Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

This year we had an Army Soldier from a video game, Bowser, and Moana.  I'm feeling like my days of adorable costumes have come and gone.  We are now only into the video game, tv, and movie costumes!  Where did my baby strawberry, lamb, and scarecrow go???

Our first stop is usually our neighbor, Susan!  She always has something special for the kids!!

Same with our other neighbor, Mr. Glenn!  He has a special gift for each one of our babies!  So thoughtful!  Most mornings before school Neil takes the boys to feed Mr. Glenn's fish.  It is a special friendship.

As with the past few years, we were invited to the Favrots.  Jill always does such a great job on her Halloween carnival!  She thinks of everything!  Prizes, games, food, and fun!

I never give up a chance to toss on a wig!

Trying everything for a pic of all my kids!

We had our trick or treating cut short due a rain.  We ended up with plenty of candy so it was OK!

Gammy met us for the end of our Halloween experience.
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Sarah Kathryn's Halloween Carnival

Sarah Kathryn had a great Halloween Carnival at school.  She has such a sweet class of friends and loved being able to show off her Moana costume!

The wig totally makes the outfit!  This girl rocked it!

Moana/SK decorating cookies

yoga station

We lost the wig for the rest of the day.  She loved the bean bag toss

Donut on a string...delish!

Very serious about her sand art.

We even got to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch AND got to pick a little pumpkin!

Pops even joined in for a few minutes of Halloween fun!

I loved rocking my spider fascinatior!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rebecca's Witches Night Out

We had so much fun celebrating Rebecca for her wedding!  This was one of my favorite parties to attend!  Rebecca had a Witches' Night Out!  It was a Halloween themed girly party.  My favorite holiday!  We had fun spooky foods and a cocktail with "eyeballs" and raspberry puree shooters!  My kind of party food!

Rebecca's facilitator is a huge spiderweb with birdcage over her face!  LOVE!

Rebecca and her hostesses.  Sweet ladies!

We were the only festive ones wearing facilitators!  I love to celebrate!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween for adults

We were invited to a costume birthday party for a 30 year old youngster and I am just now realizing I took no pictures of really anything other than these 2 pics.  Thankfully Jill had made these cute costumes for she and Kenneth so I borrowed and it was a cinch!
Loved our little costumes!

We were excited to see Paul and Janie so we took this to send to our mutual friends, the Shirleys!  Andre in the background photo bombing!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Henry's Pajama Party

The Kindergarten Halloween party is SO MUCH FUN!  It is so cute, too!  These K teachers really go above and beyond.  I can't believe they do all they do.  It really is impressive!  Each party is complete with about 6-7 stations of fun!  This party was all about nocturnal animals, night time, and constellations.  Everyone had to bring a pillow, flashlight, and slippers to wear.  It was such a fun morning!

Cuties in their pajamas!

Everyone signed their name 21 times. Each child took home a pillow case with all of their classmates' signatures on it!

Henry and one of his favorite friends, Vihaan

He loves his Super Mario slippers.

They made constellations using toothpicks and marshmallows at one station.

They made constellations using star stickers, too!

They used their flashlights to search for stars and constellations all over the classroom. 

The whole class and our wonderful teacher!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fall Fun 2017

We had some major fun celebrating Halloween this year!  We decorated pumpkins, decorated cookies, went to the dentist and to the school carnival!

The theme for Pumpkin Shine was "Fairfield Celebrates the Year of the Pumpkin." Each grade had 2 months to create pumpkins that went along with that month.  Kindergarten had July and 3rd grade had October.   Henry made a firework pumpkin for 4th of July and Bennett made a spider for Halloween.

He made this thing look really patriotic!

Bennett really liked using the drill to put this spider legs in!
 Neil got a wild hair and made home made cookie dough so that we could all decorate Halloween cookies!  So much fun!  This is one of my favorite things to do ever so naturally I was in heaven.

The kids like eating the icing.

Mine.  Yeah, I am proud.

Daddy is getting that ghost done!

mine again. #proud

Go girl!

First dentist check up.

This trip made me realize that I never want to take 3 kids to the dentist at once ever again.

Pumpkin Shine!  Henry is standing next to his pumpkin along with his little friends who are twins, Izaiah, and Abram.

B and his spider pumpkin!
 Our school carnival was a total blast!  We got our faces painted, hair done, and PLAYED hard!
Both Henry and I like to partake in all of the things the carnival has to offer.

Pretty thing!

Got my hair did, my face painted, and Amy enjoyed the pie in the face booth!

Henry and Libby!

College roommates to Fairfield Dads!  Awesome!

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