does social work at a nursing home in NW Louisiana.
  • She always goes out of her way to attend important events for family and friends.
  • She really has the best personality and a great sense of humor.  
  • Rebecca is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO smart.  I am talking genius, people.

Any man really couldn't go wrong with this gem of a girl!  You can leave a comment on my blog with contact information and I will get it to her! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Next Chapter

I know I've said it before and I'll say it again...I am just so happy to have a part-time gig where I can take care of my family!  The guilt I had for 5 years working full time while my babies were growing up was just awful.  I hated missing programs and parties and taking care of them when they were sick.  

I totally know that The Lord orchestrated my new job because it totally fell in my lap.  There is just no other way to explain it.  It was something I didn't even know I was looking for.  I am getting to work Tuesday-Thursday 9-2 so that I can take and pick up my kids from school.  The first day back to school we got up, lounged around, and made pancakes with sprinkles and whipped cream!  I was almost in tears I was so excited.  I just really never thought I would get this opportunity.  

Moving on to the first week of school for kids...I don't know how in the world I would have ever pulled off working and accomplished what I did this week with Neil out of town!  Thankfully, Mom is here helping me!

Monday: Henry's 3rd birthday, birthday breakfast, 3 year well check-up, unexpected trip to hospital for bone age scan, birthday lunch at Chick-fil-a, K-3 ice cream social, scheduled Henry's MRI, got home to NO POWER, sat in driveway for an hour, and Johnny's for birthday dinner

Tuesday: Back to school breakfast at home, Henry's first day of K-3 until 11:30,  Boo-hoo breakfast that I've never been able to attend but got to this year, Bennett's kindergarten test at his new school, lunch with FBCS friends, and then home for dinner, bath, and bed

Wednesday: (SK was UP ALL NIGHT!) Henry's second half day of K-3, dental appointment for both boys, unexpected news that Bennett needs a crown on Thursday, picked up nap mat, and ran by Johnny Black's for second opinion on tooth.

Thursday: (SK was UP ALL NIGHT!) Henry's third half day of K-3, drove to Bossier for Bennett's dental appointment with sedation that lasted 3 hours, picked up Henry, lunch, and home to wait for furniture delivery, and read "The Night Before Kindergarten!"

Friday: Henry's fourth half day of K-3, Bennett's first day of big school ever (tear), Cheers and Tears breakfast with Gammy, picked up everyone, Frozen Frog for first week of school celebration, and then I fell over from exhaustion.

I am so glad I documented this.  I am so THANKFUL that I get to do all these milestone things for my people.  Yippee for the next chapter of the Lewis crew!  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sarah Kathryn's Baptism

We had a very special day on Sunday.  We baptized our sweet baby girl!  I grew up in a church where you decided to be baptized and I never understood the infant baptism.  It was explained to me that God chose us first before we ever chose Him.  It was a special day!

We had our family and close friends join us for this blessed occasion.  I am so thankful everyone was there to celebrate with us.  I love a celebration!

The gown Sarah Kathryn wore was made in 1888 by Catherine Cochren.  SK is the 5th generation baptized in this gown on the Lewis side.  The gown was made for Gigi's (Neil's grandmother) grandfather.  Needless to say it is a very fragile gown, but so special!

Aunt Becky helped me get her dressed.

Our family

Me with my sweetie pie.

Our Party of 5 went on the stage with Derek while the grandparents stood down below watching.

Henry was being such a good boy until he felt like getting down.

My dad must have been making eyes at Carolyn because he wasn't watching us! :)

Where's Henry?

Oh, he is just crawling between my legs DURING THE BAPTISM!

Everyone commented after about Henry.  My oh my...what will we do with him?

Sweet girl getting baptized.  I asked if the congregation cold sing Jesus Loves Me after and they was such a sweet moment.
We went for brunch at ST and it was such a nice occasion.  I'm so glad everyone joined us!

Sweet little periwinkles with her invitation sticking out.

Uncle loves SK!

Amy and Daniel holding up one of the favors.  

Jake was thrilled to have a favor! ha!

Thanks so much for coming, Buteau Family.

Lewis family crew

Dad and Carolyn with the kids

Thanks so much for coming, Baker family.

The grandmothers with their favorite boys

Lewis Ladies!
Sarah Kathryn, my prayer for you is to grow up to love and worship Jesus.  I want you to be kind, a good friend, a  lady, and respectful to others. You are so special and our lives have changed for the better because you are in our family.  We love you to the moon and back!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bennett is in Kindergarten!

Our sweet Bennett is in Kindergarten now.  My how time flies.  I looked up and now our first baby is in school.  This is just crazy because I couldn't even imagine this day 5 years ago.  Bennett is growing into such a sweet-hearted young man who is kind, helpful, and loving.  He has the best personality, best sense of humor, and excitement for life!  We are so proud of this smart little boy!

Neil and I went to the parent meeting a week before school started and were give the rules of the classroom.  His teacher seems to be amazing and really know her stuff.  I've heard this from parents and another teacher.  Sounds good to me!  We were given 2 homework assignments that were due the first day of school. They were both family projects that could be done together. I made him do the majority and I helped with couple parts.  

He cut the hair from yellow rick rack and glued it on the head.
He told me what he wanted and I traced it..he cut it out and glued it down

Ta da!  He added a baseball and bat to the hands and sweet lights to the shoes.  We used glitter paper for the lights.

We read The Night Before Kindergarten before bed.  I am so glad my mom thought to take this picture!!

Happy First Day of K!!! You get to wear spirit shirts on Friday's.  I was a little disappointed that he didn't get to wear the uniform for picture purposes.. oh year.  He is a Kindergartner so they get "puppy pride" shirts because they are the babies of the school.
I made these cute flags with my cricut!  Want one for your baby?? I will make it!

My big boy!  How do I already have a kindergartner??
I got SK and H dropped off before heading to Bennett's school.  Sadly, we were LATE!  I got there at 8:05 and there wasn't a soul in the parking lot.  I thought for sure there would be others...nope.  It still didn't stop me from taking obligatory pictures of the first day.
His school as built in 1923.  It's OLD, but has a feeling of nostalgia.

We got to his classroom and there were still lots of parents in the hallways and a couple in our classroom.  So glad!
Bennett and Mrs. F!  My poor boy looks a little scared.  He was a tad nervous.

I am so proud!!!

Our instructions were to find his cubby, put on his nametag, and open the Play Doh.  I took this picture and he was so unsure.  Broke my heart!

He got happy after I showed him the little boy that tutored right before him.  They would play sometimes so he was excited to see a familiar face.  Whew.
As I was leaving, he held up his arms and said "can I have another hug?"  Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  My sweet boy still needs Mommy!  I gave him a hug and he went right back to his seat.

I left and met Mom at the "Cheers and Tears" breakfast in the cafeteria.  All of the parents have been so nice and welcoming.   I was a little teary after the breakfast as I drove away.  Happy tears because I am just so proud of who Bennett is becoming.  I just want him to be kind, respectful, and happy.  But, I guess that's what all parent's want for their babies.
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