Friday, February 28, 2014


This week at Bennett's school was P-week.  They've done so many "P" related activities this week including 2 dress-up days.  I love dress-up days!  Wednesday was pajama/pancakes day.  Bennett put on his pajamas but then decided that he was not wearing shoes with them so he wore jeans and a t-shirt.  We had a rough morning and just decided to pick our battles and let him wear the jeans.  We had to laugh when we received the group pic of all the kids AND teachers wearing pajamas...and our boy was in regular clothes.  Oh well!

Thankfully for pirate/princess day Bennett was excited to put on his outfit.  He even wore his camo boots with it because "they are sort of black." (pirates wear black boots)  I didn't care because he was happy and excited to go to school.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Henry, Gammy, and I dropped Bennett off to play with a friend and thought Henry should get to do something special too.  Since I've been craving a toasted marshmallow s'more shake from Twisted Root, we headed there.  Henry ate all his dinner and then got to have a few tastes of Gammy's toasted coconut cream pis shake.  He was loving it!

It's not good unless it's on your nose.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

32 weeks with #3!

My clubs meets every Tuesday so that is why I am usually wearing this t-shirt in the pics.  Only Henry wanted to join in on the picture.


How Far Along: 32 Weeks 

Size of baby: 4lbs 6 oz according to my ultrasound

Total Weight Gain/Loss: lots!

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity...I have to wear Neil's t-shirts for pajamas because mine don't fit :)

 Gender: We aren't finding out!  Now, that I'm used to not knowing what we are having it is really fun!  I like the idea of waiting.

Movement: kicking and moving all the time.  Lots in the early morning and evening. 

Sleep: I sleep really well except for my every 1-2 hour bathroom breaks.  Thankfully I can go right back to sleep after getting up.  I am having a lot of hip pain that wakes me up at night.  When I go to the bathroom I have to hold onto the bed, dresser, and walls just to get there.  Neil wants to get me a cane for when he isn't home! 

What I miss: pain-free living due to tail bone/hip really feels like my pelvis is breaking every time I get out of bed.

Cravings: I have been loving yogurt, cold items, cuties, fruit, chicken salad, and sweets..always

 Symptoms:  I was put on a beta blocker last week, but it wasn't really relieving my symptoms of heart palpitations so I asked if I could stop taking it.  I would rather not take anything then take something that isn't working.  My doctor took me off work the rest of the week because my fluids are low.  She wants me to rest and force fluids.  The fluid level around the baby measured 5.6 and it should be a 12 for 32 weeks pregnant.  Needless to say I am a basket case!  I go back tomorrow at 8:30 to have everything checked.  If my levels aren't up, I have to be admitted for IV fluids.  Praying for fluids levels to rise.  I am drinking tons!  Thankfully, Neil decided to stay home until after my appointment.  Casey said that this baby is going to give a run for our money so it's probably a girl! ha!

Best Moment this week: Henry kissing my belly.  And he said "I have a lion in my tummy!"

32 weeks with Henry

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ruston Royalty

We were super excited to learn that Richard and Janine had been selected as the Duke and Duchess of the Ruston Mardi Gras Ball.  We got to be with Ruston Royalty, people!  Janine heard about this website called Rent the Runway and it turned out to be the best deal ever.  You basically just pick put what you need, order it (they send 2 sizes just in case), and they have it to you a couple days before your event.  You just ship it back the day after.  I mean who really needs to spend $400 on a formal they will wear once?  Not this girl!  Oh, and I rented my Oscar de la Renta earrings, too!

I am planning to rent dresses from them for weddings and other stuff...Love it!

I ordered my sweet tea in a a martini glass to feel festive.

Duke and Duchess Lewis

Rebecca rented her dress and totally rocked it!

Almost time to be presented!

so glad Neil is home to have fun with us!

Time for Second Line

Andrew bid on this vase and WON!

Andrew, Neil, and Robbie

Friday, February 21, 2014

Centaur Float Loading

When Matt Melton told us about the Centaur Float Loading party I just knew we had to go.  We were in Ruston for the parade so we wanted to boys to get to enjoy the fun before the parade.  It was so family friendly and safe.  There were no giant moving floats that could run them over.  They had so much fun looking at all the floats and shouting "throw me something, mister!"  

Henry really loved the Peter Pan float because he LOVES Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  

Here they are trying to get some goods!

Amy lifted Henry up to see the mean Hansel and Gretel witch and he said "that's scary!"

Captain Hook!!

We took this picture because we know how much Nana loves "Ferdinand the Bull."

my boys are so handsome.  I think I am obsessed.

Ms. Elrod (the retired librarian from CSHS) gave the boys lots of fun toys!

We even say the Price crew.  Julia and Rand looked so cute in their MG tees.

Our Cowboy

Today was western wear day at school to promote the annual fundraiser for Bennett's school.  We will be doning our western wear for the party on March 7th.  Bennett got all dressed up for the day!  I have to admit that I totally threw this outfit together in about 5 minutes.  I made the belt-buckle out of a KFC to-go container lid and foil...of course it needed his monogram!

These pictures do not show what our morning was like before we got to school, though.  Bennett was one pissed off little cowboy.  He said "that's not what cowboys wear!"  "They wear brown or gray!"  "Their pockets are torn up!"  Sorry, we didn't have any of that stuff!

I think he looked pretty darn cute!  I love this little cowboy!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Babymoon in Tulsa

When Neil decided to stay in Tulsa for 12 days, we decided that I should go up and visit him on my long weekend.  It turned out to be a great idea!  We I called this our babymoon for #3!  I arrived in Tulsa on Friday night at 7:30, Neil came and got me, and we headed to the hotel.

Neil had these gorgeous flowers waiting on me!  He is sooooooo creative and turned a Dasani bottle into a vase for me.  He cut the top off and voila...a vase!  

On Saturday, Neil went to work and I headed to the Lifetime Fitness spa.  Wow.  This place was amazing!  It was like a huge mall of fitness.  The spa was fantastic!  They had a Valentine's special so I was able to get a massage, facial, and a pedicure.  I went ahead and got my hair done so I could look swanky for our babymoon!  Since Neil is staying at a DoubleTree, I had to partake in their delicious cookies!  Neil was astounded when he saw they have 360 calories PER cookie! I ate 6 from Friday to Monday and didn't feel guilty at all.

I met Neil and his co-workers at Pei Wei for lunch after my spa treatments!
Pei Wei lunch
 We headed back to Neil's office so he could introduce me to some folks and so that I could see the place.
looking good!
 Since Nana and Granddad are going to be one of the dukes/duchesses at the Ruston Mardi Gras ball we had to get Neil fitted for a tux.  Man, this place was busy!  We were just glad to get him measured and get out of there.

We drove around Tulsa, Neil showed me some of his favorite places, and then we went back to the hotel to watch the Olympics....we were really lazy this trip!  I enjoyed having moments of down time where I could just nap if I felt like it!

For dinner, we headed to Smoke.  Neil really likes it and wanted to take me.  They were totally full so we sat at the bar.  The highlight was a fried green tomato stuffed with crabmeat.  Delish!

Sunday was by far the laziest day for me.  Neil went to work while I stayed at the hotel.  I blogged, read, watched TV, napped, showered, and perused Instagram for 4 hours!  It was FABULOUS!  Neil got back and we headed to Utica Square, a shopping and eating area that is pretty well-known in Tulsa.

We ate lunch at Queenie's and it was really good.  We split a slice of lemon cake, too.  A nice old man next to us said "I can tell you've been married for a while and it is so nice to see you holding hands because you just don't see that anymore."  It was so sweet!

Lunch at Queenies
After Queenies and some shopping where I didn't buy one thing...we headed back to the hotel for you guessed it...a nap!  I took 2 naps on Sunday!  Neil kept saying "I feel like we aren't doing anything!"  I said "this is exactly what I wanted to do...nothing!"  It was sooooooo nice!

On Sunday night, we ate at Doc's, Neil's favorite restaurant in Tulsa.  He's been a few times and really enjoyed the food and atmosphere.  He loves that all the restaurants seem to have a cool atmosphere.
Neil was sick of pictures by this night.  No couple photo from Doc's.    :(
After Doc's I had to get packed to get ready for my 6 am flight.  I had to get up at 4 to leave the hotel by 4:30.  The shuttle was supposed to take me to the airport but they didn't start running until 6 so Neil had to take me.  I hated for him to get up that early! 

I arrived in Dallas at 7am and got to my gate 2 hours early.  I just sat there and waited to board.  While I was waiting I saw Jake from the Bachelor get off the plane!  I knew he was a pilot, but didn't know he'd be flying me to Shreveport!  After we arrived in Shreveport I asked to get a picture with him.  I look like death with no make-up, up since 4, and hugely pregnant!  Oh well, I thought Amy would get a kick out of the pic!

I just loved going to Tulsa.  We are so thankful that Gammy and Nana could watch the boys so that we could make it happen.  Might not be too many more trips like this in the future since we will have 3 kids!

While Daddy is away...

We had a really beautiful afternoon the other day so we decided to have a picnic!  We packed a bag, drove through Tado Bell, and went to the BP park.  The boys loved it!

They ate their cheese roll-ups and rice and went pecan picking.  We cracked a bunch of them and they enjoyed eating them.

pecan picking

The boys were so excited to see each other after being apart for 5 days. Bennett was in Ruston staying with Nana and Granddad during his winter break.  I love this bath time picture of them!

After baths, Daddy read "Goodnight Construction Site" to the boys. Neil thought of the great idea to bring a couple books to Tulsa with him so he could read to them via FaceTime.  Such a good daddy! You do what you gotta do, right?

They were loving this for about 5 minutes until they started pushing each other to get closer to the iPad.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Breakfast

The night before Valentine's I set up a little table with some goodies for a fun breakfast.  We were glad that Nana was there to participate!  Bennett loved being able to give her Valentine to her.  

WARNING: Sugar Intake Post
Please don't make comments on my kids' sugar intake, Beck.  I don't let them have candy and sweets just seems that way because you don't see posts about all of our meals and their snacks made of only fruit!  

Checking out their goods

Ninja Turtles!

We had cinnamon rolls that they got to decorate, apples, eggs, and muffins that I cut into the shape of hearts.

Bennett added sprinkles to his apple!

It says "We love you from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our toes."  We used Henry's hands for the heart and Bennett's foot for the toes.  Henry said "I painted that!"

Finally got a smile!

And we have to have some brotherly pestering, of course!

Me and my 3 little Valentine's
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