Saturday, February 9, 2013

Little Black Dress Luncheon

I don't know if I'd mentioned it or not, but I am the "team leader" for the women's ministry at our church.  I don't think it means I have any sort of authority or anything like's just a title.  Our staff person at the church is Deana, director of Women's ministry and Prayer ministry. She handles the business side of things.  

We've been planning this event for a few months and have been really excited about it.  We have a Bible study beginning at the end of February that is so exciting because I will be able to go!  Now on to the event...

We had Knox Goodman, a local boutique owner teach us how to accessorize our outfits. She was so funny saying things like "we are girls until we die" and "belts have never been out of style."  Erinn and Leigh Ann modeled the $500 dresses for us!  We also had Debbie Covington speak about her ministry, Journey of Sisters and deliver the message for us.  She did a great job!

The planning team: Carolyn, Glenda, me, Kay, Melonie, Brooke, Jody, and Deana

me with Brooke, our fabulous decorations chairman

We had everyone donate clothes and accessories for a local organization.

Bain Hall with all 14 tables

Kathy and Debbie with their fair trade items for sale

All the items

Our cute table!

Brooke did a fabulous job on the decor!!!  I was impressed!

Here I am doing the welcome...I didn't know if I needed tights or bare legs...I went bare.

Erinn modeling the dress and jewelry

Leigh Ann showing off the belt and clutch!

Carol and me

Our able minus Connie and Angela

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