Thursday, August 30, 2018

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

We were so honored at Fairfield this year when all of the teachers an staff threw a special breakfast for all of the volunteers.  They had a gift for everyone and the decorations were so fabulous!

Panera Bread bagels were a hit!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sarah Kathryn's last year of pre-school

How is this my last first day of pre-school?  I can't even handle that fact.  We are just going to enjoy this year and all of its last firsts!

SK was pumped that she was in the same class as her BFF, Camilla!

She loves being a jungle friend!

Here she is holding up her teacher gift!

Sarah Kathryn is thrilled to have Mrs.Hogan for her teacher.  She LOVES teachers so much.

SK and Margaret were friends from BUMC Buddies!

Mrs. Hogan gave a fun jungle pack to all of the kids.

The actual first day!!!  She wants to be a mermaid, of course!

THRILLED is an understatement!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Henry's School birthday

There were 6 August birthdays in Henry's class this year!  His poor teacher had to figure out days to celebrate each one in 2 short weeks!  He was excited for us to come celebrate!  He wanted donuts and kool-aid so that's what we brought.  We brought a donuts in the shape of each student's first initial.  We've done them where they spell HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY and some kids don't get their letter and we didn't want that to happen this year!

His fun stuff from his teacher!

Sister really dressed up to celebrate!

They sang a fun song to Henry for his birthday!

Happy 7th, birthday!

What a fun celebration in 1st grade!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Welcome to the world, Lillian James Smart!

Our first baby niece was born on August 21st and we couldn't be happier!  We are just obsessed with her!!! She is perfect in every way and her Mama did a great job with her c-section!

SK and I got up reallllllly early and headed to Monroe to wait on our niece to be born.  Neil picked up the boys from school and came straight to Monroe to see this baby girl!
The sweetest, tiniest baby girl in the whole wide world!

I made up the favors for our girl that said "thanks for popping by to meet baby Lillian!"

Sister is just enamored with her baby cousin!

The boys couldn't believe their eyes!

The Lewis Grands!

proudest aunt and uncle there ever was!

Doesn't Boodle look fab after just giving birth!?

We couldn't even wait a week before going right over to Simsboro to see our girl again!

Henry even took pics of her for show and tell!

We can't wait to watch you grow-up, Lillian! You are soooo loved already!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Big Week for Sarah Kathryn

During Sarah Kathryn's annual well check up the doctor commented on how huge her tonsils were.  The next day was her dentist check and he said the same thing.  So, I made an appointment with the ENT who said they needed to come out.  They were infected at the time so I waited to schedule the surgery until he could look at her well tonsils.  They were still giant and he said she probably had sleep apnea and it will become a dental issue.  

He said removing them may help the afternoon fits she throws simply because she hadn't had enough sleep.  We shall see.

It was the second day of school so Amy picked them up for us.  So thankful for good friends!  Neil got to the hospital right after SK went back for surgery.  Pops was there with us, too.
Here she is all snuggled up and ready to go back.
We were excited that Chris was the anesthesiologist and we saw our nurse friend Maggie there too!  It felt good to be in great hands!  Dr. Pou came out about 30 minutes later to let us know how well she did!  He said her adenoids did have yellow gunk all over them so she will most likely get fever.  Her tonsils were huge and took a little extra time for them to come out.  She was a trooper!

We got home and our girl went right to sleep on the couch!

She was up and totally fine and happy about 2 hours later.  She had some special visitors who brought over popsicles, Nana and Granddad sent pink flowers and a balloon, and Catherine even brought over a whole bag of soft foods!  What great friends!

Catherine gave her a coloring book and Jill gave her this balloon.  It takes talent to color while holding a balloon.

Her sweet friend Camilla came over to see her which was so sweet!

Sister even got her teacher letter!  She will be a Jungle Friend this year!  In the same class as Camilla!

We even added a new member to our family!  Meet Doug Heffernan Lewis! (if it's a girl it'll be Carrie Heffernan from our favorite show: King of Queens)

This girl is SO HAPPY to have this OUTSIDE cat.  I want this cat to be outside only.  

We've been living on house arrest so we've found a few ways to keep ourselves occupied.  I paint nails and blog and she gets her nails painted an watches TV!

During the same week, my dad had neck surgery!  This has been a huge week!

This girl and this kitten!  Goodness!

Uncle Mike came in to help Dad recover and SK couldn't even believe it!  She loved seeing him!

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