Thursday, January 31, 2019

Henry is 101 days smarter!

Henry had his 101 days of school celebration the other day and didn't seem to thrilled about the "make-up" I put around his eye.  He was actually ticked about it!  I wanted him to look like a dalmatian!

 He was happy at school so I guess that's all that matters!

Sweet little class!

Oh, this is Fellas Night!

Neil planned a little Sunday School guys night for one of the guys whose wife is going through chemo!  Great turnout! 

Neil, Ryan, Phillip. Joe, Corey, John, Taylor, Kyle, and Steve

Funny Story:  I kept texting a few of the guys to get a group pic and no one would take it!  So, I called the restaurant and asked the server to do it!  She did and now we have this great pic for the Sunday School Bulletin board, my blog, and full documentation!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Bennett's 4th grade play!

Bennett's play "Rockin' around the 50s" was really adorable!  He was in the "Splish Splash" song so he got to wear a robe and shower cap.  Easiest costume we've ever had!

All the moms got together and decorated the stage like a 50s diner and boy, was it cute!  We were pretty proud of ourselves!  We sell frames at the beginning of each play with a group photo in it to each parent!  Woohoo for fundraising!

All of the 4th graders!

Bennett's class!

We also included an individual of each kid

 We have a PTA general meeting before each play and little did I know, but Henry was taking my picture the whole time!
"Please give us money"

Yes, our public school needs Smart Tvs!  Money I tell ya!
 And then it was time for the real show!!!

He had a singing solo!

"Bing Bang, I saw the whole thing"

"The kids had the dancing bug!"

We were so happy that Nana, Pops, Rebecca, and Daniel joined us!

Emerson, Isaac, Kris, and Bennett

Presely, Emerson, Brayden, Bennett, and Ellison

Sarah Kathryn tested for KINDERGARTEN!

Our girl is old enough to test for Kindergarten?  Wait, What?  Yeah, she is old enough!  HOW!?

She is so ready and LOVES school more than anything!  She wants to go to school everyday and not have weekends or breaks.  

So, I took her for her test and told her that she needed to answer all of their questions and she could choose where she wanted to go!  All 3 of my kids have chosen to go to Chuck-E-Cheese.  She chose that and the Library!   She did great (she said) so we headed to CEC.  We were thrilled that we were going to get to babysit Lillian while Rebecca and Daniel ran to Marshall,TX.

Ready to go back to test!

super pumped!

We got to see our favorite people!

I'm at Chuck E Cheese on a random Wednesday!

There were only about 6 other people there so she had Charles to herself!

I got to snuggle Lillian and rock her to sleep.  I even played a bunch of games because 100 tokens for a 4 year old is too many!

Next Stop: Library!  She loves it so much!  I hope she always does!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Career Day with the boys!

I had the privilege of teaching Henry's class 5 fun Junior Achievement lessons on career day!  All of the kids dressed up in their best career day outfits to hear these fun life-lessons!

I had a little fun thing item for each child after each lesson!

I had a Festive Favor founder, policeman, and a baseball player!

We had lots of  "singers" in Henry's class!

Look at all of these 1st grade police officers with our actual police officer!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Amy and John Mayton's sip and see!

The moment we've all been waiting for....Amy and Daniel got a baby and this crew couldn't wait to celebrate them!

We had this shower planned with 16 hostesses, a theme, a guest list, a gift, and venue about 7 minutes after we knew John Mayton had found his forever family!  Such a great way to celebrate this little lamb!

Hostesses and the guests of honor

So cute to walk up to this!

The table was gorgeous and the food was delish!

Custom cups and napkins along with cookies, macrons, and petit fours rounded out the dessert table

The festive favors!!

SILS!  There were 3 sets of SILS on the invitation!
Loving all her lamb stuff!

Image may contain: Amy Horne Williams, smiling
So pretty!

And then Amy gave us the sweetest Mardi Grad themed hostess gifts!  King Cake ice cream with a custom MG towel!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Nacogdoches or BUST!

We've been mighty sad since the Shirleys moved to Nacogdoches.  They were just so easy to hang with...we could just stop by at each others houses and we just loved that.  They decidedto open their own office in Nacogdoches, TX.  It's only an hour and half away so we were happy to go when they invited us!

We couldn't wait to see their new house and the fancy, new office!  When we arrived Brett had a homemade fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice Salty Dog ready for me!  So delish!  Anna made her famous salted chocolate chip cookies and mac and cheese!  

SK and Holt (SK calls him Hulk)

Henry, Miller, SK, McCann, Bennett, and Holt

Anna is a straight up chef!

Sweet girls in pjs!

Their property is sprawling with 100 acres and a 9 hole golf course!  Neil and Brett took hours to hang 1 swing in this tree.

This swing was inside the house and was so much fun!

We went to their local food truck and had some good BBQ tacos!

We went to the park and just had Nac tour!

One of my favorite parts!  Visiting their new office that they have poured so much time and dedication in!  This is Anna's most amazing logo for a dentist I've ever seen!

Neil loved this.

They tried all their equipment out on us!  Guinea pigging is my favorite!


I took this so they can always look back when he is retired or 95 and still working!  So fun!

Anna and I both got a little botox because wrinkles.
 The office was so fab!  Anna's dentist and assistant chairs were hot pink!  Best looking office ever!

We went back to the house and let the kids play in their creek before we headed home.  Of course, they got soaking wet before we got in the car.

How pretty to see this as we were leaving!

We could only stay one night because I had to get ready for Amy's shower which was a the next day!  Thank you so much for the hospitality, Shirleys!  We loved every minute!

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