Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Parents Night In

Don't forget that my blog is going private on Tuesday.

Our church has Parents Night Out once a month from 6-9.  I love using the church so that we don't always have to call my mom.  It gives us an excuse to go on a date and it is only $10 per kid!

Bennett was in Houston with my mom because they got to go to Cal's 9th camping birthday.  So, we headed to get Henry from daycare all dressed up in our date night clothes.  We arrived and they said "Henry has 102.7 temp."  I felt like the worst mother ever for leaving him at daycare all day.  We ordered a pizza and turned our car around and headed home.

I just held my baby while he slept.  I HATE when the boys are sick, but it is sure nice when they want to sit and snuggle.  I just love holding my babies!

my sick little angel

After I put Henry in his bed...I surprised Neil with a candlelit picnic in the middle of the floor.  He was more surprised at the weirdness of it than the cuteness of it!

Excuse the grainy phone pics!

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  1. Love date nights in! Back when we were dating, Matthew didn't have money for furniture so we ate every meal by candlelight on the floor. :)


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