Thursday, November 29, 2012

1st Post Since Privacy Act

Something feels really strange now that I know the blog is not on display for all to see!  I just feel like we are behind some sort of internet screen.  I don't have to block out where Bennett goes to school and I can rant about how my day was without the feeling that I might get fired for expressing my opinions.  It is nice to be protected by the "privacy act!"  I have had a couple calls of people not being able to access the blog or not "liking" that it is private.  Sorry, this is how I want it to be for the time being.

I had the boys in matching shirts a couple days ago and I just wanted a darn picture!  I do not have 1 picture of both boys looking and smiling at the camera since Henry's birth almost 16 months ago.  Is it really too much to ask??

Henry was not loving this

No pictures!
And then I tried once we got home...

Tickling brother!

funny how laughing and screaming sometimes look the same

my boys!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Advent Ornament Exchange

Don't forget that my blog is going private TODAY.

When Casey told me about the idea for an Advent Ornament Exchange...I just knew I had to get 24 people to participate.  The idea is pretty simple.  You just get 24 people to create 24 of the same ornament that correspond to a different day of the devotional: A Meaningful Christmas.  These two moms came up with it to teach their kids the true meaning of Christmas.  I was so happy when so many people wanted to participate.  

We started planning a few months ago and our exchange was on Sunday afternoon.  We even had 2 people mail their ornaments in because they live out of town (Casey and Lezlee).  The person who won longest distance traveled was Miranda because she came in from Ruston.  Most people worked so hard on their ornaments that it took a span of a few days or weeks.  Some didn't even finish until the morning of the exchange...and we've known about it for 3 months! (me)  I loved hearing stories of ornaments gone wrong and the explanations of how the ornaments were crafted.

I was just amazed by the creativity of all of our friends.  We decided to not have all uniform ornaments like the guide suggests and I am so glad.  We all took home a box of creatively hand-made ornaments to treasure for years to come.

Here is a collage of all the ornaments.

My day was "The Good Shepherd."  I had several different ideas but in the end...this is what I made.  

How cute are these hearts for "God's Love" day?

Magan's angel

Here are 17 of the 24 people who participated.  I added everyone's last name to the boxes with vinyl and my Cricut.   (self-timer action)

The ornaments were displayed on tables throughout my house.  Here are a few people collecting theirs.

Table 2 collectors.

me, Heather, Leigh, and Erinn talking about Thanksgiving debacles! :)

I highly suggest each of you doing this with your friends.  I just asked the girls in my Sunday School class to participate because there are about 24 of us.  Since everyone didn't want to participate, we opened it up to sisters, sisters-in-laws, close friends, or anyone that heard about it and wanted to participate.  I am sad to say that 1 person e-mailed back too late and we didn't have a spot. I felt terrible!  So, get a group together in your area!  People want to do this!  Oh and one of my concerns was that everyone wouldn't know everyone.  I was happy to note that everyone knew at least 2-3 people through one connection or another   Contact them here: A Meaningful Christmas

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Oneonta

Don't forget that my blog is going private on Tuesday.

We decided to make the looooooooong trip to Oneonta, AL for Thanksgiving again this year.  It is a very hard trip in the car with 2 kids, but we were glad we went to see my side of the family.  I have mentioned before that my grandfather has 5 siblings and that he lives in a nursing home.  This year was totally different from last year.  It was sort of a sad year.  One of my great-uncles passed away the Monday before Thanksgiving, my grandfather was unrecognizable and didn't make it to Thanksgiving, and Aunt Sue was in the hospital!  Last year, everyone was present and everyone looked so happy!  We were glad to be together.

We decided to make it a short trip.  We left on Wednesday around 4 pm because both my mom and Neil had to work.  That put us in Oneonta after midnight.  We arrived at the motel where I had reserved a 2 bed/1st floor room.  We received a king bed on the 2nd floor.  We decided not to get Henry's pack and play because we assumed he would just end up in our bed anyway.  Well, around 2 am he will still ready to play.  Neil went and got his bed and off to sleep he went. 

Everyone was up before 7 am in our room so we just decided to get ready for the day.  We ate breakfast, checked out, and went to CVS.  After going to the other motel to see family, we headed to Highland Lake.  I tried to get Henry down for a nap on the screened in porch but he was not having it.  I tried everything!

After lunch and seeing my grandfather at the nursing home...we got on the road back to Shreveport.  Yes, we drove 16 hours to stay 12 hours.  We knew we would have nothing to do on Thanksgiving night, no where to hang out with family, and no where to eat.  It would be different if we had a living room or back yard to hang out in, but it is hard to cram 12 people into a tiny motel room.  We arrived in Ruston around 9 pm and stayed with Nana and Grandad.  We were ready to get out of the car!

Bennett loves Aunt Carolyn and so do I!

Virginia and Henry

Dessert table...delish!

We say the blessing, say the pledge, and then Veterans eat first!

Henry was on the go the ENTIRE time!  I was a nervous wreck with the stairs, a lake, and 20 other hazards. 

The sweetest boys.

We didn't even mean to coordinate our outfits!

A Thanksgiving family photo

Being silly with my big boy

We love cousin Phyllis!

me and my brother

Henry finally fell asleep on Gammy.  Here they are with my Aunt C.

cousins are so much fun!!!

Me with my Aunt

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FakesGiving Parts 1 & 2

Don't forget that my blog is going private on Tuesday.

We had a mock Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  We were excited that Nana wanted to come over and cook for us!  She made some delicious food: dutch beans, sweet potatoes, and cornbread.  Andrew contributed stuffed chickens, Rebecca made dressing, Dad made pecan pie, and I made pumpkin dump cake.  It was a wonderful feast.

The highlight was probably the Thanksgiving Trivia placed at each place setting.  I know it was my favorite because I was totally able to bust out my teacher voice at the dining table.

Yes, we used paper goods...don't judge.

Fakesgiving Part 1

Uncle A snuggling with sick Henry

The "winners" of the trivia...I can hardly call them winners because they made 6/10.  I was proud of them though.

Rebecca is welcome anytime!  She cooks, she cleans, she is awesome!

We had a big misunderstanding as to what time the dinner was going to be.  Some thought 12 and some thought 6.  So, we ended up having 2 dinners.

Our friends, Ryan and Maya came in town to visit from Oregon and of course, we had to have Amy there.  We were excited that Rebecca stayed for round 2.

They loved the trivia.  Rebecca said it was like deja trivia.

Amy was the winner for round 2. Goooooo Amy!

Parents Night In

Don't forget that my blog is going private on Tuesday.

Our church has Parents Night Out once a month from 6-9.  I love using the church so that we don't always have to call my mom.  It gives us an excuse to go on a date and it is only $10 per kid!

Bennett was in Houston with my mom because they got to go to Cal's 9th camping birthday.  So, we headed to get Henry from daycare all dressed up in our date night clothes.  We arrived and they said "Henry has 102.7 temp."  I felt like the worst mother ever for leaving him at daycare all day.  We ordered a pizza and turned our car around and headed home.

I just held my baby while he slept.  I HATE when the boys are sick, but it is sure nice when they want to sit and snuggle.  I just love holding my babies!

my sick little angel

After I put Henry in his bed...I surprised Neil with a candlelit picnic in the middle of the floor.  He was more surprised at the weirdness of it than the cuteness of it!

Excuse the grainy phone pics!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going Private

After years of thinking about doing this...I have decided to pull the trigger and make my blog private.  I've had some stories of people knowing my family and me randomly through the blog that I have never met.  While I love feeling like I am a tiny bit blog is a little scary.  It may not be forever, but for now I want to go about my life not on display.  And I am pretty sure I have students that read and that just makes me feel awkward at school.

If you want to continue to read about all things Lewis...please leave your e-mail address in the comments and I will invite you to become a reader.

Go Private date is 1 week from today.



Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dad Lately

Carolyn and Dad went to my dad's fraternity reunion and she took this picture of him from a yearbook!

Dad killed these 2 geese last weekend!  He said it took 45 minutes to clean each one...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

Bennett had his Thanksgiving feast at school today.  I asked a while back if I could have someone cover my class so I could pop over there for a bit.  I was so THANKFUL when Celia and Annette said they'd cover my class for an hour.  

Since John is in Bennett's class and Lynsie and I work together...we rode together.  I was glad she wanted to carpool.  We got there and all the kids were sitting on the rug singing their Thanksgiving songs including hand motions.  I just love the sweet sound of 3 year old singing voices.  Now I know why my dad's mom always wanted my brother and me to sing for her!  
Bennett and his Indian headband

They had turkey shaped turkey sandwiches, cheese, green beans, corn, pumpkin pie, and apple juice!

The corn was the hardest for them to eat, but that didn't stop them!

Bennett and I were THANKFUL that Neil could pop in for a bit

Bennett fed me a big bite of pumpkin pie that he made.  I am not a fan of pumpkin pie, but I ate it for him!

I was very THANKFUL today for getting to see Neil and Bennett during the middle of the day.  Sometimes it's the little things that really make you THANKFUL!

Nicole Spikes Photography

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