Monday, February 18, 2013

Cupid's Breakfast

Our Valentine's Day started out bright and early.  I am crazy because I went to Wal-mart at 5 am on Valentine's morning to pick up bread for our Valentine's French toast, but I wanted to make it and nothing could stop me...not even the fact that the sun was hours from rising!  I set out the boys' cupid gifts the night before to cross off something off the list.  I got the class gifts made a few days before so I could just focus on our morning.  Both boys woke up in good moods with bed head and smiles.  I made Nutella French Toast and it was soooooo tasty and EASY.   

I love these cute love letter pouches my friend, Gina made.

Bennett was super thrilled to open his prizes!

He has been dying for one of these "crabby patty" sticks

Chicks LOVE superheroes!

Henry dug into his as well

What am I going to do with all this?

He received "My Fuzzy Valentine" with Elmo.

French toast with supposed to be heart shaped strawberries


Happy boys!

I can't get over these!!!

It was off to school for parties galore!  I had planned to take off for both their parties, but Bennett's teacher decided to make theirs kids only.  I was sad but probably needed to work anyway.

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  1. Those are some sweet little boys. I can't believe you went to WalMart at 5am!


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