Sunday, May 26, 2019

Grant's Baptism

It's official...I am a godmother and I have a godson!  Catherine asked Amy and me to be co-godmothers to her sweet boy!  I am honored!

Sweet Grant in that precious bonnet

The Harper twins wandered around the pews and Sister loved it!  She is holding onto him for dear life!

Here are the godparents with the real parents.  I am thinking this is my favorite dress I always wear.

We had a Sunday School going away party for the Conways after.  They are military and had to leave us!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

House Update!

Since we started our 2 week project of living in a hotel and re-doing all the floors in our took 49 nights in hotel (7 weeks) and made us Hilton Diamond members! Success!

We changed out the light in our bedroom and did a few other minor updates.  

We had already ordered our new table before the whole flooding ordeal.

During the flooding we had a tree fall.  When it rains-it pours.

The floors started going in!

Loving these!

Slowly able to get it feeling normal again

Our beautiful 200 year old oak tree was struck by lightning last year.  We had several arborists some out and they told us to give it a year to see if she would live.  She didn't.  So, we had to have this gorgeous beauty removed during floodgate 2019.

Leaving our hotel room 213!  This was home for 7 weeks!

I like to think I left something good behind at the hotel.  The housekeepers and staff would go outside to smoke out of this door.  They would prop it open with pieces of mulch and it would make me insane!  My family is living here!  So, I asked management several times to have them stop and this sign was put up.  Don't worry: no one listened to the sign.  My kids and I would remove each piece of mulch that propped open the doors.

Peace Out Homewood!  Every time I drive by one of these I have PTSD.

yippee!!  Starting to look normal

And here comes the tree.  They had to take the fence down and re-build it to get the tree out.

They rutted up our yard, of course.

This was sadder than when we had to give away Gloria (our dog).

New light that the kids and Neil gave me for mothers day!

I changed out the handles on all of the kitchen cabinets.

I changed out the curtain rod and got this new rug!  The books are on it to help it relax!
We got this new rug for our bedroom and those sweet Laura Park pillows to add in some color! 
It is soooooo good to be home.  We love it so much! 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Cheers to 12 years!

Happy Anniversary to the only person I'd want to spend 49 nights in a hotel room with!  Can't believe we've been married 12 years and together 16 years!  We went to our favorite: Franks Pizza and then we had a happy ending at our other favorite: Asia Massage.  

2 of my favorites: Neil and Luxardo cherries

Their flourless chocolate cake is delish!

Foot massage for Neil!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

End of Year Awards!

 The boys did so great this year in 4th and 1st grades!  They worked hard and it showed!

Bennett received perfect attendance (not sure how because he missed a few days for the canoe trip), As in conduct all year and Straight A's all year!  Go B!

He worked so hard and we are so proud!

Bennett and Anna Lake

Kyzer, Julian, James, Brayden, and Bennett
 Henry's turn!  He received A/B honor roll and As in conduct all year!

And his most special award...the TWIX Award!  For being the class TWIXter!

How adorable!

First day/last day of 4th grade

1st day/last day of 1st grade!

You boys had such a great year!  We are so proud of you!

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