Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gammy's 57th!

Today is a birthday I wonder for who.....  It's Gammy's!

We took my mom to lunch today for her 57th birthday.  Of course, we had to shop for her birthday gift before.  Bennett LOVES picking out birthday gifts.  I am really trying to teach him about doing things for others and NOT himself.  He does try to select items for himself, but for the most part he enjoys selecting gifts for others.  

Gammy's reactions to the gifts were the best!  Bennett feels so great when Gammy takes out each gift.  He is always so proud of his selections!

She received patritic glasses, a lei, a GIANT bottle of dish soap, tropical wine glasses, and her personal favorite: ANT KILLER!

Bennett even wrote her name in the card.

me and My mom

Brother decided to put Gammy's glasses on and was sooooo cute!

Gammy and her favorite boys!  Coconut cupcake just for Gammy!

LifeSpeak Girls' Night

We had a great time at Marilynn's Place on Wednesday.  Erinn planned it for us.  We had a photo bomber in the back so I had to cover up his disgusting actions with Jake and the Neverland pirates.

Leigh, Brooke, Betsy, Lindsay, Kay, Emily, me, and Erinn

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial day 2013

Aunt Catherine invited us over for a totally awesome party by the pool.  We love going over to their house!

Henry on the turtle

Rebecca and Emily

Henry, Bennett, and Connor

Emily and Liz

Neil and Henry

all the little boys

Aunt Becky made Patriotic ice cream cones!

way to scoop, Becky!

Bennett thinks Connor is the coolest!

me tubing with my big boy

Me and B

Connor, Chad, Clara, and William

Bennett, William, Rebecca, and Connor

Sunday, May 26, 2013

SC Playground

Since we decided to stay in Ruston for the weekend...we got to enjoy lunch at Squire Creek.  The boys, Rebecca, and I ate quickly and ran out to the wildflowers and playground.  Man, that is a fun playground!  The boys loved it and so did we!

I could not pass up pictures in front of these


Love these boys!

All the kids boppin' up and down

Becky is good at the playground equipment!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shake, Rattle, and Read

After our totally fabulous 6 year anniversary we decided to stay in Ruston with Neil's parents for the rest of the weekend.  It was nice to not have to run home to get started on laundry and prepare for the week.  So, we just hung out and didn't have and agenda.

I saw on the Lincoln Parish Library sign that they were having "Shake, Rattle, and Read."  Henry napped while I took Bennett.  The Lincoln Parish library is awesome!  They have lots of programs and fun stuff.  Bennett enjoyed the program, computers, and puppet stand.

Bennett the puppet-master

We got back to Nana's and he found an earthworm.  He carried this thing around like it was a piece of gold. If he told someone about it, he would say "it is THIS BIG!!!"  And he would hold out his arms REALLY wide.  Boys love to exaggerate!

Bennett and earthworm

Rebecca and I got some Lemons and Limes pictures taken for our sales!

There are no pictures of Henry on here and I feel bad!  Poor thing was sleeping while we were doing all the fun stuff.

We met the Boyd's for frozen custard after dinner.  And we got to swing by their new mansion in Valley View.   FANCY!
Bennett and Molly

Friday, May 24, 2013

6 year anniversary!!!

How exciting that we just had our 6 year anniversary!!  Next month we will have 10 years together!  Time flies when you are having fun!  It really does seem like these years have flown by.  I love going through life with my BFF.  Neil surprised me with a fancy bottle of perfume because I've dropped 2 bottles of perfume in the last 5 months!  He even wrapped it in pool noodle to make it safe from my clumsy hands!  He gave me a box of candy since year 6 traditional gift is candy!

Neil is so sentimental and loves a theme just as much as me.  He made this "Lewis kind of anniversary!"  We started out the evening by dropping the kids off with Nana and Grandad.  We then headed to the Lewis House, a bed and breakfast!   Neil's grandfather was born in the house and the lady who owns it knows more about Neil's family history than he does! We checked in and went to our room, the Majestic Suite.  It was fancy and had it's own private bath.  It was a tad creepy because there were dolls everywhere.  

The front porch swing with Neil and me

We were excited!!
We headed to Raw for our anniversary dinner.  We enjoyed the "Lewis" roll for an appetizer to add to our Lewis filled weekend.

Here we are at Raw in Ruston.

We headed to Portico for an after dinner drink before heading back to our Majestic Suite.
We had such a fun evening celebrating 6 years and just all started right here in Hawaii (wink)...

Neil and Lindsey in Hawaii at Waimea Canyon.

I let Neil open his gift when we got back to the room.  He opened it and asked if the Christmas elf had come because there was just a bunch of random items in a bag...but they were all clues!!

a baseball, an airplane, and an apple...hmmmmmmmmmm

Neil said "am I going on a trip to see a baseball game in New York!?" Yessssssssssss!!  I surprised Neil with going to NYC with me in July!  I was originally just going with my dad, but now we are all going.  I'm so glad he wants to go!  I even asked his boss a couple months ago if he could be off and arranged child care.  Yay!!!

CJ, the owner of the Lewis House asked Neil to invite the rest of the crew for breakfast.  She wanted to pick Richard's brain on Lewis family history. One thing she said that was a little crazy was that she sent her son to Chamberlain-Hunt because the Lewis's sent their kids there.  WHAT??  That is where Richard went to high school.  Anyway our quiet breakfast before getting the kids turned out to be a family filled one.  Fine with us...we love these people.

Fancy breakfast including a bell in case we needed her

That person holding Henry is me..At first glance I look just like my mom

Bennett had a blast!

Bennett wanted to go in this tunnel like 40 times.

Nana and Grandad and their boys

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Pool Time

I am THA-Rilled we decided to join POTC this summer.  Last weekend was opening weekend and we went both Saturday and Sunday.  The water was cold, but it was fun.  I took the pictures on my phone so they are looking blurry here on the blog.

Gammy gave Bennett a scuba set for Easter and he has been dying to use it!  He had to have his goggles, snorkel, and fins on at all times.  He even jumped off the diving board with all his gear on and made an entire group of adults start cheering and laughing.  It really was hilarious!

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