Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

This year we had a scary zombie, green man, and Supergirl.  Man, I miss the cute costumes so much!  They all had so much fun so it doesn't really matter if I like their costumes or not!

There was a huge debate going on in Shreveport about when to Trick or Treat.  People were going nuts on whether or not we should move trick or treating, but we decided to stick with October 31!
Sweet babies!

We started our evening at Jill's as usual.  She had her awesome carnival set up in their garage!  Jill does EVERYTHING!  She won't let us bring a thing.  She is the best hostess!

These cuties were ready!  This is our Colorado crew!

Henry and Sister were speeding to the houses!  We tried to beat the rain so we went early!

They love this "graveyard"

Daddy and his sweet sleeve tattoos!
Such a cute group of trick-or-treaters!

Jude the Explorer and Bennett the green man

Henry even saw his classmate, Thomas roaming the streets!

Checking out the loot!

Henry and the Dixie Maze

Henry's Halloween "party" was a field trip to the Dixie Maze.  Three moms and six boys were in our group.  At one point we all went in the maze and only the 3 moms came out.  We lost all the boys, but finally found them one by one.  Oops. Bad chaperones.

Abrham, Thomas, Truett, Henry, Hudson, and Caden

This is right before we lost everyone. One mom has twin boys so her other boy joined our group.  Lost em all.

The boys loved the air soft guns the most!  They shoot foam balls each other and love it!

Festive mom with my spider fascinator and witch earrings.

Henry catching some air!

Also had my fancy jack-o-lantern nails did.  I really should do better work on my cuticles!

Hayride time!

They had a fun lunch picnic and they were sweaty!

So glad I get to be with my babies for all their fun events!

Halloween Breakfast 2018

Making foods look like something else especially for holidays is probably my love language.  It's one of my most favorite things ever!

Halloween breakfast was fun this year. I made homemade oatmeal with Halloween sprinkles, ghost shaped pancakes, ghost bananas, and hot chocolate! It was all really healthy, too! :)

Sweetest babies!  I just hope they have fun holiday memories.

There's a witch hat pancake too!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween Chapel

Halloween Chapel is just adorable!  The kids get to wear their costumes and since all of their regular chapel songs along with some fun Halloween songs.  They are so darn cute!  This year our Super Girl rocked it at chapel!

Not sure what she was laughing at.

Sweetest girl and me

Supergirl and Vamprina

Supergirl and Elsa (Sam)
 It happened to be costume day at ballet on the same day!  yessssss!  These cuties were ready!
Supergirl, Incredible girl (Frances), Golden Girl (Kate), Elsa (Leeda), and Aurora (Elise)

Monday, October 29, 2018

Celebrating Baby Reed

We were thrilled to be able to get together to celebrate Catherine's new baby at Frank's!  We had a delicious meal with the cutest cookies and we each brought diapers and wipes.  Can't wait to find out if Baby Reed is a Boy or Girl!


We forgot to take a pic inside so we set up my phone on the car and did self-timer!

Run 4 Funds

Our fun school has a Run 4 Funds event where we raise money while the kids run around the track.  Henry's class loved it, but he was only able to run one lap because he had pediatric endocrinologist appointment.  I almost canceled it for Run 4 Funds, but everyone thought that was nuts!  Henry was super sad to miss it. 

Thomas and Henry are sweet little buddies

Sweet Rockstars

They are ready!

And off to the doctor we went for a good check-up!
 I brought Henry back to school just in time for Bennett's class to run!
Bennett, Brayden, and Pearce

Getting stretched out!

Bennett was dedicated!

He did 27 laps!  Almost 3 miles!!  Great job, B!

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