Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Boy, did we do a lot of traveling this summer!?  It was really wonderful!  As much as I love to travel, I love being at home, too.

Pretty much right after we got off the plane from San Diego we headed to the school for a fun "get to know you" at the school for the Kindergarten families.  What an amazing little camp they are in for!

SK and Arden

We had the little Kindergarten camp and had Arden over after.  These 2 are so much fun!

Hudson, Arden's bro came too!

They changed clothes approx 5 times.

She is so excited about her new teacher!  Mrs. Fajardo!

We had the 2nd grade back to school party at Air U!  What a great turn out! 

Henry learned that his new teacher is Ms. Tanner!  

We started a little "magical unicorns" tee ball team and boy are they cute!

We had our Sunday School class over for fun and food!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Our Last Day in San Diego

We began our last day in San Diego at the USS Midway-the longest serving aircraft carrier. It was super cool, but very hard for Dad to get around so we didn't get to go below deck.  I love these trips that Dad takes the kids on, but I do like to add at least one thing educational into each city.  

After the USS Midway we headed to Dad's favorite in any city-the Race Track.  He has always loved horses, racing, and his BFF is a horse trainer and they have a few horses together.  So, naturally we headed to Del Mar.

Henry really enjoyed the Uber rides and Pops' phone

We passed lots of protesters as we walked in.  Dad Did NOT GIVE one f about this.

After the afternoon at the races we headed to NINE-TEN.  It was a delish little spot in La Jolla.  We were about an hour early to our reservation so we walked around La Jolla and I got my souvenir-a pair of Lulu shorts. :)

The next morning we had to be at the airport at 5am to make it back for Sarah Kathryn's Kindergarten event!  I changed our flights for this event because we just had to celebrate this girl!  So glad I did because we were exhausted and ready to be home!

Henry slept like this with all the lights on the while time we were packing and getting ready!

We had a great time on this special trip!  Can't wait for Sarah Kathryn's!

Friday, July 26, 2019

SD Zoo and SD Padres

We started our day at the San Diego zoo-apparently this is everyone's favorite zoo!  It was  a nice zoo, but I guess we were just over the zoo scene.  Our legs were tired and everything was so spread out so we sort of called it quits early in the day in favor of rest before our baseball game!

The gondola across the park was super fun!  Since dad had a scooter we got to ride it across and back in order to get the scooter. It was a neat little trip.

We went to the hotel and got changed into our baseball attire for the game.  The weather was great and so were our seats.  We were on the highest row of the lowest level so that meant we were right near the concessions and bathrooms.  No stairs and no jumping over people.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

San Diego Safari Park

We started our first full day in San Diego at the Safari park.  We were excited about our fun open air jeep tour and fun!

Henry liked the animal carousel!

We headed to our small group tour and got to touch lots of animals!

The turtle knew that if he touched the green ball he would get a treat-Henry got to help!

We got to tour the park and even feed the giraffes!

The tour guide gave out notepads and pens to take notes or for questions.  All the kids took notes and had questions except for one. Henry.  He was like ummm I'm not doing work!  It's summer.

Henry loved having his face painted!  They guarantee it the whole day!  He went through some water and it all smeared so they re-did the whole thing.  He LOVED it.

No one id allowed to ride on the scooter except for the person who rented it.  

Dad and Henry did NOT care about this rule at all!

More carousel!
 We went to Ironside for dinner after the Safari Park.  Delish!
Burrata with peaches

We had a little gelato after dinner in Little Italy.  

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