Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Hayride

We went to the Montogomery's this year for a Halloween hayride. The Dicharrys made a huge pot of jambalaya for all of us. The Buteaus made the hayride. We all had a great time. We have been trying to teach Bennett how to say "trick or treat" when he goes up to a door to ask for candy. We even practiced yesterday. The kids are so much more grown up this year than they were last year. It is hard to believe how much they change in one short year. We had a fabulous time riding around filling our candy bags. Neil drove us around the neighborhood. We only had one close call and almost ran over a pug. Other than was fabulous!

The Montgomerys set up their bounce house for the kids. They loved it.

Rebecca and me feeding the sweet Buteau ducklings

Cute golfer and adorable airplane

Attempt at a family picture (I look crazy!)

Hayriders. The Smiths, Lewis', Dicharrys, Buteaus, Montgomerys, Phillips'. Mom, Leslie and Rebecca rode too, but didn't want to partake in the picture.

Maddie (fairy), Bennett (golfer), Caroline (fairy), Georgia (bee), Mason (airplane) and Shep (black spiderman)

Another family picture

Bennett was such a good trick or treater. He said thank you most of the time, but was ready to get to the next house before saying it other times.

Aunt Becky and Bennett Mickelson

I am so glad that my cute golfer left his hat on. As Gammy says...the hat made the outfit!

I took this picture from Casey's blog. Erin (due in January), Casey, me, and Erinn all had matching shirts. Mom and Rebecca wore the same one, too!

And after all the fun, the candy, the trick or treating...we had one sleepy boy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Saturday

We went to Maddie's 2nd birthday party this afternoon. It was so cute as always. Her mom, Erin makes everything adorable. It was a costume party so all the kids wore their costumes. They looked precious.

Here is Bennett giving Maddie her present.

My sweet golfer. We can either call him "Bennett Mickelson" or Bennett "Sergio Garcia" Lewis.

Here is the cake...I think I am going to have to use this girl for Bennett's cake. Too cute.

Mason the cute airplane

Bring on the cake!

The cutest jumping golfer ever!

On Saturday night, we headed to the Hannas for their "Wonkaween" Halloween party. We love going to see what the Hannas are going to do. They had everything you could have imagined that was Wonka...all handmade! Nikki is a decorator extraordinaire! The party was supposed to be last weekend and a bunch of people couldn't make it so they moved it to this weekend. We were so glad that we got to attend the party.

Neil was an everlasting gobstopper and I was candy. My outfit was complete with earrings that I glued lifesavers to. I glued lifesavers to my skirt, too. Neil came up with an idea for him to be Billy Wonka, Willy's really serious brother that doesn't like candy. I was going to be Candy Wonka...the only candy Billy loves. But, Neil had a last minute costume change.

The Wonka Candy Bar

Look at the back yard! A world of pure imagination!

Couples photo in the oompa loompa awesomeness.

Rebecca was a goose and Hunter was the golden egg. Cute!!

The food was outstanding and so creative. Remember when Violet Beauregard chewed the gum that was a 3 course meal? Well, they put a twist on it. They had the tomato basil soup for the first course, roast beef, provolone, and blueberry sauteed onions with loaded mashed potatoes for the second. The blueberry onions were for the end of the meal when she blows up into a blueberry. Awesome!

Candy and the goose.

Willy Nelson Wonka and the everlasting gobstopper.

Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe

Candy and a Golden Ticket (Casey and Matthew's costumes were so great!)

Group shot in the wonka wonderland.

Here are the hostesses with the mostesses. Jay "Willy Wonka" Hanna and Nikki "Wonka Bar" Hanna.

This was my attempt at taking a picture of Jay kicking the ball like Willy does in the movie.

Beau was really in to his costume! Here he is in the boat on the chocolate river.
Just the girls...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy 27th Rebecca!

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Cheers to 27 years!

26th birthday

Last Christmas with Snuggie

Summer 2009

Crawfish Boil 2010

Crawfish Boil 2009

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rebecca's Birthday Party!

We got to celebrate Rebecca's birthday last night at Carrabas. We had a fun dinner with the family.

Rebecca and Richard

Rebecca got a Nook for her birthday from her parents. Right when we got home, she found that the Nook people came out with a color Nook yesterday! She is going to trade it in for that one.

Andrew got her this cute Nook cover.

We got her gift card books and coffee.

Yay for 27 years!

We celebrated early because Andrew was in town from Ohio and her parents are going on a sailing trip Friday. We were glad that we were all together for her birthday.

Here's the group. Richard, Rebecca, Hunter, Andrew, me, Neil, Bennett, and Janine.

These two were so excited to see each other!
Happy Birthday Aunt Becky!!!
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