Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sarah Kathryn's 1st day!

FINALLY!  Our girl has been chomping at the bit to go to school.  The boys started 2 weeks before her and she thought she was getting to go everyday and it just didn't happen!  She finally started at the end of August.  

Sarah Kathryn wants to be a Mom!  My heart may burst!

This girl!


We got to attend a parent meeting while she went to her class for 45 minutes.

She was so happy!!

Mrs. B and SK!  She is thrilled to be a monkey friend!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Henry's 6th Birthday party

Henry is 6!  We had his party a couple weeks after his birthday in order to invite his new school friends.  I changed my mind because he had only been in school for 1 week and we had plenty of people to invite.  We had it on a Friday night which was the best time ever!  We had it at Frozen Frog and the whole party lasted 1 hour including clean-up.  He had a blast!  

Henry wanted an emoji poop birthday party.  I couldn't believe how many things related to emoji poop are out there!  He LOVED it!

The water bottles were the perfect festive favor!

He was so excited!

The girls working at Frozen Frog made the doors look so cute for Henry!

This guy loves his FF!

Dad and cousin Dianne

We love Shep, our carpool buddy!

Make a wish!

Love this one!

Beau and Amy

Daniel and Boodle and the birthday boy!

The Grants

Good Looking people

Doesn't Anna look fab?

Henry and Davis

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tiny Dancer

Sarah Kathryn finally got to start ballet!  She has been talking about "balla-ray" for weeks!  I can't even get over her in this little outfit!  I had to ask friends random questions like: "do tights go over or under the leotard?" and "do you wear panties with the outfit?"  I am clueless!

Our friend Slattery with SK!

This class is a dream!  only 3 girls and we get to sit in silence while they dance!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bennett's Bible Presentation

Our church has a wonderful tradition where they present a Bible to each 3rd grader.  What a wonderful family-filled morning!  We were so thrilled that Rebecca, Daniel, Dad, Carolyn, and Richard and Janine all came to celebrate their favorite 3rd grader!  

Our celebrating was short lived because Neil and I were called of church to check on Sarah Kathryn.  Apparently she had fallen and her chin busted open spilling blood all over her dress and the floor.  They had to change her into some old clothes they had in a storage bin.  Poor girl!  Glad she is A-OK.  Thankfully we had some friends look at her chin and they determined she only needed glue.  No stitches for our girl.

We returned to church and sat on the back row with no family, a bloody dress, and a sad little girl.  Memories!

Sweet 3rd grade boys

At the reception after church

How sweet!

They are extra sweet with their dabbing.

He was so glad Nana and Granddad were there!

The crew!  So glad everyone celebrated with us!

We were glad that Keegan, Anna Claire, and Jenny joined us.  

God Bless Bennett! (cross cookies for the favors)

And Happy 41st Anniversary to Nana and Granddad!

We got to celebrate them, too!

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