Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gammy and Henry

Henry loves his Gam Gam! (He loves all his grandparents EQUALLY, but she just left and I got this cute pic before she did so I thought I'd post.)  He runs to the door when she comes over and he cries when she leaves.  He will pitch a fit in the floor with his face on the ground when she says bye, bye.  He even calls her "mama" sometimes!  That is a little weird to me, but oh well...we look alike and sound alike.  He wants her to hold him the ENTIRE time she is around.  If Gammy is going with us in the car and I put him in his carseat...he screams until she tends to him.  I guess my boys just love their Gam Gam!

They love to look at books together.
Gammy and Henry sharing yogurt. (I think there was more on her clothes than in their mouths!)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easter's on its way!

 I decided to actually get out my Easter decorations this year and I am so glad I did.  I think it was just too overwhelmed last year to get my stuff out. After Erinn gave me this cute little bunny salt and pepper shaker inspired me to decorate!

The little blue egg is one my great-grandma, Gran made.  She was a crafter...she made ceramics and quilts!  Cute bunny set from Erinn.

Oh these look so pretty!  Neil got me the pansies and I just stuck my iron eggs in...yay!

eggs and bunnies galore!

Leslie gave me this little sign and I try to change it with the holiday...when I erased it to write the Easter greeting it still said "Happy 2013!"

not much of a decoration, but it makes me happy when I walk by it.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Work Day with Friends

 Neil, Trey, and Beau worked all day long on Saturday landscaping our yards and getting them ready for SPRING!  I do love the "winter" we have, but spring is one of my favorite seasons.  It was my absolute favorite in college because everyone was outside having fun.  I still love it because it means school is almost over, my boys will play outside more, and Easter!!

Anyway, on to the work day.  Trey picked up Neil around 7:30 am and they didn't finish with all three yards until about 7:30 pm.  They worked so hard all day long to get our yards spring ready.  They all agreed that ours and the Buteau's were the worst...but we don't spend 12 hours each Saturday like Beau doing our yards so obviously they were the worst!    I am almost ALMOST embarrassed to show my yard on this blog, but here goes.

ick!  dead, gray, and old

I guess I didn't realize how not great it looked!

someone was sooooo excited Neil got home and wanted him to help.  He immediately got his hands dirty!
the best helper to yard work ever... :)

They took out about 10 of our monkey grass shrubs that I thought looked good and replaced them with 4 azaleas.

Looking better!

finished product!  The pictures don't do it justice, but I can assure you they were WORKING HARD!

yay!!  Clean and nice!

I drove by Beau and Leigh's...looks great as well!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekends are the best!

We love weekends around here.  But, I mean who doesn't?  One thing I do on Sundays that I wish I didn't do is let my week ruin my weekend.  I start counting down the hours until I have to start getting ready for Monday.  I need to work on that.

We didn't really have an agenda this weekend and I loved it. I did have tons of cleaning and laundry to do, but I sort of enjoy it.  I like doing work when it involves my home and my family.

 Bennett had a wonderful day on Friday, so we enjoyed Chick-fil-a for dinner.  He then spent the night at Gammy's.  Lucky boy.

Mom sent me this picture of Bennett with the HUGE Hulk she got for him. I love it!

I just think this is the cutest picture ever...2 boys in 2 windows.  Cuties.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We met Stella!

We finally got to meet Neil's cousin, Catherine's, daughter Stella.  And they finally got to meet Henry.  They came in from Atlanta to have Stella baptized at Trinity in Ruston.  They had a celebratory lunch at Squire Creek for her.  I was glad that we got to make it to the lunch.  

Grandad, Rebecca, and Henry

me, Becky, and H-Beauty

Gigi with Henry

Me and Catherine with the youngest great-grandchildren

All the boys

Bennett thought he was so cool sitting with the big boys

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cupid's Breakfast

Our Valentine's Day started out bright and early.  I am crazy because I went to Wal-mart at 5 am on Valentine's morning to pick up bread for our Valentine's French toast, but I wanted to make it and nothing could stop me...not even the fact that the sun was hours from rising!  I set out the boys' cupid gifts the night before to cross off something off the list.  I got the class gifts made a few days before so I could just focus on our morning.  Both boys woke up in good moods with bed head and smiles.  I made Nutella French Toast and it was soooooo tasty and EASY.   

I love these cute love letter pouches my friend, Gina made.

Bennett was super thrilled to open his prizes!

He has been dying for one of these "crabby patty" sticks

Chicks LOVE superheroes!

Henry dug into his as well

What am I going to do with all this?

He received "My Fuzzy Valentine" with Elmo.

French toast with supposed to be heart shaped strawberries


Happy boys!

I can't get over these!!!

It was off to school for parties galore!  I had planned to take off for both their parties, but Bennett's teacher decided to make theirs kids only.  I was sad but probably needed to work anyway.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cupcake Wars...a birthday party

I went to the most creative 30th birthday ever on Saturday!  David gave Ashleigh the sweetest "Cupcake Wars" birthday ever.  It was all girls and all cupcake.  We were divided randomly in to 4 teams and sent to our stations.  Each station had a mixer and bowl.  There were 2 other tables set up one with tools and one with ingredients.  David gave each team a recipe and told us to get to work...he had the ovens pre-heated and everything!!!  We had to run back and forth through the church until we were finished.  I really see what they mean on the show about time flying because our hour flew!  We got really into the design of our cupcakes making them all Ashleigh themed.  Ashleigh was such an easy topic!  See below for the completed plate of Ashleigh cupcakes.

My team was awesome!!  Ann, me, Sarah, and Emme AKA the WINNING team!  It felt good to be a winner.
These are out of order, but Ashleigh LOVED our "Ashleigh" inspired cupcakes...

Top: Micky Mouse because they just went to Disney, coffee because she loves it, Chevron is her favorite, a cross for Jesus, bikini for the cruise she just got back from, needle and thread for sewing, her monogram, Baylor for her love of the Bears, and a bow because I've never seen her girls without one!!  Love them!

Ashleigh's team in including Jessica!

Here we gooooooooo!

The race was on to get the cupcakes in the oven.

We were really getting into the competition!

When time was called...we had to get a "Hands Off" pic!

EJ and EG LOVED our cupcakes!!  

this was Ashleigh's favorite...the chevron printed one!

Happy Birthday, Ashleigh!  I hope you had a happy 30th!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Valentine's!

Since Henry's party was at 2pm, I was able to go.  Too bad they decided to start at the party at 1:50 so the party was practically over when I arrived. :(  Oh well, it was fun to see Henry and read to his class.

When I arrived he was already done eating. They said he ate a cupcake and 2 Little Debbie snacks.  Sweet, loves-to-eat thing!

Henry and his teacher, Ms. Tundra

Henry and Preston (they've been in class together since baby room!)
Henry and Ms. Shancey

Henry and Mommy

The class...Jacob, Preston, Aubrey, Mitchell, and Hennie (We were giving them all their gifts and Henry got mad because I didn't give him one.  We gave them Valentine plate/bowl)

This was Bennett's Valentine..."I CEREALsly want you to be my Valentine."  Bennett would laugh every time I told it what it said!

This is EVERYTHING both boys received at their parties.  It was disgusting!  The entire bar was covered.

Pops came over later to give them their Valentine's...outfits from La Bambolina

Thanks, Pops!  It was like Christmas around here.  Pops even gave me a Medina gift certificate and Mom gave me flowers!  

This is what we got for Valentine's from Bennett.  So sweet!!!

Bennett enjoyed some candy heart graphing

And we all enjoyed heart shaped pork chops for dinner!
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