Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning

The Easter bunny did a great job picking out the boys' favorite things this year.  Bennett woke up bright and early to let us know that he saw what the Easter Bunny brought for him.  He was super excited. I had to drag myself out of the bed to get my camera before he could dive in to the basket.  We grabbed Henry out of bed and let them loose!  

Easter Basket fun!

Henry loved BENNETT'S Batman drink

Bennett was thrilled about his  "inja turtle."

Henry was really into his basket this year.

Bennett was a big helper.

I sort of felt like Neil didn't want his picture taken.

The gum-pooping-chicken was the favorite of the morning,

gum-pooping chicken
 We had a really weird Easter morning.  We weren't rushing around to get ready for church because Bennett wasn't allowed to get out of the house and Henry was feverish with a cold.  It felt really awkward and empty not going to church on Easter.  Next year, we are there for sure!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Our Spring Break wasn't filled with a fancy beach vacay or a fun ski was filled with surgery and sick boys.  And I have to say I wouldn't have changed it.  I LOVED being the one that got to take care of my boys for a week during the day without the constant guilt of taking off work.  They needed me and I got to be here!

It all started when Henry has his second set of tubes a couple weeks ago.  Dr. Pou randomly started telling us about how some kids are misdiagnosed with ADHD, snore loudly, and wake up in the middle of the night.  Neil and I looked at each other and told Dr. Pou that he was TOTALLY describing Bennett.  Dr. Pou said that most parents just laugh off snoring because it's sort of cute, but it is not normal and we needed to bring him in.  Hmmmmm.

At Henry's post op (which was great..tubes look fine), we had Bennett seen as well.  Bennett was checked out and had huge tonsils, high palate, teeth grinding, snoring like a man, ADHD, veins popping out of forehead and chest... diagnosed with sleep apnea.  Poor thing!  We left feeling like our baby hasn't been breathing correctly while he slept for the last 4 years.

We were told to do the surgery either Spring Break or summer.  We decided that we didn't want Bennett to miss 2 weeks of his summer, so we would do it now.  The down time for Bennett is 2 weeks.  He has to stay out of school for 7 days and no physical activity for 14 days.  Thankfully, Nana will take care of Bennett when we all go back to work after the break.

To start Bennett's Spring Break, we had a play date at Sam's house.  His mommy invited us over for a "best buddies" playdate.  These boys just love each other.  They seem to play well together at school and always do a little "best buddies" cheer.  They each put their hands in the center and raise them while saying "Bessssst Buddddddies!"  Adorable!
Sam, John, and Bennett

Tuesday was our big surgery day.  Nana came over the night before to make dinner and to get up with Henry while we were at the surgery center.  We were so glad she was here to help!  Bennett basically got to eat whatever he wanted...about 10 mini Snickers... because we knew he wasn't going to be eating much like that for 2 weeks.
Here is Bennett on the pre-meds that make you extra goofy!  He still had his tonsils!

He was hilarious on the pre-meds.  He kept laughing and saying silly things.  He had to use the restroom during the loopy meds and stared at the pee saying "look at all the bubbles, they are yellow!"

The nurses came in and got him for the surgery.  I was soooooooooooooo nervous.  Neil is so good at staying calm and keeping me calm.  The surgery didn't take long and Bennett did great!  Dr. Pou came out to talk to us and told us that he really needed his tonsils out.  He said they were bigger than he thought and had a film on them that looked like they were about to be infected.  See ya, tonsils and adenoids!

The nurses called us back to see Bennett in recovery.  They said "he is pretty upset and is crying."  Our poor little guy was just huddled up in a big hospital bed crying.  It was just heartbreaking to see him like that.  I crawled up on the bed and held him.  He was disoriented, crying, and in pain.  Neil and I kept telling how brave he was and how proud we were of him.  He kept trying to pull out his IV and could not really be consoled.

Nana and Pops met us at the surgery center to check on B.  Bennett was glad to see Nana as he had asked for her and Gammy after he woke up.  Sweet boy loves his grandmothers!  I know it sounds selfish, but I wanted him to want me.

So, we made it home and climbed up in our bed to watch cartoons.  We just knew Bennett would fall asleep immediately.  The only people that fell asleep were Neil and me! 

Bennett after surgery with his Batman bandaid on his IV wound.

B used his blanket to cover up Neil on our bed!

Carolyn was so sweet to bring B a banana milkshake.  I didn't even know they made banana milkshakes, but that is what he wanted and Carolyn found it!  Thanks, Carolyn.
The next few pictures are a total testament to how easily kids can bounce back.  It is a hard thing to keep a 4 year old full-of-energy boy calm for 2 weeks...when he couldn't even sit around the DAY OF SURGERY!
Pops brought Bennett a huge basket of Spiderman goodies and balloons.  His favorite were these Spiderman punching gloves.  Great gift for a kid who is supposed to be sitting calmly. Thanks, Pops!

I was glad that I was going to be able to send Henry to daycare on Tuesday-Thursday so I could have one-on-one time with Bennett.  On Wednesday, his daycare called and said he had fever and needed to be picked up.  Poor thing has had a green gunky nose since Wednesday, fever, and a cough.  It is just a virus!  On Friday evening I called the pediatrician's nurse because I thought Henry was wheezing.  She said I needed to take him to the ER for a breathing treatment if wheezing was the care.  I had NO idea she would say that.

I called Carolyn and asked her to come and listen to him and she thought he needed to go.  I called Erin D. and she said the same thing.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing the wrong thing.  The nurse told me to go ahead and take him because it always seems to worsen at night.  We headed to Highland and do you think he wheezed 1 time?  no.  I was annoyed with myself for being a paranoid mom, but Neil reminded me that it gave me peace of mind so I wouldn't worry all night long.  We were seen by the doctor before the lady even came in to "register" us in the hospital.  Glad my baby is well.
These boys just want to play outside! But, Bennett doesn't just want to walk around outside...he wants to jump on the trampoline or slide or climb.  Poor guy...he is going stir crazy.

We've had lots of offers for milkshakes.  Henry had to have one too.  He destroyed it about 30 seconds after enjoying it.

Brothers love each other.
We've totally been trying to come up with calm, indoor fun.  We dyed eggs, made deviled eggs, made an airplane out of a diaper box, built a box fort, planted some plants, rolled a ball that turned into throwing/kicking it, cooked, baked a cake, and made a list.  Bennett saw me making a grocery list and said "Mom, will you help me make a list?"

Of, course!!!  I am a list maker.  I will write something down on a list that I have already done just to cross it off.  I am so glad Bennett shares my love of list-making.   After I sent this picture to my aunt she said "people who make lists are generally successful!"

so here is his list!  I love the bullet points.  I made the first one and he did other ones.  I am so proud of his writing skills!  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Deviled Eggs

 When you have a bunch of hard-boiled eggs, lots of time on your hands, and all the makings for deviled get in the kitchen and make deviled eggs!  Bennett and I decided to surprise Daddy by making them because they are his favorite. Bennett was the best helper.  He loves to stir.  He was also great at piping the filling into the egg halves. We've been trying to come up with low key activities to keep Bennett calm and entertained since he had his tonsils out.

Piping the his batman cape shirt.

they taste great!

Thanks for grabbing the camera, Dad!

We even added parsley from our garden!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dallas Market

Since Rebecca and I started our new Lemons and Limes Boutique, we had to go to market to buy items to  sell!  We are excited about the "merch" we purchased in sizes ranging from small-2XL!  Please go like our page today!  If you don't have Facebook...tell your friends!

Rebecca, Erinn, and I arrived in Dallas on Friday night just in time for dinner.  Leslie picked us up from our hotel and took us to dinner.  We got back and Erinn unrolled the sofa bed and discovered something really gross.  This delightful find treated us to free breakfast and 5,000 Marriot rewards points!

The next day we were up and at 'em bright and early.  We headed to market and stayed there until 5pm.  It was a long day, but we found some great merchandise!
Mint green is the color for fall...we all matched.

We got back to the hotel and re-grouped, added up our purchases, and relaxed for a second.  We then met Leslie at her fancy apartment and then headed to Urban Taco.  It was a fun little Mexican place with fun friends.  After, we headed to Laduni for dessert.  We split the 4 cake slice sampler.  We each chose a slice to share.  I'm so glad that we all like sweets!
me, Rebecca, Erinn, and Leslie

Cinnamon Brioche with caramel drizzle.  We all ended up liking someone else's pick better.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dicharry Egg Hunt

 We had the annual Dicharry Easter egg hunt on Sunday.  We always look forward to the fun that Erin makes!  She makes everything special.  It was about 40 degrees and that COLD here in Shreveport...especially for March.  It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a blast hunting.  Thankfully, Mom met us there and went with Henry to the 3 and under section while I went with be to 4 and older.
Bennett was so fast this year!

Sweet boys!

They did not want to pause for a picture...Henny is really wanting to get into that egg.

He had a great time.

Bennett was excited that his Best Buddy, Sam was there.  Same found a golden egg and won a chocolate bunny.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Community Renewal Birthday Party

Our Sunday School class has decided to adopt the Friendship House in the Allendale neighborhood of Shreveport.  We are going to coordinate and implement the birthday party at the house each month.  This month was the Lewis family's turn to host.  Since there were 2 boys who had March birthdays...we did it all sports themed.  The kids just really loved it.  All the other kids kept coming up to us telling us when their birthdays were and the things they liked.

It was a lot of fun to host this party, but it was sad in so many ways.  You could just tell that these kids wanted SOMEONE to pay attention to them.  They just wanted someone to look at them, give a hug, or watch them slide.  Most wanted me to take their pictures.  We will certainly be back next month for the April kiddos!

Bennett had a blast with the kids!

Bennett with "Chicken-Man"...he turned 5 on March 21st.

Happy Birthday!

They were so excited to enjoy pizza (sent by the Price's), ice cream, and cupcakes!

Kevin hugged the box the scooter was in!

I hope we can form a relationship with these kids because you can really tell that they need it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bennett's Easter party

Bennett had tons of fun Easter activities today.  He had an Easter hat parade, Easter chapel, an egg hunt, and  a special snack!  I am so glad that I took off work the whole day to enjoy it with him.  I think he was glad I was there, too.  He kept wanting me to do everything with him and it made me feel good!  

Here is Bennett at chapel...he saw me and was so excited!

Each child had to bring 6 eggs with the child's name on them.  Bennett had some really fancy Spiderman and Batman eggs to find.  When I saw them at Target I just knew my boy would love them!  I felt like a total slacker mom because the eggs were due on Wednesday and I had forgotten to fill them!  I ran to Wal-mart before school on Wednesday and picked up fillers.  Mrs. Rose had baskets for all the kids ready to go!  It was raining so we hid all 72 eggs in the lobby of the pre-school area.  They were totally fine with it.

Yaaaaay!!  Batman!


Keegan got the same as me...oh wait! That says Bennett!

He counted all 6 eggs and said "I have 6 eggs" about 12 times.

Erin made the cutest Peep push pops!

me with my sweet, big boy!

Bennett loves Mrs. Rose!

We had a blast making his Easter hat.  It was hard to make a boyish hat!  We went to Dollar Tree and he picked out all the Superheroes even though I had a cute dinosaur idea in mind.  But, I thought that it's his so he should pick.  He loved picking out where to put each Marvel man!  I came up with the Spiderman hatching out of the Easter egg!  I also burned myself royally with the glue gun!  He was so proud when he walked in the room in his hat!
All the kids in their hats with Bennett acting like the class clown

Bennett put his Easter hat on me for this pic!

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