Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boys Being Boys!

Trey and Georgia invited a few friends out to his aunt and uncle's house to watch the Bass Master classic boats drive in to the boat launch. Our city hosted the BassMaster classic for the second time this past weekend.  Apparently this is a huge deal for anglers and other sportsmen.  

They left around 1 pm and didn't get home until 5:30!  Since I wasn't there, I had to be creative on how I collected these pictures.  The photos came from Neil, Matthew, and Beau.  I got them all via text!  Neil and Bennett had a great time with friends.

playing in the grass seems fun...if this would have been me I would have been worried about bugs the whole time!

Bennett and Drew

Neil and B on the 4-wheeler

Bennett, Mason, and Neil driving the "4-wee-wer"

Monday, February 27, 2012

Soccer Saturday

Bennett had his first official soccer game on Saturday.  It was so hilarious watching our kids run around after a ball that might or might not go in the correct goal.  Our team, the Jolly Green Giants is made up of all friends that are not particularly athletic or coordinated.  We didn't care... it's all about fun!  Our team didn't really have a strategy other than fun.  The biggest break-down was that they couldn't understand why the other team would try and take the ball from them! :)

Mason, Bennett, and either Georgia or Maddie warming up

Taking a break before the game (Maddie and Georgia)

Gooooo team!

Maddie, Georgia, Ansley, Coach, Bennett, Mason, and Caroline

Yay!  Bennett got the ball!  We used Maddie's pink ball because we didn't the girls would play with any other color.

Bennett enjoyed picking flowers during the game.

Gammy and Pops with their grandsons

Bennett and Mason

Bennett picked a pretty flower for me during the game

LOVE THIS!  Bennett and Maddie crying because the 7 year old from the other team took the ball away!

The 2 baldies..Pops and Henry

Bennett and Mason cooling down with a capri sun after the big game

No one was keeping score but we could definitely tell who won.  Our team's MVP of the day was Caroline...she is a whiz with a soccer ball.  At one point in the game we had 4 goals and 2 of them were scored by the other team for us!  It was so much fun and actually the best entertainment I've had in a long time!

We got in the car after and Bennett exclaimed "I hate soccer!"  To which we replied "we don't say hate."  

Here's hoping that next week is better! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shrove Tuesday

We attended Shrove Tuesday at our church last week.  All I knew is that they were going to have a pancake supper and an activity for the kids.  It turned out to be so much more.  I was really impressed with all of the planning and fun they put into this event.  The event was totally centered around teaching kids about Christ and Easter.  I learned a lot as well!  They taught us that "shrove" is derived from "shrive" which means to confess.  Shrove Tuesday used to be a time of repentance, but now has changed into a day of celebration feasting before fasting during Lent.

We had delicous pancakes while they told us the schedule of activities.  The kids got to decorate Mardi Gras masks.  Bennett loves getting to see Cousin Connor at church.

Connor and Bennett
The kids made mini king cakes and learned what the colors mean along with the Christian significance.
Neil helping Bennett ice his king cake

Great job on that king cake, buddy!  The teachers asked a bunch of questions and  I could tell that Bennett was getting Easter and Christmas confused.  I am just glad that he recognizes!  But, they said something about Jesus and where he was and Bennett yelled out "Bethlehem!"
The next station was "Jesus Twister." I don't know if that's the real name of the game, but that's what I called it.  We got to hang out with Shep and Caroline, too!
It was a little confusing to a 3 year old when they said "Right hand, purple robe" and the purple robe square was green. They didn't care...it was still  fun1
The next station was "The Lord's Supper."  I was so impressed with all of our kids.  They listened to every word the teacher said.  They did a great job taking communion and learning about each part.  
This is a great picture for the Lewis family calendar!

Does this just melt your heart or what?  Bennett took the bread and held it in his had until she came around with the wine.  I was so worried he wasn't going to sit there, but he did and was wonderful.  I asked him later if he remembered taking the Lord's Supper and he said "did I eat Baby Jesus?" Out of the mouths of babes....love it.
The last station was the "tomb."  We all sat in a circle and learned about what happened to Jesus on the cross and that he later rose from the grave.  They gave each child a pencil and had them wrap bandages around it.  They slid the pencils out and had bandages still wrapped left in their hands.  The pencil represented Jesus.  After Jesus rose from the dead, the cloths were sitting perfectly in the tomb. They explained it better than I did right here :)

Our family...I love that we get to experience such special times together!

A couple days ago, Bennett said "Daddy is Joseph, Mommy is Mary, and Henry is Baby Jesus."
I said "Who are you?"
He said "Joseph's big boy!"

Friday, February 24, 2012

Date Your Man


I am linking up with my friend, Amanda for her new "Date Your Man" blog party.  I just love this idea because we all need to nurture our marriages/relationships.  

We had our date on Wednesday night.  We are taking a marriage class at church and the homework was to watch the movie, Fireproof.  We sat on the couch and watched it together.  This may not sound like a big deal, but I am terrible at watching movies.  I usually fall asleep within 30 minutes of it starting or I like to watch over a span of a few days.  Neil is not like this at all!  The best part about it was that we planned to have the date and we followed through.

I told Neil about this linky party called "date your man" and how I wanted to get some pictures of the event and this is what he thought of that idea!
Neil with pillow in front of face

Great date night!  Can't wait for next time!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President's Day is awesome.

I really needed a day off and President's Day came at the right time.  I just get so much done around the house and really love being with my boys.  We just hung out at the house, went to lunch with Neil, and went to Frozen Frog after dinner.  Not much excitement, but an awesome day nonetheless.   The most exciting thing is that having a Monday off means a 4 day work week!  Yesssssssssssss!

We were happy to have Drew over for a little while this morning while his mommy went to the dentist.  Bennett loves having people over and ATTACKS them with love.
Bennett and Drew

Henry and his bottle watching Bennett play

Football player B

Henry loving his sweet potato/corn/apple mixture. mmmmm.  Henry cannot concentrate on eating while Bennett is  running around.  Bennett is definitely Henry's favorite entertainer.
We went to FF for dessert.  We met Mason, Casey, and "Eb-ee" (that's how B says Evie).  The boys love seeing each other so much.  

Evie and Henry

Evie giving Henry a big kiss!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Working for the Weekend

This was a great weekend.  This was the kind of weekend that I work for!  It was filled with family, friends, food, and fun.  This was my kind of weekend... a 3 day one!

We started out with a fabulous dinner at Mabry House with Neil's family.  We gave them a gift certificate for Christmas and they decided to take all of us along with them.  Yay for us!

Bennett was supposed to have his first soccer game on Saturday morning, but it was rained out.  I think I was more disappointed than he was.  Just because the game was rained out does not mean you can't put on the uniform!  Love this cute little Jolly Green Giant.

On Saturday night, we had a totally fun Murder Dinner Theater evening planned.  Erin D. found this fun idea and set the whole thing up.  She even arranged for a passenger van to take us all out to Taylortown.  It was a really fun date night.   I will say that the act was a little cheesy, but it was still something fun to do!  Thanks so much to Dad and Carolyn for offering to keep the boys for us.  They had a great time at dinner and the "Freezing Frog."

Neil and me (Neil was so sweet to get this cowgirl hat for me)
Neil/me, Matthew/Casey,  and Trey/Erinn

Trey and Erinn

Trey and Beau were REALLY into searching for clues

Lindsay/Cole and Erin/Andre'

I pretty much had no idea what was going on during the play the entire time...but I called the "killer!"

Matthew won this fabulous painting by Painting with a Twist

Beau dancing with Erin

Our group plus a couple of the actors

We went to church on Sunday morning and it was great.  We enjoyed the wee lunch of gumbo and all the fixin's.  We put the boys down for naps and hated that we had to miss the Highland parade.  Bennett decided to fake his nap and was wide awake in his bed for 2 hours.  Oh well, we tried!

They love to play in Henry's bed! I love these faces.

We made a quick batch of Shepard's pie and invited the Raines family over for dinner.  The boys had a lot of fun playing!

Jake and Henry (I asked Bennett who Henry's best friend was and he said "Jake!")

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pinterest girls night!

We had a fun girls night on Wednesday.  I thought it would be fun to have a "Pinterest" party. I've seen other people have them on blogs that I read and thought it would be a blast.  Everyone is supposed to bring all the supplies to make something they found on Pinterest or bring food from something they found.  I wanted us to make a fun craft that was useful.  I hoped that everyone would like to be crafty and I think they did!

Working hard!

We made some cute little post-it holders that I found here.

Aren't they cute!!???

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