Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FakesGiving Parts 1 & 2

Don't forget that my blog is going private on Tuesday.

We had a mock Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.  We were excited that Nana wanted to come over and cook for us!  She made some delicious food: dutch beans, sweet potatoes, and cornbread.  Andrew contributed stuffed chickens, Rebecca made dressing, Dad made pecan pie, and I made pumpkin dump cake.  It was a wonderful feast.

The highlight was probably the Thanksgiving Trivia placed at each place setting.  I know it was my favorite because I was totally able to bust out my teacher voice at the dining table.

Yes, we used paper goods...don't judge.

Fakesgiving Part 1

Uncle A snuggling with sick Henry

The "winners" of the trivia...I can hardly call them winners because they made 6/10.  I was proud of them though.

Rebecca is welcome anytime!  She cooks, she cleans, she is awesome!

We had a big misunderstanding as to what time the dinner was going to be.  Some thought 12 and some thought 6.  So, we ended up having 2 dinners.

Our friends, Ryan and Maya came in town to visit from Oregon and of course, we had to have Amy there.  We were excited that Rebecca stayed for round 2.

They loved the trivia.  Rebecca said it was like deja trivia.

Amy was the winner for round 2. Goooooo Amy!

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