Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whoa Wednesday!

The only time we stopped to take a breath today was during Bennett's nap. This morning we had a fun swimming lesson that we almost missed. I didn't even remember about it until 9:10 and the lesson started at 9:15. We made it a little late. After swimming and showering, we headed to the boardwalk to meet Gammy for lunch. When Gammy is in the room, Bennett does not want anyone else! He loves his Gammy like no other. It makes me sad that he doesn't want me, but I love that he loves his Gammy.

Here they are at Cheesecake.

Bennett had a fun time looking at the fountains and playing outside.

He was so worn out after our morning that he took a great nap. I was able to get everything on my June calendar completed! I am so glad to have those assignments behind me. Now onto July's assignments.

After nap, we headed to our Wednesday play group. Erinn and Georgia hosted the patriotic event. Erinn, an art teacher, had a craft for everyone. They made little flags. The art teacher speech is that you can help them with the glue, but they need to put items on the paper themselves. I had already put one stripe on the flag for him before the speech. Oops! I will know better next time. Thanks for the tip, Erinn.

Bennett had the best time "mopping" Georgia's room. He thought her little stick horse was a mop!

Bennett and Mason loved playing "chef" in Georgia's kitchen.

Max and Bennett had so much fun!

Ann (Max's mommy) and Bennett.

Bennett and Georgia playing blocks.

After playgroup, we headed to the last night of VBS at University. I couldn't believe how they transformed the stage to look like a ship! I haven't back there in a while and it still feels like home. Everyone came up to me telling me how cute Bennett is. Everyone came up and gave me hugs and was so sweet. It was like I never left!

Bennett wanted to be with 'his group' and my mom the whole time.

He was getting tired toward the end of the night. He had a fabulous time at VBS. Can't wait til next year.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Totally Tuesday

I woke up this morning with a shooting pain from my neck all the way down my back. I could not get myself up without help. Thank goodness Neil was still here to help me. I called a chiropractor and went right in. I had to keep my head tilted the the right just to keep my head up! The chiro was a little help but he said my neck was as stiff as a board. I am trying to do the stretches he taught me to get someone of my movement back. It hurts!!

We went to story time at the library today. I was so glad that I didn't have to go to class and was able to take Bennett. Since I couldn't really bend my neck, I just let him play and run around in the room while I sat there. Poor parenting...I know. We met Ann/Max and Lynsie/John. Lynsie and John had to leave so we didn't get any pictures of them.

Bennett loved the shakers!

This was my attempt at getting the boys together for a photo.

This is what our boys were doing during story time. They were playing with the blinds. I was in too much pain to argue.

After story time, we went to the craft area. They were to color little fish bowls with markers. Markers. Bennett had blue marker all over his arm in about 1.2 seconds. We think we will stick with crayons for a while.

Max and Bennett were not having the whole sitting in a chair thing. They were both climbing on the table before we could blink.

After the library, we headed to Chick-fil-a with the Burfords. Bennett ran around the whole place like a wild man. We came home, he went down for a nap, I put a roast in the crock-pot, and I am trying to do some work. I have too many distractions at home. I try to find 20 other things rather than sit down and type article critiques.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Monday

Happy 29th Birthday Carrie!!!

It was back to the grind today. We didn't really have anything planned, but I just got home from my trip and we had to get things back to normal. We got up and headed to the gym. I am reading "Same Kind of Different as Me" right now and it makes the treadmill time fly by. I will finish soon and move to my next read of the summer.

We met Neil for lunch at my favorite place, Don Juan's. I love their homemade tortillas. They get me every time. Sean ended up coming with us. He loves Bennett. Neil and I think it is so sweet how our friends just love Bennett. They had a great time giving each other high 5s!

Bennett 'fed' himself 3 of these little cups of rice. To say that we left about 40 pounds of rice on the floor might be an understatement. He loved it though.

After a really long nap, Gammy took Bennett to VBS at University. Mom teaches Sunday School and it the team leader for her class. She has been taking Bennett every night. The theme is "sailing the high seas!" Here they are in matching VBS shirts. Mom said that Bennett wore his sailing cap the whole night.

While Bennett was at VBS I worked on some of my homework. These next 2 weeks are going to be so tough. I stayed up late getting only one assignment completed. I can't wait to get finished with everything so that I can enjoy my Summer.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dallas Part Deaux

On Saturday, we just maxed and relaxed. It was so nice to not have anywhere to be, have any clothes to fold, and no dishes to do. We got up between 8:30-9 and just sat around in Leah's living room for about 3 hours. Leslie went to eat breakfast with her friend, Claire. We waited for her to get back before we went swimming at Leah's neighbors. We basically went from a spot on the couch to a spot in the pool all day. It was so nice.

After our relaxing morning and afternoon, we came in to get ready for dinner and Wicked. We went to Screen Door, a modern southern restaurant. I didn't make that up...they did. We checked out the menu before we went and all ended up splitting the same thing. Big Mama's fried chicken with mac and cheese. Yum-o! We felt like food photographers at that place. Amanda and I joked about how are husbands hate that we take pictures of every single little thing. After looking at these pics...they are right!

Here we have the spicy crawfish dip with Tabasco crackers. Mmmmmm...

Yes, we asked the couple dining to our left to take our picture. It was OK though because we offered to take their picture, too. Amanda, Leah, Leslie, and me.

Leah and I had motitos. It was just a mojito made with tea. It was pretty tasty.

Here is the Big Mama's fried chicken. Isn't it cute with the little skillet of fat free mac and cheese?

Here we have the shortbread crusted berry cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream.

Outside of the restaurant, we were waiting on the shuttle to take us to the theater. We used a cement post and set the self-timer. We are those people. Little did we know that the shuttle wasn't for our theater. We ended up getting to our seats 5 minutes before it started.

It was Wicked cool!

We were in the nosebleeds about 5 rows from the top. We could still here all the music and see everything, though. It was a fabulous play. It was so creative and I never would have suspected what happened.

I took this picture of the stage right before they said that flash photography was prohibited. Oops.

Look who was there! Casey came all the way up to the balcony during the remix to intermission. She was there on a double date with her husband and her couple bffs.

It was a great trip! Can't wait to do it next year.

Thanks so much to Leah for opening up your home to us. We made it safely back home to Shreveport and Amanda made it back to Indianapolis. That was a fun much needed girls trip.

Friday, June 25, 2010

In the Big D and I mean Dallas

Leslie picked me up at 6 am and we headed to Dallas to meet Sister Leone Knowles and Leah. We walked around at the Total Home and Gift Market at the World Trade Center in Dallas. It was really neat to walk around that place all day. I saw a lot of 'inspiration' pieces for my home update. I am wanting to update my decor soon. Neil isn't into it, but I am! I am going to go for a fresh look. I want it to be airy and bright. I am getting tired of the stuff now. Here we are at the market.

Anyway, after the market, we headed to Anthropologie at Highland Park. Wow. We love that store! We shopped the sales and found some pretty cute things. I got a new dress and a shirt. Leslie is the one who really racked up. She got some of the cutest things ever!

Amanda took this of herself in the fitting room! Cute.

Here she is doing some shopping.
We went to Ikea after Anthro and it was awesome. I can't believe I had never been there before. Where was it when I went to college?

After shopping, we went to dinner at a fun tex-mex place called Mattito's.

Leslie, Leah, Amanda, and me

Leah was so nice to open up her home for us. It is so nice and were excited to have a place to stay. Amanda is married to Leah's cousin. I guess you could say they are cousin-in-laws!

We all got aprons with our names on them because of Messy Aprons. I love stuff like that. Here are Leslie and Amanda.

Me, Leslie, and Amanda

Cooking it up...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shuqualak Farms

We had the best time at the blueberry farm today. I was a little worried that Bennett would not understand how to pick the blueberries and blackberries and put them in the bucket. He did a great job, though. At one point, he had about 15 blackberries in his bucket but saw a stick and dropped all of them. The best part of the day was the end when we all had the blueberry popsicles. Those things were fabulous and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them.

We met Erinn/Georgia, Jenny/Georgia/Garrett, and Celeste/Andrew. We couldn't stay for a group photo because Bennett was having a meltdown and I had to get to Ruston for class.


We would definitely go back to the blueberry farm. It was a lot of fun and not too far away.
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