Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Pumpkin Shine!

Our pumpkin shine display was super sweet this year!  All 3 babies enjoyed contributing to the display!

SK painted these "gobstoppers"
Henry's ice cream sundae was so cute!

Bennett loves root beer and made a root beer float!

Pops loves to meet us for a stroll in the park to see all the pumpkins

Look at this sweet display!


Sunday, October 27, 2019

5th grade bonfire and Bennett's first deer!

 We hosted the 5th grade bonfire at the camp and the kids had so much fun!  Neil took the kids on a hayride on the dried up lake bed, we did s'mores, and the kids did a fun photo scavenger hunt.  

We were out at the camp getting the place cleaned up and ready to host 50 when Bennett went out and killed his first deer with Mr. Adam!  He was so proud!  Adam hung up the deer and skinned it right at his house.  Bennett's favorite tidbit was that the bullet when straight through the deer and ended up in the deer's testicles!  OH man!  Never a dull moment!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fall Break Fun!

When you ask Bennett what his favorite place to go on vacation is-he always says "Mrs. Jill's lake!"  It is so much fun riding 4 wheelers, having scavenger hunts, doing fires, cooking, and hanging out with friends!  Laid back!

We went a day later than everyone else because Bennett puked and we had to wait the 24 hours until we could be around people.  Luckily, everything was fine and we were able to go!

Love this 4 wheeler gang!

Nash got his costume for Halloween and wore it the whole time. Get that money's worth, Nash!

SK packed her essentials

This outfit!  She wants to wear it 24/7.

Jill's Aunt Judy did a fun scavenger hunt for the kids and she drew a map!  The red stars are prize locations.

Ready with their map!

Everyone was a winner!

pumpkin painting!

How cool is this Teepee that Henry built?  He is our outdoorsman!

Friday, October 18, 2019

Run 4 FUNds

Our only year to have all 3 kids at one school!  I love that they are all together and I can be at their events.  Run 4 Funds this year was fun to see each of them run around the track.

Henry was up first!  

Henry and Shante

Henry doesn't care!

Henry loves Officer Hancock

Bennett's turn next!

Bennett loves running!

He is so dedicated!

Sarah Kathryn had so much fun!

Sweet girl!


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